who will jake paul fight next

UFC and boxing preview: Who will Jake Paul fight next?

April 14, 2022May 4th, 2022

Whether you love him or hate him, Jake Paul has become one of the most-watched fighters in the world. As the purse involved in fighting him increases so do the potential opponents lining up to fight him. The YouTuber is 5:0 in boxing and now has his eyes on making his UFC debut in the coming months. We take a look at the next Jake Paul fight and the likelihood of it happening. Read on to find out the potential next opponents or bet on Jake Paul’s next opponent here. 

Jake Paul vs. Conor McGregor

Talks of a Jake Paul and Conor McGregor fight have been rife for some time, but these have been heightened in the last few weeks. Paul claimed he was “dead serious” and has already approached UFC kingpin Dana White about making his debut in the UFC against McGregor.

Earlier this week, following McGregor’s claim Jake Paul’s weight is an issue, he immediately clapped back by saying he is willing to cut down to 175lb to secure the fight. Countless spectators are now weighing into the debate, and it seems a McGregor fight in the Octagon is what most people want to see.

Whether McGregor is up for it is another story. If the Jake Paul fight was to happen soon, it would likely be McGregor’s first fight since breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier in July last year. While the Irishman has been involved in cross-discipline bouts before, whether he wants his return to UFC to be one is a different story. 

It certainly looks likely to be the biggest payday for both parties, as well as the most anticipated, of all the current potential bouts, but the ball is in McGregor’s court. While we would say this fight is likely to happen at some point, it would be hard to see it as the right fight for McGregor’s comeback.

However, the Irishman is a businessman. If his comeback happens to also be Jake Paul’s first time in the Octagon, it would undoubtedly be a big-money affair that he might not be able to refuse.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury’s fight has been on the cards for some time and their periodic online back-and-forth has been much publicized. In fact, it almost culminated in the two coming head-to-head last year. Unfortunately, fans missed the opportunity due to a Tommy Fury breaking a rib, which meant the fight had to be postponed.

Fury has since returned from injury and is set to fight Daniel Bocianski on his brother Tyson’s undercard this month. A victory here would line him up for a follow-up Jake Paul fight some point later in 2022, which Fury seems keen to set up. This time around, though, Paul seems the less interested party, stating he is taking a break from boxing and looks focused on his UFC debut.

Paul has also stated disinterest in a match-up due to a lack of momentum on Fury’s end. It’s true, that while Tommy Fury is a household name owing to his reality TV career, he is yet to prove himself on the boxing circuit having so far only fought one opponent with a winning record.

Paul has said he is “rooting” for Fury in his next fight and he is hoping for a KO. This interest indicates a strong performance against Bocianski could change his mind. If Fury is successful, and Jake Paul’s UFC debut is shelved, it could reignite interest in a clash between the two influencers. If Fury loses, however, this fight is dead in the water.

Jake Paul vs. Kamaru Usman

Another potential for a Jake Paul UFC debut is against current UFC Welterweight Champion, Kamaru Usman. Although Usman originally laughed off the idea of a Jake Paul fight, he has since said he could be tempted to fight the 25-year-old if he is given the right price. Unfortunately, this price is currently set at $100 million so it could be out of reach even for the pulling power Jake Paul brings to the table.

There are other issues too. As Usman is the current UFC Welterweight Champion, after retaining his belt against Colby Covington last year, defending his title will have to be his priority. And he is already seriously linked with several other fights in the UFC.

It has been said that a date for a rematch between Usman and Leon Edwards is scheduled for July and this is looking likely to be his next bout. While fights with up-and-coming Khamzat Chimaev and the returning McGregor are also on the cards. 

While he and McGregor have been having a war of words over the last few months, it is hard to see McGregor coming back from injury straight into a title fight. Therefore, it would likely be Chimaev that the Nigerian Nightmare would fight first out of these two. However, Chimaev will likely have to fight Colby Covington first to earn a shot at Usman and the title. This complicates things as it leaves Usman short of a viable potential opponent in the short term.

