Biggest Jackpots Ever Won in Casino Slots

Online slots offer mega jackpots for players around the world and in Canada.Some players have struck very lucky in the past!

The beauty of online slots is that you could win at any time. There’s always a chance - no matter how remote - of your paylines hitting a mega jackpot.

Many online slot machines offer huge jackpots but a lot of players are unaware of just how big they can be.

This guide will take you through the biggest jackpots ever won in casino slots. You will also learn the various types of jackpots available in the online casino.

Reading this guide will help you understand more about jackpots and how to play for the biggest jackpots anywhere on the internet. After all, there are tactics to landing the mega payouts available in online slots!


What are the biggest jackpots wins ever?

There have been numerous millionaires made from online slot machines. But only three people in the world have ever shattered the C$25m mark. All three winners were playing one of the Megaways slot games, which offer progressive jackpots.

You can read more about progressive jackpots and why they are so popular later in this guide. Below are the three highest online slot machine winners of all time. The slots games the jackpots were won on are Mega Fortune Dreams, Mega Fortune and Mega Moolah


3. C$26m - Mega Fortune

A player from Finland bet just 25 cents and turned their lives around in an instant. This player claimed a staggering C$26m from a tiny bet back in 2013. The victorious gamer remained anonymous but their victory became headline news in Finland. The win remains the biggest win for a player on Mega Fortune.


2. C$26m - Mega Moolah

In October 2016 a British man narrowly beat the above Mega Fortune player to claim the record payout for an online slot machine jackpot. The man placed a bet of just 25p and kept his win quiet for three days. He was 26 years old at the time and said he wanted to buy a “yellow Bentley Continental GT” with some of his winnings.


1. C$27.8m - Mega Moolah

October 2018 saw the world of online slot gambling rumbled by an anonymous player who broke the record jackpot. The win occurred on a ¢75 bet within less than 50 spins. The progressive jackpot had grown for months and an increasing number of players were flocking to the game in the hope of winning the big prize. It was eventually won at speculated odds of around 50,000,000/1.


Different types of online jackpots

The three big wins you can see above were all won on progressive jackpots. But what are the jackpot differences in online casinos? Here, we take you through the three main jackpots you will encounter when playing at the Unibet Casino.


Fixed jackpot

This is probably the most common jackpot available in the online casino and one many newcomers to slots will play on. A fixed jackpot is a pre-determined jackpot amount that a player can win. Most of the time the fixed jackpot can be won on any bet, regardless of how big or small it is.


Progressive jackpot

This is the big jackpot for players seeking a mega win. Of course, the progressive jackpot is chased by a lot of people, so your chances of winning are reduced. But many online betting experts like to take the punt. Progressive jackpots work by taking a slice of your bet and adding it to the jackpot amount. This will likely be a small percentage of your bet. The slot machine will take this percentage from every player competing on the slot, so the jackpot can grow considerably. Quite often players are required to place a maximum bet in order to qualify for this jackpot — but not in all circumstances. So make sure you check the slot information before spinning the reels!

Examples: Mega Moolah (linked above), Immortal Romance Mega Moolah, Queen Alexandria Wow Pot,, Major Millions


Daily jackpot

These daily jackpots can change and are usually associated with specific games. They will correct themselves daily and there will always be a minimum jackpot level. Players enjoy daily jackpots as they know the level at which the are playing.

Examples: Absolootly Mad: Mega Moolah, Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah, Fortinum Gold Mega Moolah, Juicy Joker Mega Moolah

To discover which jackpots each of our online slot machines play with, head over to our jackpots tab. There, you will discover which games offer specific jackpots that are right for you. It’s the easiest way to find the jackpot type you’re looking for.

But remember, always read the information page on the online slot machines before playing. Some jackpots are only obtainable if you bet a certain amount, while there are differing chances of a player nailing to jackpot depending on the game in question.


How to win jackpot slots online from Canada

Online slot experts will always have their own methods for playing in the casino. But newcomers to the game can pick up strong tips themselves to make sure they maximise their potential when playing on the slots.

Many new players don’t know, for example, that you can play online slots for free with Unibet Canada for a fixed period of time before competing with real money. And what’s more, you can win cash payouts during the free trial!

That is just one way of improving your slots game and preparing yourself to go for the jackpots. Here are some others…



Take your time

This is crucial. There is no point loading up an online slot only to place one big bet and risk everything on a single spin. Instead, the experts prefer the phrase ‘low and often’. This is when you bet low and regularly, so you stay within your budget. It also means you will take time with the game, so you can understand the intricacies more. The more you play a slot the better you will read the gameplay. Take time to work things out and don’t rush into anything. If you are new to playing online slots check out our guides slot game lingo,casino bonuses in online slots and our guide on what are progressive jackpot slots.


Max bet

Some online slots do require you to make a maximum bet in order to push for the jackpot. But not all do. So make sure to read the information page of your chosen online slot to make sure you know what you’re doing. It is also worth noting that many progressive slots in particular require a max bet.


Look out for free spins offers for online slots at Unibet Canada!

Free spins for slots in Canada are hard to find. As a legal online casino in Canada we have to constantly keep up with regulations and switch up our offers and bonuses. Keep an eye out for our updated casino bonuses by signing up for our newsletters. We might have some free spin bonuses for slots in Canada at our promotions page at Unibet Canada too. So make sure you check out our promotions page!


Understand the rules

This is possibly the most basic premise of any activity in the online casino. Make sure you understand the rules of the slot machine before you play. It’s one thing to bet when you know the rules, but to effectively bet blind is foolish. Here at Unibet we have casino betting guides on all the best games and machines. You can also find an information sheet on your chosen game when it is downloaded. Make sure you know the difference between Wilds and Scatters, between fixed and progressive jackpots, before you bet.


Don’t bet above your limit

Always set a budget. As this guide has already mentioned, betting big on your first entry into the online slot world is not a good idea. Set a budget and make sure you don’t surpass it. You will always see your overall balance on any online slot machine you play with Unibet, while the size of your bet will also be very clear.


Chase the jackpot

If you want to win the jackpot in an online slot, you’v got to chase it. So make sure you’re playing on a game that is offering the jackpot size you’d like to win. For example, in the Unibet Casino suite you can see exactly how big each jackpot is before you even enter the slots.


Exclusive games

Here at Unibet we pride ourselves on offering games for every player, regardless of their experience levels. That’s why we create exclusive online slot machines so you can enjoy games no-one else on the internet can access!

Our exclusive games can be found in the Unibet Casino suite and you can access them exactly the same way as other games. If there is a big jackpot — such as in Joker Jackpots — you’ll see the size of the pot below the game.


Unibet slot tournaments

Another way to win big in the Unibet Casino is to enter one of our slot tournaments. We offer daily casino tournaments that offer huge payouts and big prize funds for players across the Unibet community.

This is a great way to compete against other players for mega prizes, while also gunning for the jackpots. You can see a list of our current and upcoming slot tournaments in our Unibet Casino suite. Many tournaments offer a prize pool of C$5,000, which can be won on the basis of highest wins, turnover, and other stipulations.

So why not check out the Unibet Casino suite today, and see which online slot games are best for you?

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