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March 24, 2020

Online Casinos are a great way to experience the thrill of the casino hall without actually putting your best clothes on!

But, there are many facets to the Online Casino world that many newcomers are not aware of.

There’s plenty of jargon that surrounds the Online Casino world and even experienced players can sometimes be tripped up by it all.

That’s why we’ve created this handy Online Casino Jargon guide to help you work out exactly what’s going on in the slot machines.

We hope it helps!

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Online Casino Jargon — Dictionary

All or Nothing

A player will win if he has all the cards. For example, in Keno, a player will be declared a winner if he has all the numbers.


This is the amount of money you are playing with in the game. Your bankroll will be visible.

Basic Slots

These are slot machines with just one payline and a static jackpot that does not change. These are useful slot machines for those new to the world of online casino gambling. They are not complex and can be picked up easily.

Bonus Symbols

Almost all online slot machines have bonus symbols that trigger amazing features such as bonus games and free spins. You will be able to identify what the bonus symbols look like by checking out the information guide in your chosen slot machine.

Cascading Reels

This is a feature in online slots where any winning lines will be replaced by newly-spun reels.

Casino Bonus

Many online casinos offer bonuses for signing up and here at Unibet we have loads of offers for new customers. But don’t worry if you’re a current customer, as we’ve always going something for everyone. You can head over to the promotions tab at Unibet to check out the latest Casino Bonuses, as well as other offers such as in the Sportsbook. You can check out our casino bonus guide to learn more about casino bonuses and casino promotions.

Casino Tournament

A tournament where casino players play for a specific prize. The aim is to play on the slot machines or other casino games and compete on a leaderboard. Each Casino Tournament is unique and runs for a certain amount of time. You can win a share of $25,000 in some Casino Tournaments, while many popular Casino Tournaments focus on $5,000 slot machine competitions.


The amount you’re betting on each payline. Be aware of how much you are betting before you spin.

Exclusive slots

Unibet offers some slot machines that are exclusive to our community. You’ll see which games are exclusive on the front image of the game.

Expanding Wilds

These are a special type of Wild symbol that expands to cover the entire reel. In doing so it creates winning combinations and can trigger big wins.

Free Spin

This can simply be an additional spin on a slot machine where you don’t have to place a bet to play. They are usually offered as a form of casino bonus. Free Spins can be won while playing the online slots, but can also be rewarded when you’re betting on the Sportsbook or if you trigger a promotional offer.


A player who has deposited a large amount of money into the online casino and is known to bet large amounts. Their potential payouts are high, but their risk is high too.


A Jackpot is the top amount of money an online slot machine can payout. Some slot machines offer fixed jackpots, while others carry progressive jackpots. Games with progressive jackpots take a small slice of your stake and add it to the jackpot total, meaning the more you and other players play, the bigger the jackpot becomes.

Line Bet

A Line Bet refers to the activated paylines on online slot machines that offer multiple paylines. Max bets must usually be played to activate every payline.

Log In to Play

It may sound simple but you must log in and have credit in your account to play on the Unibet slot machines.


This is one fo the bonus features in an online slot machine. The multiplier effectively increases the payout on a bonus win. These can sometimes be up to 10 times the win.


A line on a slot machine that consists of a winning combination. This is what online gambling players are seeking to land in order to win a payout. Some paylines pay out greater than others, depending on their rarity. They are also known as win lines.


The amount you win from a winning combination on a casino slot. These are most commonly found through normal paylines, but other bonuses and Wilds can trigger bigger payouts in other ways too.

Pay Table

This is where you can really understand if the online slot machine is the one for you. The paytable will explain exactly how the payouts work. For example, it will reveal how many combinations there are to win, which might be five or might be hundreds. It will also explain what degree of payout you win win on certain lines. For example, a basic payline may have a 1:5 payout, so if you bet $1 on a spin and land a basic payline, you’ll win $5 plus your $1 stake!

Progressive Casino Slots

As mentioned above, Progressive Casino Slots are those that hold a progressive jackpot slots. Every time you and other players bet on the game, a small percentage of your stake will be added to the progressive jackpot. Often players must place the maximum bet in order to qualify for the progressive jackpot.


The reels are the things that spin in an online slot machine, and they carry the symbols you must try to line up. Many games have five reels but there are always variations, so keep an eye on how many reels there are before you play!


This is a type of bonus feature built within many slot machines. Scatters, like Wilds, can appear on the reels at any time as a substitute for a regular symbol. Scatters pay wherever they land on the reels, whether they fall within a payline or not!

Scatter Pay

Scatter pay bonuses can be triggered when a slot machine sets a specific symbol on the reels that pays out regardless of what the other symbols around it are.

Select Lines

This is simply the number of paylines selected in an online casino slot machine game.

Shifting Wilds

Some Wilds like to move around and Shifting Wilds will shift on the reels with each spin. This can be beneficial to players who are seeking other paylines.


This is the key part of any online slot machine. It’s the button you press once you have placed your bet and triggers the spinning of the reels. You can also land bonus spins.

Stacked Wilds

These Wilds are effectively a substitute for any other symbol and create winning combinations.


These are the different pictures that appear on each reel of an online slot machine game. The symbols will be related to the theme of the game. So, if it’s a card-themed game then expect to see lots of A, K, Q and J symbols. Likewise, a gem-based game will have multi-coloured gems as the symbols.

Wagering Requirements

Some bonuses offered in the Unibet Casino require the player to compete a number of spins or other actions before being able to cash a bonus offered.


Wild symbols sit in place of winning symbols and create winning combinations. There are various types of Wilds, such as Stick Wilds, Stacked Wilds and Shifting Wilds.

Win lines

Also called paylines, these are the lines you win on when playing an online slot machine. You will see how many win lines there are on a game by hovering over the game in the Unibet Casino suite.


Play in the Unibet Casino

Now you’ve learned a bit more about the jargon associated with slots, it’s time to test your knowledge in the Unibet Casino! We offer loads of slot types to suit every player. If you’re a newcomer to the world of online slot machines then don’t worry — there are loads of guides to help you and many games offer minimum bets of $0.20.

You can also read our tips about playing online slot machines, as well as enter tournaments on a daily and weekly basis! The aim of online slots is to have fun and go for the big wins — and to do this players are advised to set a limit to how much they are willing to risk. Never exceed your pre-arranged limit and it’s best to bet small rather than big.


Unibet Casino Offers

There are also lots of promotional offers available to players at the Unibet Casino — regardless of whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned gamer. You can check out the Casino Offers in our promotions page, with links to how to trigger the offers and enter special tournaments.

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