Dice online playing guide

Dice is one of the old games in the world, with historians unearthing ancient dice from civilisations long-since disappeared. Everyone has played with dice at some time in their lives. Usually we are introduced to dice when playing board games.


And now it’s time to take dice to the next level by chancing your luck on dice online!


At Unibet's live casino we offer dice games online for players of all experience ranges — and it’s a very easy game to get into.


All you need is the knowledge of which numbers are most likely to appear, and which is rare occurrences in dice.


This guide will take you through exactly what dice online gaming is really like. You’ll learn how to place a bet on dice, how to work out if you’ve won and how to boost your winnings with dice bonuses. Another classic game is baccarat and you can read our baccarat guide to learn more about that game. 


You’ll soon be an expert in dice and how to play this traditional game. So take a look at our dice guide before heading over to the casino!


What are dice? 

Dice is a game you can play in the Unibet casino that offers you the chance of winning big, without having any skills whatsoever! The beauty of this game is that it’s available to players of all experience ranges.


The individual dice themselves are small cubes, with dots on each of the six faces of the cube. One face has one dot, another two dots, and all the way up to six dots. When you roll a dice, whichever side of the cube is facing up once it stands still is the numerical value you’ve rolled.


People have bet on dice for centuries. Dice have been found in excavation sites in ancient India, China and Rome. Dice games are always popular because it’s all about chance, which is why they are used so often in board games. And betting on dice has always been a big pull too, with people keen to test their luck on a roll.


Can I bet on dice online?

Of course you can. Many dice games involve a betting element and this became increasingly popular in America with the rise of casinos over the last 150 years. Dice doesn’t need any skill or judgement, just the ability to throw however many dice are being used in the game! And when you play dice online, you don’t even need to throw!


Betting on dice involves simply predicting what number will be rolled. You can bet with one dice, although the odds are exactly the same from numbers one to six. Or you can bet with multiple dice, and this is where it gets interesting.


Accurately predicting the total number of three dice, for example, is tricky. It could be anything between three and 18. But the chances of some totals emerging are greater than others. We will explain these dice combinations below.


The best way to understand how to play dice online is to actually take a look at a game in action. You’ll see how simple it is to understand and follow. The most important thing a player needs to know about dice is the combination chances that are available.


Let’s take you through those now…


Dice probabilities explained 

If you are playing with just one dice then the chances of your predicting the correct number is one in six. There are six possible outcomes. But this greatly increases when you add more dice. With two dice, you have 36 possible outcomes, with totals ranging from two to 12.


And, with three dice those outcomes widen significantly — to 216 outcomes to be exact! Now, when you roll three dice and add the numbers together, the total will fall between three and 18. Here’s how many outcomes are available for each number on that scale.


3 — Just 1 way of rolling a total of 3

4 — 3 ways to roll a 4

5 — 6 ways to roll a 5

6 — 10 ways to roll a 6

7 — 15 ways to roll a 7

8 — 21 ways to roll an 8

9 — 25 ways to roll a 9

10 — 27 ways to roll a 10

11 — 27 ways to roll an 11

12 — 25 ways to roll a 12

13 — 21 ways to roll a 13

14 — 15 ways to roll a 14

15 — 10 ways to roll a 15

16 — 6 ways to roll a 16

17 — 3 ways to roll a 17

18 — 1 ways to roll an 18


How does this affect dice payouts?

The chances of a number being rolled in dice directly affects the payout potential of each total. As the above table shows, the rarest totals available in dice are three and 18. This is because there is only one combination from 216 that will produce either of these two totals.


Likewise, the most common total in dice is 10 or 11. This is because there are both 27 possible ways of rolling a 10 or 11. And their payouts reflect this.


The payouts in dice are as shown below:


3 x150

4 x40

5 x25

6 x15

7 x10

8 x7

9 x6

10 x5

11 x5

12 x6

13 x7

14 x10

15 x15

16 x26

17 x50

18 x150


Example: You place a $1 bet on 15 and a $0.50 bet on 10. The dice are rolled and a 10 appears! You win $0.50 x 5 = $2.50 + your stake.


You play again, this time with a $2 bet on 14. You win again and earn $2 x 10 = $20 + your stake.


Understanding the payouts is crucial if you want to have fun playing dice. It’s always worth considering which numbers you want to bet on, rather than randomly picking one. The potential payout of picking three or 18 is very big, but the risk is also huge. So make sure you weigh up risk to potential payout when playing dice.


Finally, always set a budget and don’t go over what you feel comfortable betting on. Dice is a great game but also a game of chance, so if you’re luck isn’t in one day, make sure you don’t push it. Budgets are a great way of helping you bet in a safer, more relaxed environment.


What is Lightning Dice? 

Here at Unibet we offer the game Lightning Dice, which takes dice betting to a new level! Lightning Dice is fast-paced and live, so you’ll be watching the dice fall in person, not on a simulator.


In Lightning Dice we use three dice to offer betting options from three to 18! When you play Lightning Dice in the live casino, you’ll be transported to our casino suite where a host will be in charge of the game. They are there to make sure the game runs smoothly and confirm the numbers once they have dropped.


The host will put three perfectly even dice at the top of the Lightning Dice machine. Once you have placed your bets, the dice will tumble through the machine and settle at the bottom. Here you’ll discover if you’ve won or not.


To bet in Lightning Dice, all you have to do is select the amount of money you want to stake by clicking on one or more of the chips. Then, click on the number you want to back. You’ll see the payout amounts available for each number, so you can remind yourself which ones are more common than others!


Once all bets are placed the round begins. But there is an added boost to Lightning Dice that you may not be expecting! While the host is setting up the dice, the game will boost the odds of various numbers. You won’t know which numbers are set to receive a boost before all bets have been placed. This could dramatically increase your chances of winning a major payout if the dice then fall on your boosted number.


EXAMPLE: You bet $1 on 6 being the total, with a x15 payout. Once the betting has closed, the Lightning randomly chooses 6 for an odds boost up to x100. The dice are rolled and they total 6! You win $1 x 100 = $100 plus your stake.


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Here at Unibet we don’t only offer dice for our casino players. There are loads of different games in the live casino just waiting to be enjoyed! Live Poker, roulette and blackjack & Baccarat are all popular games int he live casino and we have someone available 24 hours a day, seven days a week — so you can bet with Unibet at a time and place that suits you.


All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone to enjoy the best betting experience in the online world. You can speak to dealers and other players when competing on the different poker and roulette tables. You can earn reward points for completing challenges. And you can even enter tournaments to test your skills against other players from around the world!

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