Scatter Symbols in Online Casino Slot Games - Guide

August 7, 2019

Scatter symbols are one of the most sought-after symbols that pop up on reels when you are playing in the online casinos here at Unibet. And we’re here to take you through exactly what they are.

Scatter symbols are often called Scatters and are found in almost all slot machine games on online casinos. They are effectively a symbol that enables bonus features to greatly enhance your game play experience and also your chances of winning big.

But many newcomers to the online casino don’t know what scatter symbols are. Nor do they know quite how important and powerful these little symbols can be!

That’s why we’re here to take you through the meaning of scatter symbols in slot machines, so you know exactly what you’re doing when playing the slots.

Check out our guide below…


How do scatter symbols work? 

Scatter symbols are just one of a number of symbols available in an online slot game — but they are far from ordinary. The symbols sit on the reels of a slot that spin like any other machine. Yet while most symbols have to be lined up with similar ones from neighbouring reels, the scatters have a mind of their own.

If you nail a certain number of scatters in a spin, you could win big. The scatters don’t need to be lined up to work. As their name suggests, they scatter themselves across the reel and can be combined anywhere.

If you spin and a certain number of scatters land on the reels, you could be in for a big win or mega bonuses. It depends on which game you play as to what the scatters will offer as prizes but you can always check those in the individual game paytables.

When the right number of scatters land on a spin then this could kick off a bonus feature. These are likely to be free spins or an interactive bonus game!


What do scatters look like?

Scatters are usually very noticeable as they are one of the big symbols players want to find when using the online slot machines in the casino here at Unibet. But they are different for every slot machine game and so you have to keep your eyes peeled to make sure you spot them!

Scatters are likely to look eye-catching, so expect to see gold and shiny scatters. Many scatters also continue the theme of the game. So if it’s Book Of The Dead, then an Ancient Egypt theme will likely be the design of the scatter, so it suits the game.

You will be given an introduction to what the scatters look like when you join a game at Unibet. We always make sure the intro to the game has the details players need before they start spinning. In Book Of The Dead, for example, you need to collect three gold books to secure 10 free spins!


Do all casino slots have scatters?

Most online casino slot machines where there are five reels in the gameplay will have scatters inserted. This is a standard bonus feature and one that many online gambling fans have come to expect from slot machines.

The scatters can take many forms but usually they are highly noticeable when they appear. It means you’re unlikely to miss a scatter symbol when one does show up! Scatters aren’t the only way casinos offer bonus features on slot machines — but they are a central component of the gameplay.

However, if you play on three-reel slots then scatters are not as common. This is because the three-reel slot machines are generally slimmed down, so players can focus on winning jackpots through combinations. The five-reel machines offer up a larger range of excitement, with varying combinations, different bet types and bonuses. This is why scatters are far more useful and relevant to five-reel machines.


How do I know if my game has a scatter? 

Every slot machine game in the Unibet casino suite has a paytable, which acts as a guide to explain exactly what payouts are available on the game. This is also where you can learn if your game has a scatter or not.

To find this, look for the ‘i’ symbol on the bottom or side of the game. Here, you will bring up the information about the slot machine you are playing on. In Relic Hunters, for example, you can see that the scatters are a pyramid symbol, with 10 free spins available. Scatter is also a paying symbol here, so you can win big as well as secure free spins — if you’re lucky.

Every game will clearly identify in the information section which symbol is the scatter. It means you know exactly what to look out for when playing on the reels.

The great thing about the paytable is that it will also give you a greater understanding of the rest of the game. Here, you can read the rules and work out what the likelihood is of certain combinations emerging from the slot machine.


Do scatters work within free spins?

One of the big bonuses scatter symbols offer are free spins. This can sometimes be a set amount — such as 10 — or it can change. If you secure a batch of free spins then the likelihood is that scatters will be excluded from this section. That’s so you can focus solely on those winning lines. Many other special symbols are also excluded during free spins.

Take for example Donuts. In this game you’ll be looking for three or four Gold Donut Scatters — they’re not exactly hard to miss! By nailing the scatters, you will earn either 12 or 20 free spins, depending on how many you got. But once you begin your free spins, you won’t be able to win scatters. Donuts only has four spin reels, so remember that if you decide to play on this mouthwatering game.


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