Wild Symbols in Online Casino

August 29, 2019

Wild Symbols are possibly the biggest feature available in slot machines online and something many players aim to secure when playing in online casinos.

But for newcomers to the slot machine community — whether it be in a casino or online — wild symbols are unfamiliar territory.

This guide will take you through exactly what wild symbols are in online gaming, and how they can be used to great effect when playing the slot machines.

Here at Unibet we’re dedicated to bringing our community the more detailed guides to betting, so you know exactly what you’re doing and can feel comfortable gaming at your pace.

That’s why we’ve created this wild symbols guide to take you through the steps of using them. You’ll discover what wild symbols are, how they can be useful and which games use wild symbols.

It’s definitely worth noting that wild symbols are often called Wilds in the gameplay of each slot machine!

What are wild symbols?

Wilds are very simply additions to online slot machines but they possess a major impact on the game. When you play a round on the slots, you click on the spin button and the reels spin. Wilds can pop up along with the regular symbols of the game and help to complete lines. This is hugely important if you are hoping to nail a big win through lines on the slot machine.

Wilds are important because they effectively act like a blank or a joker. They can represent any other normal symbol on the slot machine, and therefore help create a line or a complete a row. And this is the aim of slots!

For example, in Rise Of Merlin, the Wilds are represented as a glittering orb. If you have Four dragons across the top of five reels, with one Orb, then you have complete a line and win. You can also have multiple Wilds appear in one spin, although of course this is more rare.

There is no way of knowing where or when the wild symbols will appear on the reels. You could strike lucky and secure a Wild on your first spin, or be waiting a bit longer. Some Wilds are counted towards a Scatter Symbol tally, where you will earn a batch of free spins or other bonuses if you collect enough of them. In other games, Scatters and Wilds look separate.

How do I identify a Wild?

Wilds are easy to identify as soon as you know what you’re looking for. Many games will introduce you to what wild symbols look like when you first enter the platform. In Dead or Alive II, for example, the opening screen shows you the five different symbols that count as Wilds. Other games will simply have the same symbol for their Wilds.

Other games may not directly introduce you to wild symbols. But you can easily find what they look like. That’s because each slot machine game at Unibet has a dedicated information area that explains exactly what the payouts are and what the rules are. The payouts can be found in the paytable. And the rules are usually under a ‘i’ section to the side or bottom of the game.

The information section will explain the rules of all bonuses in the game. This is not so crucial for wild symbols as they a have a generally normal role that rarely changes. However, it is worth noting that Wilds will not appear during free spins.

Many games make sure their wilds are eye-catching, so you can be certain to spot them when the appear on the reels. And if you strike lucky and nail a line then the game will show you exactly what you’ve won and where the winning line was made!

Types of wild symbols

There are various types of wild symbols which this guide shall now explain in detail. It is worth remembering that not all online casino slot games possess every type of Wilds. But most will have at least one wild symbol as they are popular among gamers and are seen as integral to the fun and enjoyment of the games.

Normal Wilds

These simply appear on the reels once you spin and act as a Wild for this one go. They will not do anything other than act as a normal Wild and will disappear on your next spin.

Expanding Wilds

These expanding Wilds are a stage greater than normal Wilds. Here, expanding Wilds grow to cover the entirety of a reel. It means you could nail multiple lines in one spin, as the expanding Wild can accommodate far more options than a normal Wild. You will certainly not miss the sight of an expanding Wild as it takes over an entire reel!

Sticky Wilds

These are a strong feature to many slot machine games in the Unibet casino and one that many gamers love to see. Sticky Wilds appear just like normal Wilds but they stay where they are for a certain number of spins. This can be a major bonus for players who like to play multiple spins, as the Wild effectively sits on its place and the reels spin around it.

Of course, like all Wilds, these stickies increase your chances of winning by completing pay lines across the machine. But there is no guarantee you will hit the jackpot.

Stacked Wilds

This is when normal Wilds fill up on top of each other on a single reel to eventually fill it up. Again, this greatly helps your chances of securing a line but doesn’t guarantee it.

Slot machine wilds in action

We’re going to take you through a simulation now to show you exactly how wilds can work in your favour. For example, you join a machine Wild Swarm in the Unibet casino, with 20 possible pay lines on each spin.

This is a bee-themed slot machine and there are plenty of sticky wilds available thanks to the amount of honey splattered across the game! There are five reels in Wild Swarm and the wild symbols are either a normal Wild or a sticky Wild.

You place a bet of $1 per spin and on your second spin, three Wilds emerge! One helps to land a line with a honey pot, meaning you win here. And a second combines with Kings to complete a line!

You keep playing and eventually hit a Scatter Symbol! Here you get a batch of free spins but during these goes the wild symbols disappear.

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