However, outside of UFC, Usman has been heavily linked to a fight with the boxer Canelo Alvarez, stating that it is his intention to fight the Mexican, who is fighting Dmitry Bivol in May, after his own fight with Edwards. Although Dana White is not on board with this idea at all.

With so much on the agenda for Usman, a Jake Paul fight will be pretty far down his list but if the price is right, who knows?

Jake Paul vs. Paddy the Baddy

Liverpool-born, Paddy Pimblett, better known as Paddy the Baddy, is rapidly becoming one of the most iconic stars in the UFC and has raised his stake as a credible candidate for a Jake Paul fight by becoming a recognizable figure in the sport since the start of 2022. 

The mop-top sporting Paddy the Baddy has been forthright throughout his career, but his vociferous persona both on the UFC circuit and on social media is gaining a lot of traction. He has become a fan favourite and his share price in the UFC has increased. He is going to be eyeing up a big money fight to bolster his presence on the fight scene even more and being the opponent for Jake Paul’s fighting debut in the UFC could be the ticket.

The Baddy is currently 18-3 and he is on a four-fight winning streak after defeating “Kazula” Vargas at UFC London in March. At the moment he has no concrete next opponent laid out, which means a potential match-up with Jake Paul might not be out of the question.

Jake Paul fights are always about publicity and so as Paddy is the man of the moment right now, the likelihood of this fight happening is growing. Although it is Jake’s brother, Logan, who has been more vocal about a bout with Pimlett, challenging him to both a UFC and boxing match.

Pimplett on the other hand has had very little to say about the brothers. Although you would expect that he would prioritize a title fight over either of the brothers so as to not hamper his come-up UFC. So, if there was to be a fight, it would likely have to be a boxing match.

Jake Paul vs. Canelo Álvarez

Perhaps the fight most boxing fans would like to see is against Canelo Alvarez; if only to potentially see Jake Paul KO’d against the undisputed Super Middleweight Champion. There was a lot of fuss about these two late last year and that interest has grown over the last week owing to some comments made by Oscar De La Hoya about Paul potentially becoming world champion.

If he is to do so he will need to defeat Canelo and Paul has said that the Mexican is on his hit list. Paul told boxing promoter Eddie Hearn “I’m being dead serious that I can contend with him” Although there was the added comment of “three years from now” which would make Canelo 34 by then and a lot can change in that time.

If these two were to face off, it would be unlikely to happen before 2023 at the earliest. As mentioned, Canelo is facing off against Dmitry Bivol in May, while Paul is supposedly taking a break from boxing and is looking towards UFC for his next bout.

More importantly, it looks like a big mistake from the YouTuber. Canelo is at the top of his game at the moment with a record of one loss in 59 fights (that being against Mayweather). While Paul is still only looking for his sixth fight ever and still trying to make a name. He is at risk of a devastating loss that would be a stop to his career early doors. He should be aware of this and suitably apprehensive. He is in danger of biting off more than he can chew.

Jake Paul vs. Logan Paul

Could the two brothers come head-to-head in the ring? Well, since the end of 2021, there seems to be a case for it. They are at loggerheads about who is the better boxer and back in December, Logan called out his brother for a future fight claiming ‘he (Jake) gets beat up by my sparring partners’. He even went as far as drawing embarrassing parallels between him and his brother with the Klitschko brothers who never fought one another. 

Could this be why Jake is looking towards a change of sport to duck a potential sibling match-up?

Seeing the two brothers, who have previously been very supportive of one another’s boxing careers, fight it out would be an interesting spectacle. Although it is unlikely to bring in the viewers that a fight with an established name would. The pair still have to prove themselves to real boxing fans.

As well as this, as mentioned, Jake is looking toward UFC bouts while Logan is gaining traction in the world of WWE, so neither would want to sacrifice this progression for a fight that means nothing to a lot of fans.


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