What Are Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are a popular phenomena in the online casino slots world that help players boost their winning potential and reward regular gamers.


But what exactly are progressive jackpots? Here at Unibet we offer loads of these special jackpots but slots players new to the online casino may not be too familiar with them.


That’s not a problem. After all, the idea of progressive jackpots is not something everyone will have come across.


We’ve all seen the movies where a slot machine player wins big in a casino hall and the coins splatter out onto the carpet. Well, progressive jackpots take the idea of a fixed jackpot that one step further to greatly boost your winning potential.


This guide will teach you how progressive jackpots work, where you can play with progressive jackpots and what their other benefits are. You don’t need to be an expert slot machine player to understand how they work or what they do — but it is worth knowing a little bit about progressive jackpots before you begin playing on the machines.


What are progressive jackpots?

Progressive jackpots are a step up from normal jackpots that you find on online slot machines. Normally, you will know the jackpot amount and will be able to land the jackpot if you nail certain paylines and bonuses. But progressive jackpots increase the jackpot amount, so you could potentially win even more money!


Progressive jackpots work by increasing incrementally as casino players play the game. Every time you bet, the game takes a tiny percentage of your stake and adds it to the jackpot. It therefore increases each time you play, boosting your maximum potential prize pot.


The beauty of progressive jackpots is that other players can help boost the maximum level as well! You will all see the progressive jackpots grow as you play the particular game, so it’s not just your stakes that are split to add to the pool.


You will be able to see the progressive jackpot growing during your game, so you know how much is available to win. Remember, always set a limit you are comfortable betting with before starting the game. Experienced slot machine players are likely to play more than newcomers to the game and it’s always worth understanding your limits before spinning those reels.


You will have to bet on the maximum limit in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot — but that doesn’t mean you cannot bet low to begin with, in order to develop your knowledge of the game.


Where can I play with progressive jackpots? 

Progressive jackpots are available on our slot machine games in the online casino. You will find which ones are available when you enter the Casino suite. These online slot games all boast progressive jackpots:


  • Mega Fortune Dreams - New features such as a max bet on 200,000, bigger multipliers on free spins and re-triggering of free spins rounds are just some of the additional features to this popular game. Mega Fortune Dreams is a five-reel game with 20 paylines.
  • Arabian Nights - A straightforward online slot that would be a good pick for newcomers to the casino. There for five reels and 10 paylines. Bets range from $0.50 to $5 and the game features outstanding casino bonus free spins and scatter symbols.
  • Cosmic Fortune - Five jackpots are available on this stunning, futuristic game that features five reels and 15 paylines. Their avalanche feature is designed to create additional winning paylines, while the Free Falls bonus feature is one of the most popular in online slots.
  • Mega Moolah - One of the most popular online slot games in the world. There are 25 paylines on this five-reel slot machine, with four jackpots in total. The four jackpots are: The Mini - $10 minimum winnings; The Minor - $100 minimum winnings; The Major - $10,000 minimum winnings; The Mega - $1,000,000 minimum winnings


Here at Unibet we’re always striving to bring you the latest innovative casino games. So make sure to check back regularly for fresh and exciting online slots!


What are jackpot meters?

This is where you will see what your progressive jackpot currently is. Each online slots game that features progressive jackpots will include a jackpot meter. They will be clearly marked on whichever game you play and will increase the longer you play. The jackpot meter is there so you know exactly what the progressive jackpot maximum is, so you’re in control of what’s going on.


It will be large, brightly coloured and easily visible on the screen — whether you’re playing on a smartphone, tablet or computer. And the more gamers playing on the slot machine at any one time, the larger the progressive jackpot will become.


The jackpot meter is there to help players know what the limit is. You will also be informed if someone has won the jackpot!


What are Max Coins? 

It is important to note that any player wanting to play for the progressive jackpot in the online casino will have to play with the maximum bet. This is an important factor and the key principle of qualifying bets for progressive jackpots. Always check on the selected game what the maximum bet - called Max Coins - is.


Unibet urges all players who are not comfortable playing with the maximum bet to instead seek other online casino slots first. We have a range of non-progressive slots available to players of all experiences. It means you won’t be able to qualify for the progressive jackpots — but at least you can play at your speed and develop your understanding of the games before moving on to progressive jackpots.


Qualifying bets for progressive jackpots 

As stated above, these are the maximum bets you can place. By doing this you qualify for the progressive jackpots. Remember, other players are also competing for the progressive jackpot alongside you, with percentages of all of your bets going towards the big pot.


Tips on winning progressive jackpots 

The beauty of winning a progressive jackpot is that it can come out of nowhere. Like all slot machines, winning big relies solely on chance and you could land a progressive jackpot at any time. But of course, the more you play, the greater the chances of you landing a mega jackpot win. Here are some tips to winning progressive jackpots.


  • First check the terms and conditions of the online slot game to make sure you know the rules. You need to know the maximum bet in order to qualify for a progressive jackpot. Most casino slots will have a max bet outlined in the information pages of the game.
  • Head back to the game and familiarise yourself with the features. You’ll want to know exactly what you’re doing once the game gets underway!
  • Make sure you have staked the maximum bet allocated to the game in order to stand a chance of winning the ultimate jackpot.
  • Start playing by spinning the reels on the online slot machine — but make sure you set a budget.
  • Be smart on which games you play. Play the game with the highest jackpot first for your chance of winning the biggest payout possible.
  • Feel free to explore other games that offer progressive jackpots to find the one that suits you.


Why are progressive jackpots used in slots? 

Progressive jackpots are popular in slot machine games because they offer something different to normal jackpots. They offer bigger rewards for players who enjoy betting the maximum stake, and who also thrive on competing with other players. They are a more communal way of playing online casino games and jazz up straight-forward slots games.


Slots are simple games once you get used to them but players enjoy the additional intensity progressive jackpots offer. You’re not just spinning for the jackpot but spinning for one that grows as you play, so the intensity grows alongside!


Can I play other progressive casino games? 

Absolutely you can! Here at Unibet we know how popular progressive jackpots are. And that’s why we’ve created progressive jackpots in other table games in the Unibet casino suite, such as Caribbean Stud Poker. In this game, you effectively play five card stud but with an additional twist. Every time you bet the progressive jackpot gets larger, just like in slots. But in Caribbean Stud Poker, you can win the progressive jackpot when you get a royal flush!


Casino Hold’em is another game that offers progressive jackpots and is a great way to improve your Texas Hold’em skills while playing for big rewards.


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