Scatter Symbols in Online Casino Slot Games - Guide

Scatter symbols are one of the most sought-after symbols that pop up on reels when you are playing slots in online casinos. In this guide we'll walk you through exactly what are scatter symbols in online slots, why are scatter symbols important and how scatter symbols help you get some BIG slot wins!

Scatter symbols are often called Scatters and are found in almost all modern online slot machines. They are effectively a symbol that trigger bonuses features in the online slot.

We'll be covering what these features are, how scatter symbols work amongst other things..

How do scatter symbols work in online slots?

Scatters like wilds are special symbols in online slot games. As we mentioned earlier they trigger bonuse features in online slot machines. In most online slots these bonus features are free spins.

Now if you are already familiar with online slots you’d know why slot players love free spins *wink wink*.
If you are new to the world of online slots, you must be wondering “what are free spins?”

Free spins are basically spins that you can get free of charge. These free spins can sometimes have higher RTPs or have multipliers attached to them. These features can increase your chances of racking up a BIG slot win.

Now keep in mind that you might come across online slot machines where scatter symbols work differently. In fact, in some slot games scatters might not even trigger free spins.

In our experience, the number of free spins you'd depends on the number of scatters you land. Typically in most slots we noticed that you need at least 3 scatters to land anywhere on your reels. In some slot games though these scatters have to land in a particualar pattern.

In some slots, you get the same number of free spins regardless of the number of scatters on your screen. Scatter symbols might work differently in different slot games. This is why we recommend you to check out the paytables and rules of every online slot game you decide to play just to be sure how the scatter symbols work there.

What do scatters look like?

Scatters are usually very noticeable symbols in online slots. They are noticeable because they are special & slot game providers want to make sure they stand out. In classic slots, they used to be golden and had “bonus” or “free spins” written on them.

Now how scatter symbols look in modern slot games. The simple answer would be it depends. Usually it’s pretty easy to spot scatter symbols because as we said, slot game provider’s try to ensure that scatters stand out.

In any case, when you start a online slot at an online casino like Unibet Canada, you’ll get all the information on the symbols on the pay table in the slot game.

Do all online slots have scatters?

Again the short answer would be it depends on the slot. In general most online slot games have scatters. The reason for this is because today most slot providers have free spin bonus rounds in their slot games because this feature is in high demand amongst slot enthusiasts.

That being said, in some slot games wild symbols can act as scatters and trigger free spins. The best example of slot where the scatter acts as both a wild and a scatter symbols is the Book of Dead slot.

Startburst is a good example of a popular slot game with no scatter symbols.

How do I know if my slot game has a scatter? 

You can check whether you slot game has scatters in the slot game's paytable or information section.

Do scatters work within free spins?

The short answer is, it depends. Some slot games have a fixed number of free spins. In other slot games you can get extra free spins during the free spins round when you land scatters on your reels.

You can check out whether your scatters will work during the free spins round in your slot game's paytable.

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