Mistakes beginners make in online poker

June 10, 2020

Online poker can be a great form of entertainment when on the internet but to really master the game you’ve got to be smart.

Many online poker players lose their concentration during games or make basic mistakes to ruin their chances of winning.

Poker is a game of luck and brains. The very best players have both in abundance. But even if you think you’re down on your luck, having the smarts to play your way through tough hands is the sign of a great player.

Beginners can learn simple lessons to prevent mistakes from happening in poker. And it’s not all about tactics when you’re at the table! This guide will take you through the mistakes beginners make in online poker and how you can alleviate the worst ones.

Once you’ve read this guide you will have a better understanding of how to catch yourself making a mistake and the best ways to prevent if from happening again. Also be sure to check out the rest of our poker guides for some more tips and tricks.


Mistakes during a game of poker

There are many mistakes players - especially beginners - make when playing poker for the first time. In fact, some seasoned players even make these errors!


Knowing the rules

Some beginners simply don’t know the rules to poker and jump on a table without thoroughly understanding what’s going on. This is particularly pertinent in Omaha, whereas the more popular Texas Hold’em is also more commonly known. Not knowing, for example, about the betting rounds in a game, or hand strengths, will not aid your cause.


Number of bets

In Texas Hold’em there are four betting rounds — and it’s important you remember which round you’re on. That’s because other players will be watching to see your movements. If you go All In on the first betting round, they may well fold as you might have exposed a strong hand. Equally, accidentally checking all the way through the betting rounds because you’re not concentrating could cost you a big win.



Bluffing is synonymous with poker but online it’s easier to do, because there are no physical ‘tells’ to spot in your opponents. Yet bluffing is an art form that takes a long time to develop. Many beginners to poker won’t bluff as they are worried about risking their chips. But if an opponent notices this and guesses the player won’t bluff, then they’ll know to fold whenever the player bets.


Becoming predictable

Regularly betting the same bet and then suddenly placing a mega bet is an alarm call for other players. For example, if you play five games where you place the minimum bet and fold if the stakes go too high, only to then go all in at the start of the sixth game, it may be clear to opponents that you’ve struck a good hand. If you bet in patterns it becomes predictable and other players will notice.


Live chat

Unibet offers a live chat feature so you can have fun and talk to your fellow players. But don’t get consumed by the chat! If you’re distracted for too long you are likely to make a mistake in the game that affects your chances of winning.


Leaving the table

It’s happened before and it will happen again. Some beginners to poker leave the table thinking they can rejoin — only to discover they can’t and they lost their buy-in! So once you start playing, don’t leave the table until you either win or lose.


Folding at any hand

There is a button in many of Unibet’s live poker tables where you can fold your hand immediately. Some players do this if they need to leave their computer, smartphone or tablet for a few minutes. But it is not a smart move to continually fold, waiting for other players to bet their way out of the game. That’s because even if you fold at ever hand, you will still pay the big and small blinds when the deal comes round. Likewise, if you suddenly stop folding and place a big bet, that suggests to other players that you have a good hand.


Ways to prevent mistakes

Now you know of some of the big mistakes newcomers to poker make, here are some tips for how to prevent errors at the table.


Read up on the rules

It might sound simple but reading up on the rules of poker is a mistake many people make. So make sure to read the rules of your chosen game. Here at Unibet we have many poker guides to explain how to play Texas Hold’em, Omaha and other card games. So make sure you read the rules before you begin playing.

Likewise, if you join a table that has rules regarding minimum bets and buy-ins, you can always check the information button that accompanies every game in the Unibet suite. The button will be visible at the side of your screen and provides players with all the information they need about the game.


Understand card values

This is a factor of reading the rules but is something beginners should develop in order to gain a natural understanding of poker. You don’t want to be wasting time worrying about hand strengths and odds of winning when the clock is ticking down. So make sure to familiarise yourself with card values and the winning combinations available in poker. It will save you a lot of time and worry, and help iron out those mistakes.


Keep an eye on other players

A major issue in poker is trying to avoid falling into betting patterns. This can expose your hand strengths to smart opponents, who might be able to accurately predict when you’re bluffing. So make sure you watch other players to see if they follow a pattern. Remember, poker is about skill and luck — and if you can gain an advantage from another player exposing their betting patterns then so be it!


Check the minimum bets

This is particularly significant when you’re playing Cash Games, where there may be a buy-in to the table and a minimum bet. You don’t want to blow your budget by playing at a table with too high stakes.


Watch your budget

Keeping an eye on your budget is the No 1 tip for anyone starting off in the online betting and gaming. Betting isn’t fun when you bet above your limits and here at Unibet we’re serious about ensuring our community of over 12 million players enjoy themselves. So keep an eye on your budget and how much you are spending.

Many Unibet poker tournaments require a buy-in to enter, at which stage you will receive chips. But there are some Cash Games that allow players to be with real money, rather than chips. So be sure you have chosen the correct game for you and never bet above your limit.


Don’t dive in

There are loads of different poker tables to play in the Unibet suite, whether you’re competing against other gamers or playing in the Live Casino with a dealer. And there is absolutely no time pressure for joining a game or tournament. So the best advice is to shop around, see what’s the best type of game for you and don’t dive into anything before you’re happy with the decision you’re making. After all, the best way to win at poker is to at least play on a table you’re comfortable at!


Stay with the game

Online poker requires plenty of attention and we’re all guilty of becoming distracted by technology, especially when we’re on the internet. Making sure you stay with the game and not get distracted is of great importance. To help with this, you can download the Unibet Poker App that will run on smartphones and tablets. Or you can download the Unibet Poker Player onto your desktop, to ensure the smooth running of the game. Playing on a browser can sometimes affect the gameplay, especially if you don’t have a strong internet connection.


Play poker with Unibet

Now you know more about playing poker online, it’s time to test your skills over in our Poker suite. You can play live with other players from around the world simply by logging in or signing up to Unibet today!

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And remember, you can always read more about poker in our guides section of the suite, where you’ll learn the rules of Texas Hold’em, Omaha and many other variations of the card game!


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