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Online Poker is one of the most popular card games on the planet. And here at Unibet we recognise how seriously many players take this wonderfully fun card game.

That’s why we’ve set up numerous poker games for you to bet on and enjoy, from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

You can practise poker, play for real money, play in tournaments and compete live against other people right here on our dedicated poker suite.

Poker is a game of strategy, skill and a good dose of luck. Knowing the value of cards is crucial to poker games, as is understanding when to place a bet, when to withhold your hand and when to bluff.

The three most popular variations of poker are:

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Omaha
  • Five-card draw

It is Texas Hold’em that really gets players interested in poker. Here, each player is given two cards to start the game. The aim is to make the strongest hand of five cards, from the seven that will become available. After one round of betting, three communal cards are drawn in the middle of the table. Another round of betting is then followed by a fourth card; then more betting and a final fifth card.

All players still remaining at this point have the chance to combine their two cards with the five on the table. Assuming no one withdraws, the players will reveal their cards and the strongest hand wins all the money.

Poker is played all over the world and the beauty of online poker is that it bring the best players together. Here at Unibet we provide plenty of opportunities for you to enter tournaments and compete against players at your skill level, so you can grasp the intricacies of poker as you go along.

Our guides won’t only give you a knowledge of the rules of poker but also an understanding of when to play certain hands. Guides on when to bluff in poker and when to bet in Texas Hold’em will give newcomers to poker a chance to immerse themselves in the game.

Unibet Open

Indeed, so passionate are we about poker that every year we host the Unibet Open. This is a huge tournament in Malta where players can qualify by excelling in satellite tournaments every week.

Poker bonuses with Unibet

We also offer promotions on poker so there is always something new to enjoy here at Unibet! These can range from straight-up promotions to rewards-based initiatives, such as joining our poker loyalty scheme.

You can also bet safe on poker in the knowledge that our technology is one of the best in the business. We guarantee your opponents will not have an unfair advantage over you. You can switch lobbies, change your avatars and enter random games in order to level the playing field.

Stay on top of your game with all the latest tips and guides on how to rule the poker table and becoming a poker champion. Learn Poker with Unibet today!

Beginner Guides


Mistakes beginners make in online poker

Online poker can be a great form of entertainment when on the internet but to really master the game you’ve got to be smart. Many online poker players lose their concentration during games or make basic mistakes to ruin their chances of winning. Poker is a game of luck and brains. The very best players have both in abundance. But even if you think you’re down on your luck, having the smarts to play your way through tough hands is the sign of a great player.
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