Top Five Tips to Becoming a Bingo Champion

Bingo is a hugely popular game played all over the world — and many players have their own tips and techniques for becoming a bingo champion.


The game that originated in bingo halls has spread onto the online world. On our casino online we offer loads of different bingo games to suit all players at every experience level.


It means there is always a bingo game that suits you and our bingo suite is designed to bring you the best action — both simulated and live — on the internet.


But how do you become a bingo champion? And can it really be done? Many would argue bingo is purely a game of chance but there are techniques available to help your chances of winning in bingo.


This guide will take you through how to play online bingo, the various types of bingo available at Unibet and also how to win at bingo. By the end, you’ll be sure to know how to become a bingo champion — even though executing these tips is not so easy.


So take a minute to check out our bingo guide on this page, or our guide to Bingo Mini Games here, before heading over to the suite to test yourself on the games.


How does bingo work? 

Before we look at how to become a bingo champion, first we should understand the basic rules of the game. Bingo is a straightforward game where players buy cards of numbers, and hope their numbers are released before those of other players. The aim is to complete a line, then possibly other lines, and eventually fill out your card. Depending on the type of bingo you play, there could be up to four lines available to fill before everyone targets a ‘full house’.


Unibet’s bingo games all work the same. Once you’ve bought your card(s) the game will begin. Numbers are drawn at random and automatically marked on your card, if you have the number. Games can be very fast or taken at a slow pace, depending on which one you play with.


You will see how many numbers you are off winning a prize in bingo, as well as how close other players are to completing lines or their full card. The more players competing in the game of bingo, the greater the jackpot and prize pot is. If you win a line or a full house, you’ll win a share of the prize pot.


Top Five Tips in Bingo 

Now you know how to play bingo, here are five tips you need to master the game…


Choose your playing time

Bingo jackpots are determined by the number of players competing on the game. This means that the more players in the game, the greater the prize pot. Of course, with an increased prize pot comes a reduced chance of you winning, as more players are competing in the game.


Choosing when to play is therefore key. If you play at busy periods, such as in the evening or at weekends, then more players will also be in the bingo suite. So you need to weigh up your priorities. Do you want to go for an unlikely big win, or a more likely small win? Remember, you can play bingo at any time of day throughout the week.


Play little and more often

There’s always a temptation in bingo to buy many cards and hope one of them is a winner. But rather than going all out and buying too many cards on your first go, it’s better to take your time and understand the game.


A big tactic from many players is to buy only a handful of cheap cards per game, but play regularly. This way you maximise the enjoyment of bingo. Instead of simply blowing everything on one game, you can make bingo last a lot longer. Plus you could still win a massive payout!


Bonus offers available 

Here at Unibet we’re always looking to boost your gaming experience in the Casino. That’s why we offer regular bingo bonuses to ensure you’re having the best time when playing bingo. You can sign up with us and get exclusive bingo offers and access to our beginner’s room, where you can play bingo for seven days for free with real cash prizes to be won.


Always keep a look out for the latest bingo offers at Unibet. These include $5,000 Super Saturday, where we boost the prize pot on Saturday night games. And Weekend Winner Spins gives you the chance to turn your love for bingo into a spin on the slot machines! Check out our bingo bonus and offers on Unibet!


Play Canadian bingo with multiple cards

If the ‘play little more often’ technique is not for you, then the other way to boost your bingo winning chances is to buy multiple cards. After all, the more cards you have, the more you’re likely to win. Each bingo game offers cards at certain prizes, so if you’re not comfortable going big on a game, then buy cheap cards instead. And keep in mind that you don’t need a full house to win. Simply completing a line first could land you a big cash reward.


Live chat in the bingo community

It’s always a good idea to chat with other bingo players in the Unibet community. Players share their tips and techniques for winning at bingo, while also just having fun discussing anything that comes to mind! The live chat feature makes playing bingo more fun and could be useful if another player does divulge their secrets. There are also extra rewards for our loyalty programme and all live chats are moderated.


What types of bingo can I play? 

There is not one sole type of bingo available in the Unibet suite, but three! Of these three there are variations of bet size, speed and jackpot amounts. Below, we’ll take you through the three key forms of bingo so you can decide which one to play.


90 Ball Bingo 

This is probably the most straightforward version of bingo and is popular in bingo halls around the world. In 90 Ball Bingo you buy cards with a selection of random numbers from 1-90 written on it. There are nine columns and three rows on your card, and on each row sit five numbers and four blank spaces. The aim of 90 Ball Bingo is to complete a line before anyone else. Once that is done, it’s time to go for the Full House.


90 Ball Bingo is the classic version of bingo and easy to understand. Its 9x3 ticket is famous all over the world and has been played for hundreds of years. If you’ve ever walked into a real bingo hall and looked at what the players are playing, they will almost certainly have been enjoying 90 Ball Bingo.


90 Ball Bingo has three prize options: Line 1, Line 2 and Full House. If more than one player hits one of the prizes at the same time then the prize is shared between them (unless stipulated in the specific games rules).


If you’re a newcomer to bingo then 90 Ball Bingo is probably the best version of the game to get you started.


75 Ball Bingo

This is a shortened version of the classic bingo game but with a twist. The general principles remain the same but the card is different — and so are the payouts. In 75 Ball Bingo, you receive a 5x5 card, with ‘B-I-N-G-O’ spelled across the top. You numbers sit across five rows, all under a certain letter.


It means when a number is called out, it is also associated with the letter. For example, B6 is called. If that matches the number and letter on your card, you can mark it.


Thankfully Unibet’s casino platform market he card for you, so you don’t have to look out for the numbers. But it’s still fun to watch the card fill up as you near a potential prize!


The great thing about 75 Ball Bingo is that there are more pay lines than 90 Ball Bingo. The 75 Ball Bingo pay lines are as follows:


  • 1 line
  • 2 lines
  • 3 lines
  • 4 lines
  • Full House


Furthermore, Line 1 can be won horizontally, vertically or diagonally. After this, Lines 2, 3 and 4 must be won horizontally. The Full House comes when your card if fully marked.


75 Ball Variant Bingo 

There is one big difference between 75 Ball Variant Bingo and 75 Ball Bingo. This is the number of cards you buy. Usually in bingo, you get one card for one purchase. But in 75 Ball Variant Bingo, one purchase buys you three cards.


This is important and you now have three cards to keep watch over as the numbers are announced. It doesn’t actually increase your chances of winning, as every other player in the game also has three cards per purchase. But it does spread your opportunities over a larger variation of numbers, meaning you may be able to mark a card at each call.

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