Unibet Open: A beginner’s guide

Unibet Poker is committed to bringing the best poker players in the world together, which is why we lead the industry with the Unibet Open brand.


You may not have heard of the Unibet Open before, especially if you’re new to poker and want to find out more about the game. Well, this guide will explain exactly what the Unibet Open is, how to enter the tournament and what prizes there are on offer.


We take poker seriously at Unibet and that’s why we created this tournament back in 2007 to bring our online poker community together. There are hundreds of qualifying event you can take part in, with the aim of securing a place at the Unibet Open live and winning cash prizes along the way.


You can also play Unibet Open online to replicate the experience of being in the casino halls. From humble beginnings to live dealer poker in some of the biggest live casinos in the world, the Unibet Open takes online poker playing to a whole new level!


Check out this Unibet Open guide to learn more about the tournament and how you could become the next Unibet Open champion. If you are in the mood to try some other kind of poker, why don't you check out our guide to Five Card Draw Poker?


What is the Unibet Open?

The Unibet Open is a series of live poker tournaments in Europe that centre around the game Texas Hold’em. This is the most popular form on poker anywhere in the world and is played at the biggest competitions, for the highest prize pots. It therefore made sense for Unibet to stage Texas Hold’em tournaments when the company decided to launch the Unibet Open back in 2007.


The first series took place in Warsaw, Poland in the fall of 2007, marking 10 years since Unibet started. Qualification for the main round of the Unibet Open happens all year round, so there is always a qualifier available to jump on.


This is live poker and different to online poker. But so successful has the Unibet Open become that we created online tournaments off the back of it. You can compete at big online tournaments with Unibet and even play your way into qualifying for the Unibet Open. Here’s how to do it…


How can I enter the Unibet Open?

There are a few ways to enter into the Unibet Open. Depending on your skill level and bank balance, you can decide which route is right for you. If you’re starting out in the world of poker then it is advised you play plenty of games to familiarise yourself before even considering competing for the Unibet Open.


Buy in

The first is a direct buy-in, for players who want to compete at the live Unibet Opens in a casino somewhere in the world. You can buy your seat at a table, as well as adding accommodation and food during your stay, via the Unibet Open website.




Qualifying Satellites

This is the best way to enter the live poker scene without directly buying in to the Unibet Open. Here, you will pay to enter a satellite competition somewhere in your local area. You will play Texas Hold’em just as usual, with the prize a chance at the Unibet Open tables. We run satellite tournaments every Sunday.


Please be aware that a package worth €2000 includes:


  • Buy-in to the event approx €1100
  • Accommodation for 4 nights
  • €250 towards travel expenses
  • Breakfast and dinner


Unibet Open qualifiers online

You can also qualify for the next Unibet Open online. To do this, you must enter qualifying tournaments where the prize for winning are tickets for further events, as well as cash. There are loads of different types of Unibet Open qualifying tournaments online but to start with you’re likely going to want to play on the low buy-in tables.


The best way to play poker online and compete for the chance to play at the Unibet Open is to download our poker client. There you will see the full list of tournaments available to join quickly and easily. You’ll also see the buy-in prices and the rewards that are available.


Some Unibet Open qualifiers will be GTD tournaments, where we guarantee the prize pool regardless of how many people pay to enter. You can also double, triple or quadruple your starting stack of chips by using our multi-buy option.


Bounty tournaments are also a great way to get used to playing poker. Here, you will be required to eliminate a specific player, any player or multiple players from the table!


But the most regular tournament in poker used online for Unibet Open qualifying is the Feezeout. Here, you simply compete with other players and whoever is the last player standing wins the lot. Pay your buy-in, get your chips and play until you win the all (or have none left!).


How big is the Unibet Open?

There are thousands of players who start out competing to win the Unibet Open both live and online. The Unibet Open live started in 2007 with a prize pot of almost €40,000. And that fund peaked at €187,000 just two years later! That prize pot increased to €273,000 by 2018.


We now offer a range of Unibet Open tournaments each year. In 2018 there were four tournaments, covering London, Malta, Bucharest and Dublin.


The Unibet Open Online tournaments also yield big prize pots.


Improve your poker game before considering the Unibet Open

For newcomers to poker it is advised to hone your poker game before entering qualifying rounds of the Unibet Open. And you can do this easily by playing our poker tables in the suite here at Unibet!


We offer loads of different live tables to suit everyone’s need in the online poker world. To do this, either download the poker client or simply launch the browser version, called Instant Play. A new window will open on your browser and you’ll be able to see all the games going on.


On the left of the client, you can select either Cash Games, Sit & Go or Tournament. It is advised you start with Sit & Go poker tournaments, where you simply pay a buy in to the table and play against other like-minded people. The buy-in and prize fund will be revealed before you join the table.


Once you’ve learned the ropes of poker a bit more, you could then start playing in tournaments. This is where you will find the Unibet Open qualifiers, as well as qualifying tournaments to other events such as the Unibet Tours.


Each tournament will stipulate what prizes are on offer, the buy-in amount, how many places are paid and how many people are competing. It could be the case that 100 people are competing, with 15 places paying out.


Cash Games are also available but please remember to set a budget before starting one of these games. Here, you won’t be playing with chips but with real money. There may be a maximum bet allowed — such as in Pot Limit Omaha — but most of the Texas Hold’em tables will be No Limit poker.


Unibet poker missions

Here at Unibet we always strive to bring you the best promotions and offers. And the poker suite is no different! That’s why we’ve created poker missions. Here, you are set monthly missions to complete, in order to win prizes, cash and tickets to further competitions. You could feasibly go all the way to the Unibet Open simply by starting off with a completed mission!


Missions range depending on your skill level and experience, but some are as easy as changing your avatar to a different character! Each mission will be easily set out at the top of your poker client, and you can click on the missions to find out more about them.


For example, you might be set a mission to ‘Play PLO, then play NLHE the next day’. This mission requires you to try your hand at Pot Limit Omaha — a gripping poker game that is almost as popular as Texas Hold’em. A day later, play No Limit Texas Hold’em in order to earn one mission point. You may have to do the mission two or three times to complete it.


If you complete all your missions, you will earn a reward! Your mission rewards are clearly started in the mission section of the poker client, as will the deadline for completing the monthly missions.


Follow the Unibet Open

If you want to experience the thrill of the Unibet Open without actually playing, you can follow it all with Unibet when the tournaments take place! We stage a number of Unibet Open live tournaments each year, with four being played in 2018. And we bring customers live coverage from the tables when the competitions are taking place.

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