Poker Tournaments available at Unibet

June 10, 2020

Playing poker online is a great way to develop your knowledge of the game and potentially win big cash prizes!

And that’s why here at Unibet we’ve created a dedicated poker suite for players who want to get better at the game.

Poker is one of the biggest forms of online betting and our successful Unibet Open tournament offers players the chance to earn their way to live tables in some of the biggest casinos in the world.

Who what poker tournaments are available at Unibet? This guide will take you through the main tournaments, how satellite tournaments work and what you can win.

You will also learn other variations of poker that you can play in the Unibet Poker lounge, as well as in the Unibet Casino. There’s something for everyone at Unibet, whether you’re a newcomer to the game or a seasoned poker player. Be sure to also check out our other online poker guides.


What is the Unibet Open?

Before we look at the various poker tournaments available to players, let’s take a look at the Unibet Open. Many poker tournaments in our online suite will be angled towards qualifying for the Unibet Open. It is one of the biggest live poker tournaments in Europe, with competitions taking place multiple times each year in some of the most exclusive places on the continent.

Many poker players buy their seat onto the Unibet Open tables but others can earn their place through playing qualifying tournaments. These qualifying tournaments make up the bulk of the Unibet poker tournaments available online — but there are also big prizes to win alongside qualifying points.

Players competing in the Unibet Open can win huge fortunes. Many top prizes are well into six figures, with the 2019 Unibet Open London champion taking home a staggering C$133,000! Even those who finish as runners-up win as much as C$60,000.

Of course, the Unibet Open is the pinnacle of poker betting with Unibet — but that doesn’t mean you have to be a professional to win the tournament. The beauty of the Unibet Open is that anyone can enter one of the satellite tournaments and work their way up onto the live tables.


Unibet Open satellite tournament

Players compete in satellite tournaments to earn a Unibet Open package. The satellites vary greatly in order to attract players of all budgets. You can choose a ¢0.20 buy-in qualifier, all the way up to a $750 buy-in package. The size of the buy-in for your qualifying tournament will reflect the potential reward. For example, on the small satellite tournaments, winning a qualifier will earn you tickets to spend on a larger tournament.

You will find all satellite tournaments available in the ‘Unibet Open’ tab in the Poker Tournaments section of Unibet’s suite. The tournaments update regularly, so if you don’t want to play right away then you can always come back and check the latest available tables.

The prize for winning Unibet Open satellite tournaments isn’t just entry or progress to the next tournament. You will also win your share of the prize pool, so players can win cash along the way too!


Other Unibet Poker tournaments

Not all tournaments in the Unibet Poker suite are angled towards the Unibet Open. You can play for big money on scores of different tables. Each day Unibet offers up many tables for players to join, with big prize pools on offer…


Texas Hold’Em

This is the most popular form of poker online and there are a lot of poker tournaments available to compete on here at Unibet. Tournaments such as Falling Star Bounty offer a regular prize pool PLUS a bounty prize pool, which encourages players to try and eliminate each other. The bounties are progressive and late registration is available for the first eight levels, making it a gripping tournament as players dip in and out.

Texas Hold’Em NL stands for No Limit and is another popular tournament type. Take, for example, Singularity. Here there are just nine seats in play with a $5 buy-in to compete for $100. Fireball is another popular NL table.

Buying back into a tournament - called a rebuy - is also available in some cases. For example, Sputnik offers players the chance to return to the table, while there is also an option to buy more chips during the gameplay.



Omaha poker is another popular game in the Unibet suite and while you cannot play Omaha at the Unibet Open, you can compete for major prizes online. Omaha Shooting Star Bounty is a big tournament in the Unibet Poker suite, which offers the same bounty opportunities as the Texas Hold’em version of the game.

If you haven’t played the game before before then it is worth checking out our guide on how to play Omaha poker, located in the poker guides tab at the top of the screen. Omaha is a gripping game but is not as popular as Texas Hold’em, so newcomers to the online casino may not know of its intricacies and tactics.


Best way to enter tournaments

The best way to play poker online and enter tournaments is to download the Instant-Play Poker app on your computer, order download Unibet Poker to your smartphone or tablet. These apps are designed to run smoothly, so you can play a long tournament without the interruptions that may occur when playing through your browser.

Players can still compete through the browser but it is generally seen as less reliable.

When you enter the poker app, you will see a list of tournament types available: Cash Game, Sit & Go, Tournament. Click on the Tournament option to see a list of the tournaments taking place right now, as well as ones scheduled for later in the week. Click on the tournament you want to enter and click ‘REGISTER’ to confirm your choice.


What are Sit & Go poker tables?

Sit & Go tables are the best way for newcomers to the online poker world to develop their knowledge and skill of the game. These tournaments are very simple to join and you can leave at any time. Just as the name suggests, Sit & Go gives players the option to do as they please.

Tables are running at all times of day, so you don’t have to wait or register for a place at the table. To play Sit & Go poker, simply find the table you want to join in the app. You will see the buy-in for the buy-in amount for each game, and also how many players you will be competing against. Usually this is either five players or two players.

You’ll also notice in the Sit & Go section how many players are already at the table. If there are 2/5 players, it means two players are currently waiting for three more to join them, in order for the game to start. Don’t worry, even if you’re the first to join a table they fill up very quickly. And then the game begins!

Quick tip: Make sure to have the sound on when playing online poker, as you will be alerted when it’s your turn to play.


What are Cash Game poker tables?

If you decide to play a Cash Game, you will enter a table by selecting on the cash limit available. For example, the game will be a $4 buy-in or a $10 buy-in. To enter the game you will agree to a buy-in, with minim stakes often set around ¢10. You then play for as long as you like, competing against other players who are playing off their own budgets.

Remember, always set a budget when playing in the Unibet Poker suite, especially on Cash Games. Unlike tournaments and Sit & Go tables, you will be playing with real cash. So make sure never to bet over your limit. You will always see how much money you have remaining in your balance when playing poker.


Playing poker in the Live Casino

Unibet’s Live Casino also offers players the chance to play poker, but not in tournament form. This is where you can fine-tune your knowledge of poker before heading into bigger tournaments. Games such as Caribbean Stud Poker, Casino Hold’em and Three Card Poker are all available to play with live dealers at a time and date that suits you.

The dealers are always friendly and available to chat with, so you can experience the thrills of playing in a real casino from the comfort of your own home. There are no buy-ins for live casino poker games and minimum bets are always available, so you can keep a close eye on how much you're spending and winning!

And once you’ve mastered the basics of poker in the casino, it’s then time to head to the Poker suite and test yourself against other players.


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