How to play Lightning Dice with Unibet

Dice is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of gambling in the world. By simply rolling one or more dice, you put your bets in the hands of Lady Luck and hope for the best!


The popularity of dice all over the world has spread from basement and casino gambling into the world of online betting. And it means you can now experience the thrill of betting on dice without even having to leave your own home!

Lightning Dice is one of the most popular dice game in our live online casino with real money 

This guide will take you through how to play Lightning Dice, what the basic rules of dice are and how to win at Lightning Dice. You can find even more information on our guide on how to play dice.

By the end of this guide you’ll know the exact intricacies of the game, which numbers to bet on over others, and how to chase that big payout.

How to play dice — the basic rules 

Playing dice takes on many forms but the one we use at Unibet — and the one harnessed for Lightning Dice — is very simple. When betting on a single dice, all you do is bet on which number you think the dice will fall on. There are six sides of a dice and each side is as likely as the others to fall face up. So, you have a one-in-six chance of correctly guessing the number.


Other variations of dice games increase the number of dice available. In this instance, you add up the scores on each individual dice to find a total for that roll. Often you will play with three dice, meaning there are opportunities to roll form 3 to 18.


The problem with playing with just one dice is that odds don’t change between the numbers. You’re just as likely to role a 1 as you are a 6. Nor are single dice games particularly exciting just seeing one dice roll around.


So that’s why we invented Lightning Dice to offer our Unibet casino customers an extra boost of entertainment when betting live.


What is Lightning Dice? 

Now, Lightning Dice uses three dice to greatly improve the gameplay experience when you bet in the online casino. In Lightning Dice, the host will roll three dice at the same time, meaning the outcome will be between 3 and 18. Your job is to place a bet on which number you think will appear.


Now, this may sound tricky at first but it’s in fact very simple. There is no skill attached to dice — it’s purely luck if you manage to guess the right number. But there are ways of increasing your chances of winning, as we shall see later in this guide.


Lightning Dice is fast and fun, so don’t worry if you miss out on betting on one game. The next game will be around very quickly — and it will also give you the chance to watch how the game is played!


How to play Lightning Dice 

To play Lightning Dice first you need to set a budget. Make sure you have money in your account but set a limit that you want to bet with. It’s no fun betting past your budget and Unibet has plenty of guides to show you how to set limits.


Click on the Lightning Dice option in the Unibet Live Casino and the game will load up. This can be done on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Once the game has loaded, you will see that the host is already rolling the dice and talking to other players. Don’t worry — there will be another roll coming along in just a few seconds. You haven’t missed the game!


You be asked to place your bets on the Lightning Dice board at the bottom of the screen. There are 16 squares to choose from, ranging from numbers 3 to 18. Click on the size of chip you want to bet on and then click on your chosen square. You’ll then be asked to confirm the bet.


EXAMPLE: You load up the Lightning Dice game and decide to bet $1 on number 14. Now all you do is sit back and wait for the dice to roll.


Once all bets have been placed, the host will take the three dice and place them at the top of the machine. When they drop, our specially-designed machine will make sure the dice are randomly rolled, so there are no patterns with which to follow here. The dice will fall to the bottom of the machine, where you’ll see what the total of the three numbers are. Players who win their bet will receive their funds immediately.


EXAMPLE: The host releases the machine and the dice fall as 4 + 5 + 5 = 14. You win your bet!


Once all bets are settled, the host will open up the game again and a new round begins.


Odds table for Lightning Dice 

As we mentioned above, in a game involving one dice, all six numbers have the same chance of being rolled. There are six possible outcomes with totals ranging from 1 to 6.


With two dice, that grows to 36 possible outcomes, with totals ranging from 2 to 12.


But when you’re adding up the numbers of three dice, there are a mesmerising 216 outcomes with totals ranging from 3 to 18! That means there are loads of combinations for which you can roll certain numbers — and that affects the payouts on each number when you play Lightning Dice.


This table below shows you how many chances there are of rolling certain totals in a three-dice game:


3 — Just 1 way of rolling a total of 3

4 — 3 ways to roll a 4

5 — 6 ways to roll a 5

6 — 10 ways to roll a 6

7 — 15 ways to roll a 7

8 — 21 ways to roll an 8

9 — 25 ways to roll a 9

10 — 27 ways to roll a 10

11 — 27 ways to roll an 11

12 — 25 ways to roll a 12

13 — 21 ways to roll a 13

14 — 15 ways to roll a 14

15 — 10 ways to roll a 15

16 — 6 ways to roll a 16

17 — 3 ways to roll a 17

18 — 1 ways to roll an 18


From the table, we can see that totals 10 and 11 are the most common in Lightning Dice. Off course, that doesn’t guarantee that a 10 or 11 will appear — but they are more likely to.


So why would you bet on 3, 4, 17 or 18? Well, that’s because we increase the payout potentials on more unlikely numbers. If you bet on these, your risk will be higher but the reward greater if the bet is won.


You will see the Lightning Dice payout options on each square when you select a number to bet on before the dice are rolled. But here are the Lightning Dice payouts in full so you can become accustomed to them:


3 x150

4 x40

5 x25

6 x15

7 x10

8 x7

9 x6

10 x5

11 x5

12 x6

13 x7

14 x10

15 x15

16 x26

17 x50

18 x150


Lightning Dice special features 

So what makes Lightning Dice so special? It may look like a normal dice game but here at Unibet we’ve added a twist to the game. Once all bets have been placed on Lightning Dice, the machine will fire bolts of electricity into some of the bet squares and boost the odds! This could be x10, x100 or even x1000. If you’re lucky enough to have bet on one of these squares and roll the correct number, you’ll be in for a cash windfall!


Remember, the lightning only strikes the squares once all bets have been placed, so you can’t catch out the machine by waiting until the last second!


It is also worth noting that the lightning only lasts one round. Once that round is complete, the lighting boost will disappear from those squares and will strike other squares instead.


Live chat with dice

Our dice hosts are always available to chat with gamers in the Unibet Live Casino. All you need to do to join the Unibet live chat is to have the text option available to you. You can speak to the dice hosts as well as other players from around the world.

Lightning Dice is hugely popular and players love playing this game at any time of day. 

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