2022 NFL Draft betting picks and predictions: Top offensive picks

April 26, 2022April 29th, 2022

The offensive picks at the NFL Draft are always a crucial element of the process.  Quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are all involved so it contains the potential game-changers of the future. Who are the front runners in the 2022 Draft, what are their NFL draft odds? Let’s find out…


Malik Willis – 190

Liberty Flames’ Malik Willis is not only the favorite to be the first Quarterback to be picked but is an outside bet to be picked by the Panthers or Lions as the first or second overall pick of the draft. He is an outsider in these markets, but any other year he would have been right up there on the back of 6939 passing yards & 74 touchdowns in his senior year.

This year he will likely have to settle for a pick in the top 10 and probably end up as the eighth pick and go to the Atlanta Falcons – if he is not snapped up before. Either way, there are few doubts about him being either the first or second quarterback to go.

Kenny Pickett +125

Although lower in the market on the odds, there is a chance Pickett might edge Malik in the draft based on what happens at the Panthers in the coming days. Ben McAdoo named Sam Darnold as their starting quarterback before quickly backtracking so it doesn’t look set in stone.

While they certainly need to find a decent Q/B as last season this position was a nightmare for them, rumors say they may look outside of the draft for someone more proven at the top level. If so, then Pickett will likely end up outside the top 10 and get the 18th pick and play next season at the New Orleans Saints.

Desmond Ridder +1200

The outsider in the Q/B first pick odds is Cincinnati Bearcats’ Desmond Ridder. While you would have to be a brave bettor to pick him over Malik, he will definitely go early and there are a few interested parties manifesting themselves.

His potential is high, but there are some doubts about his ability to adapt his throwing for the pro game which may mean he does not go in the first round at all. There is s a chance he will go to Atlanta, but only if they miss out on Willis, so Mike Tomlin taking him on at the Pittsburgh Steelers is much more likely.

Breece Hall -275

Standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 220-pounds, Breece Hall is the clear favorite to go first as a running back and it is clear to see why: 1,472 yards rushed and 20 rushing touchdowns in 2021 explain why he is being pipped as the next Johnathon Tailor.

Where he is going is tricky to determine but Buffalo Bills seem the keenest. If that doesn’t transpire, it is likely he will be picked just two picks later and head off to Tampa Bay. Regardless, he will edge the other running backs to go first.

Kenneth Walker III +250

The only real competition in this spot is Kenneth Walker III –  but there are doubts about him going in the first round at all.  He will have to go to a team who are crying out to fill this position.

The Miami Dolphin seems like the frontrunner. However, New York Jets are in the market for a running back too, or he could also find a home at the Bucs if Hall goes to the Bills. Unfortunately, he doesn’t look like anyone’s first choice, though.

Isaiah Spiller +2000

Isaiah Spiller is a big outsider in the running back first picks betting. Spiller boasts quick burst speed but occasionally looked sluggish last year – although this was likely owed to an injury he was dealing with.  His performances are improving but he still has some work to do.

He is not the finished product, however, is what makes him a doubtful first pick when compared to the other two names on this list. Philadelphia Eagles are looking like his most likely destination in a third-round pick with the intention for him to support the more established running backs like Boston Scott and Kenneth Gainwell as he develops his trade.

Wide Receivers

Garrett Wilson -118

In what is one of the tightest positions on the pitch to bet on, Garret Wilson is topping the market as the first-picked wide receiver. If he doesn’t go first, he will go very early. With 70 catches for 1,058 yards and 12 touchdowns last year, he will be the first name on many teams’ wish lists.

If the Falcons decide not to opt for a QB as their first pick, or are beaten to get Malik, then Wilson could be a shoo-in for Atlanta’s WB needs. If not, he will be picked just outside the top 10 and probably go to the Commanders.

Drake London +175

London is a player who boasts toughness and versatility in his game, which has made him another player with lots of potential suitors from across the league. This is why he is just trailing Wilson in the betting market odds, but he is a no-brainer to be a first-round pick.

He could easily be a first WR pick too. The Jets look like a good fit for the USC player which would make him the first to go, at Pick 10, if the Falcons turn down Wilson.

Jameson Williams +175

Just as likely to go is Alabama‘s, Jameson Williams. An all-around athlete, he holds the Indiana state record for the 300-meter hurdle but was always destined to be an NFL star of the future.

As far as we can tell and the only reason he wouldn’t edge the other two favorites on this list is a recent injury. If it weren’t for that, he would be a dead set favorite but it looks like he could be the second or third WR in the first round. Nevertheless, the Saints and Eagles are most interested in him but any team would benefit a lot from having him on their books.

Offensive Linesman

Ikem Ekwonu -155

In our previous betting preview of the first overall pick, Ikem Ekwonu’s name popped up as a potential to go to the Panthers if they cause an upset by not opting for a defensive lineman in the first round.

However, if they don’t choose Ekwonu first then it is likely they will miss out on him completely. This is because he is looking  likely to be the first offensive linemen to go. Most likely, he would stay down south and play for the Houston Texans in 2022 and be a top 20 pick in this year’s draft.

Tight End

Trey McBride -250

McBride led all tight ends in the country last year with 90 catches for 1,121 yards, which have placed him at the top of the list of potential first picked tight ends in the draft. He looks like the ideal replacement for Dawson Knox, who looks like he is coming to the end of his tenure at the Buffalo Bills.

However, he could also do well for himself in the Broncos lineup too. He looks like a comfortable first-round pick for sure, but will he be the Tight End first picked? Not necessarily, as there are other players who are in with a shot too.

Greg Dulcich +250

As unmistakable on the football field, as he is without a helmet on, Greg Dulcich is one of those players who could edge Mcbridge to be the tight-end first pick.

Although he is second on the odds market, he has topped some pundits’ list as the best tight-end available in the draft. So if a top team concurs on this notion, then he could pip McBride.

While 42 receptions for 725 yards and five touchdowns for UCLA in 2021 might not blow anyone’s mind, he has several interested parties who see a lot of potential in him. These include three teams within the top 20 picks, the Falcons, the Colts, and the Chargers. If they are as interested as they seem, it could be that he becomes the first-picked Tight End.

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