Money Wheel — Spin to win with Unibet

Here at Unibet Live Casino we’re always working to bring you the latest developments in online gambling. And that’s why we now offer Live Casino games such as Money Wheel!

As far as complex games go, Money Wheel is possibly the easiest one to play in our online casino.

The aim is simple: Place a bet on where the top marker will finish on the wheel. If you guess correctly, you win!


Obviously there are other additions to this exciting game but the general principle is very straightforward, which makes Money Wheel a great game for newcomers to the Unibet Live Casino to develop their understanding of online gaming.

In this guide we will take you how to play Money Wheel, what prizes are on offer and tips to mastering the game.

Once you’ve read the guide you’ll know the rules of Money Wheel and understand what it takes to land those big jackpots.


What is Money Wheel?

Money Wheel is a very simple game in Unibet’s Live Casino that centres around a big spinning wheel. The game is live and has a host, who will make sure the wheel is spun at the right time. Your task is to guess correctly which symbol will finish at the top of the Money Wheel once it is spun.

Sounds easy, right? The big twist in Money Wheel is that the numbers you bet on are not all evenly distributed. There are six numbers you can bet on in Money Wheel. But some are rarer than others, meaning they have greater odds and larger payouts.

Here are the six Money Wheel numbers:

  • 1 - x23 Segments - Pays 1:1
  • 2 - x15 Segments - Pays 2:1
  • 5 - x7 Segments - Pays 5:1
  • 10 - x4 Segments - Pays 10:1
  • 20 - x2 Segments - Pays 20:1
  • 40 - 1x Segment - Pays 40:1

There are also two additional segments of the Money Wheel which can greatly boost your winnings:

  • 2x - 1 Segment - Multiplies the payout of the next winning number x2
  • 7x - 1 Segment - Multiplies the payout of the next winning number x7


How to play Money Wheel

Now you know the possible payouts in Money Wheel, it’s time to learn how to play the game. We will now take you through a step-by-step guide, simulating one round of Money Wheel.


Enter Money Wheel

First of all, make sure you are logged in to your Unibet account and that you have credit to bet with. Set a budget before entering the Live Casino suite, so you know where your limit are. Setting a budget is crucial for ensuring you have a fun time gambling in the Unibet Live Casino and not stretching yourself too far. And remember to stick to your budget when you’re playing the games.


Wait for betting to start

When you first enter Money Wheel you will likely have to wait for the current live round to finish. Don’t worry, rounds take less than a minute so there is always a fresh round coming up soon. This is a good time to familiarise yourself with the game, as you can still watch the wheel spin and the host chat with other players.


Place your first bet

Once the betting has opened for the next round of Money Wheel, it’s time to play! On the screen you will see six bet options, as well as various chips. To place a bet on Money Wheel, simply click on the chip you want to bet and then on the outcome. You can click multiple times to increase your bet.

Example: The betting opens and you bet $0.20 on 10.


The host spins

Now all you can do is sit back and relax. It’s time to watch the Money Wheel spin and that’s exactly what the host does. They will spin the wheel while chatting to you and other players. This is where the fun really starts as you wait with anticipation to see if you’re a winner.

Example: The host spins the wheel and it lands on 10! You win 10x your bet plus your stake = $2.20.


Other options in Money Wheel

There are three other options available to players who enjoy Money Wheel:

  • Undo - You can undo your bet at any time until the betting closes. This is very useful if you decide to change your bet or cancel it at the last minute. Sometimes you might change your mind, or you might decide it’s not the right time to go for a big bet.
  • Repeat - This is a smart way to play the same bet each time, without having to actually place it yourself. The repeat option is used by many expert gamblers who like to stick with their same bet. For example, you could decide to place a repeat bet of $1 on 5. The game will make this bet automatically on each round, until you click off the repeat button.
  • Bet on all - You can also bet on every outcome in Money Wheel, who you’re guaranteed to win something! With Bet on all, first select a chip amount and then click on the button. You will see the same chips move to all six outcomes on the screen. Remember, you will need to land 10, 20 or 40 to make a profit from this. But the good thing about betting on all is that you cover your stake to some extent if the Money Wheel lands on 1, 2 or 5. It’s almost like an E/W bet.


Money Wheel Tactics

There are many ways to bet on Money Wheel and play to a certain routine. But many players like to stick to a particular approach. Below are some tactics players use to get the best out of their Money Wheel experience:


  • Bet low and often - This is the best way to bet on Money Wheel if you’re a newcomer to the game. There’s no point betting everything you have on one spin. Instead, take your time and bet low, making sure you develop your knowledge of the game. Betting low and often is a far more exciting way to play Money Wheel.
  • Stick to one bet - Many players like to stick to one bet. This is because there is nothing more frustrating than changing your bets, only for the Money Wheel to land on your initial choice. Regularly staying with one bet - such as 2 in Money Wheel - will avoid that frustration.
  • Small bets on big rewards - Some players like to keep the option open for a big reward, so will place a small bet on those unlikely outcomes such as 20 or 40. They still bet on the more likely outcomes, but set aside a small portion of their budget to go for the big time.
  • Stick within budget - This is key to having an enjoyable time in any online casino. Set a budget and stick to it. If you’re betting low and often, you should have plenty of opportunities to spin the wheel and enjoy the game.
  • Chat with the host - There’s no need to be quiet in the Live Casino! One of the best things about the casino being live is that you can chat to the host about anything you like. This can be a great way to blow off steam, enjoy some friendly chat and even discuss your tactics when paying Money Wheel.


Money Wheel Live

Remember, Money Wheel is played live at any time of day, so you can play when it suits you. The live aspect is very popular with online gambling players as it provides security that the game is not simulated in favour of the host casino. It also brings the glitz and glamour of real-life casino halls to your screen! You can chat to the hosts using our Live Chat facility and also discuss your tactics with other gamers.


Play Money Wheel on the Unibet Casino App

Here at Unibet we know it can be hard to find time to sit down and play on your home computer. After all, life sometimes gets in the way. That’s why we’ve created the Unibet Casino App so you can play Money Wheel and other great games whenever and wherever you like!

The Unibet Casino App is available to all Unibet customers, new and current. You can download it on Apple and Android smartphone devices, as well as tablets. With the Unibet Casino App you can play casino games on the go, whether you’re on a train, in a bar or even on the beach!

The Unibet Casino App is the best and most reliable way to access the Unibet experience. There’s no need to open a clunky browser anymore. The app is smooth and reliable, with easy methods to withdraw and deposit cash, play tournament games and compete in the Live Casino

If you do play on your smartphone or tablet, make sure you have a good internet connection. We recommend WiFi when you’re at home. But of course 3G, 4G and 5G signals should all work smoothly when you’re out and about.

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