How to Play Monopoly Live

Monopoly is one of the oldest board games in the world and is played across the globe. But gone are the days when Monopoly was simply played with dice on the coffee table!


These days you can play Monopoly anywhere — including here on Unibet's Live Casino in Canada. We’ve created Monopoly Live for fans of the historic board game who want to win money while competing.


Of course, there are a few tweaks and changes we’ve made to the typical Monopoly board to make it suitable for the Live Casino. You are not using any dice like in Lightning Dice which you can read about in our Lightning Dice guide. But the essence of the Monopoly game remains the same. Remember, you’re chasing those big wins and mega bonuses to conquer the board and reign supreme.


In Monopoly Live, we’ve changed the square board into a huge spinning wheel with cash prizes available to every outcome. All you have to do is test your luck on the wheel and you could win big rewards and bonus rounds.


Mr Monopoly and our live host will always be on hand during the game, as will other players, who you can talk to via our live chat system.


This guide will take you through the rules of Monopoly Live, how to play Monopoly Live and what the bonus rounds mean. You’ll soon be an expert at Monopoly Live and can then test yourself on the wheel!


What is Monopoly Live? 

Monopoly Live combines all the fun of board game Monopoly and combines it with live gambling. The result is a spin wheel where you bet on which section of the wheel will settle at the top after a spin. You can bet in various forms and there are special sections of the wheel that unlock bonuses rounds and other fun features.


Monopoly Live is run by a host, who will spin the wheel and talk to players via our live chat. The hosts are always available for advice on the game and will make sure you know when you’ve won!


So let’s take you through the general rules of Monopoly Live and how to play…


Monopoly Live basic rules 

Monopoly Live is a simple game where you bet on what section of the wheel will finish top during a spin. Before each spin, you will have the chance to bet on the outcomes. There are four main outcomes in a Monopoly Live wheel: 1, 2, 5 or 10. You can see these outcomes on the wheel, as well as the table at the bottom of the screen.


This table is where you place your bets. You can select the size of your chips and then click on the outcome you think will happen. There are also other options available in this table, which are 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. We will come to these bonus options later in the guide.


Once all bets have been placed, the wheel is spun by the host. If the wheel finishes on the same number as your bet, you win! sometimes the host starts spinning the wheel before the round of betting has ceased — so make sure you keep an eye on the timer at the bottom of the screen that will show you when the real deadline is.


Don’t worry if you miss out on a round. The beauty of Monopoly Live is that there’s always another game to come. So if you do miss a round, just sit back and watch the wheel go round, or maybe chat with other players, before getting ready for the next round.


Monopoly Live payouts explained 

You will see on the Monopoly Live wheel that some numbers have more sections than others. This is in order to created a graded payout system, where the odds on each number are different. By doing this, we’ve created an exciting game for players of all experiences to bet on!


The more common numbers, such as 1 and 2, have a greater likelihood of finishing on the wheel. But their odds are therefore lower than the less common numbers, like 5 and 10.


Below is a table of the payouts available. Remember, there are only four numbers on the wheel: 1, 2, 5 and 10.


1 has 22 segments and pays out 1 to 1

2 has 15 segments and pays out 2 to 1

5 has 7 segments and pays out 5 to 1

10 has 4 segments and pays out 10 to 1


EXAMPLE: You place a $1 bet on 5 and the host spins the wheel. The wheel rests on 5 and you win your bet! You therefore get $1 x 5 = $5 PLUS your stake!


Monopoly Live bonus game 

Now, Monopoly Live may seem simple but what really makes this game one of the best in the Unibet Live Casino is the bonus game feature. This occurs when the wheel lands on segments named 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.


Remember earlier in the guide when we discussed the table at the bottom of the screen? Well, next to bet options 1, 2, 5 and 10 are two other bet options. These are 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls. You bet on these options exactly the same as you do the others. You select a stake, then click on the bet type.


Now, if then wheel then lands on that bet type, you trigger a bonus game where you could win a lot of money! You’ll know it’s the bonus game because Mr Monopoly will leap out of his seat and jump onto the Monopoly board.


Depending on what your bet was, you will either have two rolls or four rolls of the dice during the bonus round. Mr Monopoly will roll the dice and leap across the board. Whichever square he lands on, there will be a multiplier that greatly increases your winnings, depending on your stake. In 2 Rolls, Mr Monopoly rolls the dice twice. In 4 Rolls, he rolls the dice four times. He could land on a square that gives you more rolls, or other cash prizes, or even a fee.


EXAMPLE: You bet $1 on 2 Rolls and the wheel lands on 2 Rolls! Mr Monopoly leaps up from his seat and takes you through to the Bonus Round. Here, you will recognise the Monopoly board that Mr Monopoly will run around. The first dice are rolled and it’s an 8. You head to Euston Road where a x6 multiplier is waiting! You roll again and it’s a 10. You head to Marlborough Street with a x15 multiplier is waiting. Your total multiplier is x21 and you win $21.


Monopoly Live Chance 

There is one segment of the Monopoly Live wheel that is dedicated to Chance. This usually signifies good news for anyone who played on the game. If the wheel lands on Chance, you will be given a card with a cash prize or multiplier bonus attached.


This is a great bonus way of boosting your earnings when playing Monopoly Live. But don’t rely on Chance coming along too often! There are only two Chance segments across the whole of the wheel.


Top tips for playing Monopoly Live

Set a budget: Always set a budget at the start of the game, especially if you’re a newcomer to Monopoly Live. Setting a budget will allow you to place bets at a size and pace that suits you. You can then decide when you want to bet and when to end the game.


Double Down in Monopoly Live

You can also Double Down when playing Monopoly Live in the Unibet Live Casino. This is when you place a bet on the game and then double it by clicking the Double Down switch. It’s an easy way to double your stake across the board.


Stick with 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls

If you’re seeking a big win then the bonus rounds 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls are worth keeping an eye on. Even if you place a small stake, the potential payouts here can be huge as the multipliers get big in the bonus round.


Play Monopoly Live wherever you are 

The beauty of Monopoly Live is that it is available to play at a time and place that suits you. You don’t have to go to the casino anymore — you can play Monopoly Live at home, on the train or even on the beach!


All you need to play Monopoly Live and other Unibet Live Casino games is a smartphone, computer or tablet. You can sign up to Unibet at any time and trigger some great sign-up offers, as well as other promotions.


Withdraw and deposit cash with Unibet quickly and easily, so you’r win control of your money. And always make sure to check the bonus section of the Unibet website for the latest offers to our new and current players!

Before you play Monopoly live on Unibet make sure you check out our live casino bonus in Canada and our live casino promotions!

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