Guide to Live Football Studio

March 25, 2020

Football is the biggest sport on the planet and millions of fans watch tournaments each week from around the world.

The sport is played in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australasia — and there is always a game on somewhere in the world.

Many football fans like to bet on soccer in the Unibet sportsbook, which offers the best live odds on football anywhere online.


So what better way to combine your passion for football and online gambling with the Live Football Studio here at Unibet?

Take football into the casino suite with this fast game that is very easy to play and understand.

This guide will take you through how to play Live Football Studio at Unibet Live Casino, tips to mastering Live Football Studio and ways to improve your chances for big wins.


How Live Football Studio works

Live Football Studio is a fast-paced game and very easy to pick up. The premise of the game is to bet on either a Home Win, Draw or Away Win. This is very similar to sport betting, when you can place a Match Bet on the same outcomes. Often a Match Bet will look like this: 1X2.

In Live Football Studio, you have three bet types you can make. You can bet on a Home Win, which pays out at 1:1. An Away Win also pays out at 1:1. Finally, a Draw pays out at 1:11. The dealer will then reveal two cards — a Home card and an Away card — and whichever card is the highest is the winner.

Let’s walk through the stages of how Live Football Studio is played, so you can master the game with ease…


The bet

When you enter the Live Football Studio suite you will be seated in front of the dealer. They sit behind a green table — reminiscent of a football pitch — with a stack of cards to their left. The dealer will invite you to place a bet on Home, Draw or Away.

You’ll see at the bottom of your screen a table where you can place your bets. First select the amount of money you want to bet on the game. Remember, always set a budget and don’t bet above what you are comfortable with. When you’ve selected your betting chip, next click on the Home, Draw or Away area to allocate the bet. You’ll see the chip move over to indicate the bet has been placed.

Example: You bet $1 on the Away team at 1:1.


The reveal

Once all bets have been placed, the dealer will draw two cards from their deck. The first will be the Home team and the card will be placed face-up in the Home area. The second will be the Away team and the card is also placed face-up. You’ll therefore see which team has won! If the card values are the same, it’s a draw.

Example: The dealer reveals Home 8 and Away King. Away therefore wins and you win your bet!


Live Football Studio additional features

There are two other features you should be aware of when playing on Live Football Studio. The first is the Undo button. You can Undo your bet at any time until the betting closes, simply by pressing this button. This option is particularly helpful if you accidentally bet on the wrong team, or click on more chips than you wanted to bet with. The Undo button is fast and immediately wipes the bet, moving the chip(s) back into your balance.

The second feature is the Repeat button. This is a good option for players who like to make the same bet repeatedly. To use the Repeat option, all you have to do is place a bet on a game and then click Repeat. The button will then place the same bet at the same value in every preceding game, until you decide to stop.

Example: You place $1 on Home and click the Repeat button. You play five straight games and Home wins on three occasions. Your bet totals were $5 and you made $8!


Tips to betting on Live Football Studio

Betting on Live Football Studio can be fun and there are some ways to maintain those excitement levels and potentially win big on the game. Here are some tips for betting on Live Football Studio:

Bet consistently - There’s nothing more frustrating than placing a regular bet, then changing your mind, only to see the regular bet is now winning! So many Live Football Studio betting fans like to bet consistently. This will either be by betting specifically on Home, Draw or Away, or betting a regular amount each time. If you don’t like being caught out in betting, then playing regularly on one outcome may be your best option.

  • Set a bet limit - This is vital to ensure you enjoy your time in the Unibet Casino. Setting bet limits is always advisable, so you don’y exceed your budget. Every time you enter the Unibet Casino you should check your balance and make sure you’re comfortable playing with it. Each game in the Unibet Casino offers you the chance to Undo your bets at any time before betting closes, and you can also Repeat small bets on the Live Football Studio. Playing little and often is a far better way of enjoying any online casino than going All In on your first go.
  • Eye up the Draw - Draws can happen in Live Football Studio just like they can in real soccer. Indeed, there are regular instances of draws in the Live Football Studio so always consider this option. The Draw pays out at 1:11 so if you’re seeking bigger profits than Home or Away then this is the bet for you. But remember, there is a greater risk here as Draw is less likely to happen. Some players like to place a small bet on the draw and a bigger bet on Home or Away, just to have the 1:11 Draw covered if it does emerge.
  • Back your team - You’ll see which teams are Home and Away to the left of your screen. This means you can back your team if their name appears on screen! If you’re a United or City fan, then this may well be the incentive you need to back Home over Away, or vice versa. Backing a team is a great way to stay loyal in Live Football Studio and enjoy the game with a different twist.
  • Bet percentage - Another way of mastering Live Football Studio is to see where other players are betting. When the betting is open for a game, you will see in each Home, Draw and Away panel a small number. This is the percentage of people placing bets on those bet types. For example, a game might start with Home 37%, Draw 12%, Away 51%. Clearly most players are backing the Away team here! The bet percentage offers an interesting insight into how other players are competing in the game and could sway your bets too!


Live chat in Live Football Studio

You can also live chat with the dealer during Live Football Studio — that’s the whole point of the Live Casino! Our dealers are very talkative and are always interested in what you have to say about the game. You can also talk with other players in the live chat facility, which is available on desktop, smartphone or tablet devices.

Top open the live chat option, simply click on the button on the screen when you’re playing Live Football Studio.


Football betting in the Sportsbook

If you enjoy Live Football Studio then you will also love soccer betting from Canada in the Unibet Sportsbook! These are real soccer matches that are taking place all over the world — and you can bet on many of them live and In Pay.

You can bet on the MLS, Premier League, La Liga and loads of other big soccer leagues. Bet on the Champions League and Copa Libertadores, the AFC Asian Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations. There is always a soccer game being played somewhere in the world. And you’ll be able to bet on football wherever and whenever you like by downloading the Unibet App, which means you can bet on your tablet or smartphone at a time and place that suits you.

Never miss a kick by watching and betting on our football live streams, where we bring you the best live broadcasts from around the world. We also offer some games with football commentary, while you’ll be able to bet In Play on any game where a live stream is present.

And remember, always bet within your limits and make sure you’re comfortable, whether you’re betting in the Unibet Casino, Unibet Sportsbook or any of our other games across the Unibet platform.

If you are a soccer fan and want to know how to bet on soccer, you can choose to check out soccer betting guide. Are you looking for some live casino promotions in Canada? Check out our promotions page for the latest sports betting promotions in Canada and our sports betting welcome bonus!

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