Casino Hold’em Poker Live Casino guide

Online Poker is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the world — and there is no version more famous than Texas Hold’em.

The iconic game has captured the imagination of people all over the planet. It has created millionaires and enthralled spectators at global tournaments.

Poker is also one of the biggest games to play online and here at Unibet Live Casino we know customers love to compete on the Texas Hold’em tables.


Yet there are always players looking for something new in Texas Hold’em and that’s where we come in. Because Unibet have created a new version of poker that is more simple and easy to play.

It’s called Casino Hold’em and in this guide we’ll show you exactly how it all works.

Once you’ve read this Casino Hold’em guide you’ll know how to play Casino Hold’em, how to master the game and how to beat the dealer. if you are wondering how to play texas hold em check out our article on how to play texas hold'em poker.


What is Casino Hold’em?

Casino Hold’em is a version of poker available in the Unibet Casino. It works by entering the poker lounge and joining a live table. You will take a seat and play games of Hold’em poker against the dealer. You don’t play against other players.

If this seems familiar to you then you’ve probably also played blackjack before. In blackjack the player also competes one-on-one against the dealer, with no other players interrupting in your game.

We will explain the basic rules of Casino Hold’em later in this guide.


How is Casino Hold’em different to Texas Hold’em?

There are some major differences between Casino Hold’em and Texas Hold’em poker — but the spirit of the game remains the same. Your aim is to win the game with the strongest possible hand of five cards available to you. You’ll be given two hole cards — just like in Texas Hold’em — and five community cards are turned face-up on the table.

Where Casino Hold’em is different to Texas Hold’em is that there are fewer betting rounds and you’re only competing against the dealer. This gives you a more even chance of winning and losing, as fewer players are able to beat you. But of course, the potential wins are lower unless you bet big on the game.


Basic rules of Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em works like any other poker game. The aim is to win the game on the strength of your cards. But there is no bluffing here and the game is played at a much faster rate. In this sense, it feels a lot like playing blackjack.

In Casino Hold’em you will receive two hole cards after paying the ante bet to enter the game. The dealer will also have two cards, faced downwards. The dealer will reveal three community cards, which both you and the dealer can use. You enter a round of betting where you can choose to fold or play. By playing, you agree to paying a certain rate relative to your ante. After this stage, the dealer will reveal the final two community cards and then their own cards, before working out who has won.

Let’s go through the stages of a Casino Hold’em game…


Pay the ante

You must pay the ante bet to join the game. This is a chip that buys you into the game and will set the bet level for the rest of the game. Be sure to set a budget when playing Casino Hold’em and don’t place an ante bet you’re not comfortable with. It’s always better to play low, especially when you’re new to Casino Hold’em.

Example: You want to join the game and pay a $1 ante bet.


Hole and community cards

Once you’ve agreed your ante bet, the dealer will deal you two cards face up, as well as three community cards. They will then offer you the chance to make a bet in order to stay in the game. If you think you’ve got a good chance of winning the hand, you can make a bet. You can also double down on your bet.

Example: Your hole cards are 5D KC. The first three community are 6D 9S KH. You have a pair of kings and decide to play. You bet $2, taking your overall bet to $3.


Final two cards

If you deiced to continue with the play bet, the dealer will then reveal the final two community cards. At this point, they will reveal their own hole cards and the winner of the game is determined.

Example: The dealer reveals 2C KD. This means your best hand is a three-of-a-kind kings of 6D 9S KC KH KD. The dealer reveals their hand of 6S 7C, meaning their best hand is a two-pair 6S 6D 7C 9S KH. You win the game!


What is Casino Hold’em jumbo jackpot?

You can also play the Casino Hold’em jumbo jackpot by clicking on the ‘jumbo’ icon when placing your ante. By doing this, you will agree to place a small bet on the possibility of a jumbo hand. The jumbo payouts are visible to the right of the table and can sometimes offer millions of dollars worth of prizes.

To land the jumbo jackpot you will need to nail a straight or better. Getting a straight will only get your a few dollars. But the better the hand, the bigger the jumbo jackpot.

The three big jackpots are all associated with straight flushes. So you’ll need to be on the lookout for a straight flush of five, six or seven cards. This is tricky to land but not impossible!

Remember, the jumbo jackpot payout table is available in the information section of Casino Hold’em and is worth reading before you decide to bet on this option.


Bonus bet

You can also play a bonus bet on Casino Hold’em. This is to the left of your hand and you play it the same way you play an ante bet. The bonus bet is elevated on the first hand of the five cards only. You will win the bonus bet if you have a pair of aces or better.


Dealer must qualify

One rule you must be aware of when playing Casino Hold’em is that the dealer must have a qualifying hand. After all, the dealer does not make any bets in this game or any decisions. The dealer must have a pair of fours or better in order for them to qualify. If they don’t qualify, the player wins on the ante bet but not the play bet.

Casino Hold’em game outcomes and paytable

Here are the game outcomes you need to know in Casino Hold’em.

  • Dealer does not qualify and you win — Ante: win / Play: bet returned
  • Dealer qualifies and you win — Ante: win / Play: win
  • Dealer qualifies and you lose — Ante: lose / Play: lose
  • Dealer qualifies and you tie — Ante: bet returned / Play: bet returned
  • Player folds — Ante: lose / Play: lose


Casino Hold’em payout table explained

The Casino Hold’em payout table may seem complicated but it is straightforward in reality. The paytable is weighted so you can win big money if you get a strong hand.

Your play bet will always pay out 1:1. So for example, if you win with a $4 play bet, it will pay out $8. But your ante bet can win you even more money depending on your final hand. That’s because the ante ratios increases on the rarity of your winning hand. Below is a paytable of those ratio increases:


Casino Hold’em ante paytable

One pair of less — 1:1

Two pairs — 1:1

Three of a kind — 1:1

Straight — 1:1

Flush — 2:1

Full House — 3:1

Four of a kind — 10:1

Straight Flush — 20:1

Royal Flush — 100:1


Play Casino Hold’em on the go

Here at Unibet we know it’s not always easy to bet online. Life chores and other duties can sometimes get in the way. That’s why we’ve developed out award-winning Unibet App so you can bet in the casino whenever and wherever you like!

Bet on the train, in the mall and even on the beach! The Unibet Poker App is available on smartphone and tablet and means you can access the live casino at a time and place that suits you.

Meanwhile, if you’re playing on a desktop computer or laptop then why not download our poker client? The plug in is easy to install and means your online poker experience will be faster and smoother, and doesn’t require an internet browser to keep playing.

You can play all kinds of poker on the client, including Texas Hold’em and Omaha. There’s always a tournament available to join if you want to compete against other players. Or you can play against the dealer in games such as blackjack and Casino Hold’em!

If you would some poker betting tips check out poker betting guide. We also have regular Poker torunaments in Canada as well. If you are looking for some poker bonuses in Canada check out promotions page!

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