The MLB playoffs are drawing near

September 9, 2021February 22nd, 2022

It’s the stage of the competition when the balance of power has already been decided, writes Szabó Dárió.

There are still enough matches left to cover the MLB betting slips with some exciting fixtures.


If anyone asks me, I consider the Houston Astros to have the best chance of winning the World Series, but I also feel the Chicago White Sox boast the element of surprise. The Astros’ squad is outstanding in every way, while Dusty Baker’s experience for making logical rotations with well-timed in-game decisions may be prove crucial.

White Sox

At the White Sox, however, what seems like a convincing weapon against the Astros is that they have, you might say, equally reliable pitchers: if the hitters can catch up with the pitchers’ good games, while pitchers can do the bats, that correlation can be enough to overcome shortcomings in star power.


With the San Francisco Giants, it’s like everyone expects the balloon to pop, but I don’t think the Giants are so fragile. However, the Giants are more likely to lose in a multi-match game in the playoffs because of the balance from their routines, but there is no doubt the team is full of leaders, which may not be under nearly as much pressure as their rivals.

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