Online Casino Tournaments — a Beginners Guide

March 24, 2020

Online Casino Tournaments are of popular demand on the internet and thousands of players compete in the casinos each day to win huge prizes and other casino bonuses.

That’s why here at Unibet Canada we’ve created a dedicated section of our casino suite solely for tournament use.

But what exactly are Online Casino Tournaments? This guide will take you through how to enter Online Casino Tournaments, how to master the competition and tips on winning the big prizes.


You don’t need to be an expert or regular casino player in order to play Online Casino Tournaments. In fact, newcomers can win big simply by marrying their gambling intuition with a stroke of good fortune.

This guide will explain the rules of Online Casino Tournaments and also how to enter. You will also understand how the home game of Unibet’s Casino Tournaments works, so you can navigate it easily and prepare for your next tournament.


What is an Online Casino Tournament?

Online Casino Tournaments are ways of bringing casino players together so they can compete for mega jackpots. The benefit of this is that you can play the Unibet Casino just as normal, with the added incentive of potentially winning a big bonus. You effectively earn rewards for playing your favourite games!

The games are slot machines that are available in the Unibet Casino. Each day one or more machines will be chosen for players to compete on. Your task is to play on the machine and try and win big jackpots, multipliers and other incentives. The players who compete these challenges or nail the biggest returns move up the tournament leaderboard. And depending on how high you are on that leaderboard at the end of the tournament, you could win mega rewards.

Some Online Casino Tournaments last just one day, while others run for five days or even a week!


How Online Casino Tournaments work

Here at Unibet we like to keep things simple, so to avoid confusion there is one Online Casino Tournament each day. You will find the latest Unibet Online Casino Tournament when you head over to the Casino Tournament tab on our site. Here, you’ll see the Tournament Schedule that provides a list of which tournaments are booked in for the next few days.

The first tournament in the schedule is today’s Online Casino Tournament that is currently in play. You will see a countdown of how long is left in the tournament, as well as who is currently leading. There will be a yellow box for you to Opt In if you want to join the tournament — there is not usually any cost to the player for doing this.

You will also see which online slot machine games are being used in your tournament. Some tournaments, such as Reactoonz, are only applicable to one online slot game. But others, such as Live Casino — Gameshows, offer multiple games you can play on. This particular example doesn’t involve slots. Instead, you will bet on the Live Casino games such as Roulette, Football Studio and Monopoly in an effort to earn rewards.

Under the yellow Opt In icon you will also see stipulations of the tournament. These will show you the minimum bet required to play, as well as the minimum number of rounds needed to qualify.

This is also where you will see the winning method for your chosen Online Casino Tournament. In The Colour of Monday, the winner is the player who earns the biggest turnover across 23 selected games. In Shadow Order, the winner is the player who earns the biggest equalised win in one round.

There are loads of various stipulations for how to win Online Casino Tournaments and it’s always worth checking the rules before you start!


How to play online slot machines

In order to play many Online Casino Tournaments, you need to know how to play online slot machines. These are machines similar to those in a real life casino. You will choose a bet amount and spin the reels, hoping to nail paylines and trigger other bonuses. Slots fans in the online betting community are generally loyal to their favourite games. But others like to move around and sample different slots.

The basic principles of online slot machines is always the same: spin and hope to win! Some slot machines will have minimum bets, while others offer greater rewards the more you play them. And of course, each slot has its own jackpot — so you won’t just be competing in the tournament but also be playing for mega money in the slot itself!


How to play Live Casino

Live Casino games are a great way to learn the intricacies of classic casino games in your own time, on your own device. You can play various forms of online poker in the Live Casino, as well as online blackjack, online roulette and many more tables.

The Live Casino is the place where players learn their card skills and understand how to play the most popular games in the world, without the need to bluff. That’s because Live Casino games can be small-stake games between you and the dealer. This makes them fun and straightforward to learn, while you can also earn points for the Online Casino Tournaments while playing!


Which Online Casino Tournament is right for me?

The best way to choose your Online Casino Tournament is to sample a few and work out what is right for you. When you enter the Casino Tournament suite, you will see a list of the tournaments available over the next few days, as well as the games they are linked to. You can click through to the games and sample them for yourself!

This is the best way to work out what’s right for you — and newcomers to the Unibet Casino can also play online slots for free for two weeks, so you can master the games before playing for real money.

Here are some Online Casino Tournaments available at Unibet and how they differ from one another…

Reactoonz - A simple slot machine tournament where you play on the Reactoonz game. There is a $0.40 minimum bet on the slot machine and the winner is the player who nails the biggest equalised win at any point. Reactoonz has a $5,000 prize pool. There is a 7x7 reel layout in Reactoonz, which makes this game quite unique in the online casino world.

The Shadow Order - Another straightforward slot machine tournament where you play on just one machine. The Shadow Order has a 5x5 reel layout with plenty of paylines, plus the usual array of Wilds and other bonuses. There is also a $5,000 prize pool and players are chasing the biggest equalised win at any point.

Live Casino — Gameshows - There are six games you can play here to earn reward points in the Online Casino Tournament. The minimum bet on these games is $0.20 and it’s all about turnover. The aim is to be the player who earns the most turnover over the duration of the tournament. There is an eye-watering $25,000 prize pool to be won here.

Starburst - One of the most popular online casino slot machines in the world. Starburst has an expanding Wild feature that can greatly boost your winnings and other rewards. Is it a $0.40 minimum bet machine and you’re seeking the biggest win here.


Online Casino Tournament tips

Here are some tips for players new to competing on Online Casino Tournaments that could be useful…


  • Play low and often: Many Online Casino Tournaments stipulate big wins or high turnover as the key to succeeding. But you don’t want to blow your budget chasing a big win that never comes. Many of the best Online Casino Tournament players will play low-stake games over a long period of time, rather than short bursts of high-stake games.
  • Keep a budget: Never exceed your budget. Online gaming should be fun but maintaining a bet limit is vital to this. You will always have another chance to win big but make sure you don’t bet beyond your means. This goes for the time spent playing in the online casino, as well as the bet sizes you make.
  • Spread your wings: Many Online Casino Tournaments cover various games — such as those in the live casino. So make sure to spread your wings and find a game that suits you. If you don’t enjoy playing on Starburst, then don’t! There are loads of games across the Unibet suite to choose from — and usually there’s a tournament coming up that you can compete on.
  • Keep track of the leaderboard: There’s nothing more frustrating than thinking you’re leading an Online Casino Tournament, only to realise someone has overtaken you! So keep an eye on how you are doing and if you are close to winning one of the big prize. But remember, stay within that budget.

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