How to Play Online Bingo

August 7, 2019

Online bingo is growing in popularity as players swap the crumbling old bingo halls for the glamour of the online world.

We know how seriously some players take bingo in our online casino, which is why we’ve created a stunning bingo suite so you can play online whenever you like.

Online bingo is a fast-paced and interactive version of the classic hall game. There’s no need for bingo daubers and flimsy cards here! Instead, you can play bingo online with minimum fuss — and you won’t win a fluffy teddy bear as a prize either.

Play bingo for money in our bingo suite whenever and wherever you choose. Whether you’re an experienced bingo player or completely new to the game, we have a card that suits everyone.

This guide will take you through the main rules of bingo, how to play bingo and how to win at bingo.

We’ll also show you the best ways to maximise the fun while playing bingo and how you can socialise as the numbers are being read out!


Main setup in online bingo 

Online bingo is very similar to the sort of bingo you play in public. But even if you haven’t experienced public bingo before, the game is very easy to pick up and master.

There are various types of bingo and a number of specialised games, but the principle of bingo remains the same every time. And this is what we will focus on in the first part of this guide.

When you enter the bingo suite here at Unibet, you’ll be able to choose when game you want to join. These games will differ on minor rules, stakes and jackpots — but the principles in all bingo games remain the same.

Each bingo hall in the Unibet suite will present you with:

  • Your Cards (you can play with multiple cards)
  • The current number and other numbers previously called
  • A list of other players and how close they are to winning
  • A chat room where you can chat with other players during the game

You will always be able to see your cards and your numbers will be clearly shown. A list of other players is always available, including how close they are to winning. And a bingo chat room will run alongside the game so you can talk to your fellow players!


How to play online bingo

Once you are set up in a bingo suite and set your stake, you will be able to select a ticket. To do this, you simply click the + and - buttons to purchase as many tickets as you’d like. Each ticket will cost a minimum amount and will buy you a certain number of cards.

For example, you play 75 Ball Variant Bingo in The Pitch suite. Tickets are ¢50 each and with that buy you three cards. You will now have three cards in play when the game gets underway. To the left of the ticket box you will find the jackpot box. This shows you how much the jackpot is worth. Sometimes there is an escalator jackpot, where the more players who compete in the game, the bigger it gets. Other times there is a fixed jackpot.

When everyone has bought their cards, the game will begin. Numbers will appear to the right of your cards and if it matches one of yours, that number is marked. For example, B3 is called and you have B3, that square is marked.

The aim of bingo is to fill a row of numbers across your card. If you do that, you complete a line and win! However, you must be the first one to do this, otherwise that opportunity is lost.

You also get the chance to win on the Full House, where your card is completed before anyone else. But this comes later in the game, after lines 2, 3 and 4 have been battled over.


Bingo jackpots explained 

There are five stages to a normal bingo game, which is called 75 Ball Bingo. These are: 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines, 4 lines, Full House. The prize pot increases after each stage, so the best bingo result is to get a Full House. However, this comes at the end of the game, so don’t forget to keep a look out for those lines.


Buying more cards for a game of bingo increases your chances of winning. But you also stake more money in order to boost those chances. If you are a newcomer to bingo it is advised that you start low, at a price that you are comfortable with. Once you have developed an understanding for the game, then you might want to buy higher priced cards with larger prize pots.


Types of bingo and bingo variants

There are numerous types of bingo that have been created all over the world. Here at Unibet we’ve selected the most popular and easy to use bingo types for our players.


75 Ball Bingo

The usual bingo game you will play at Unibet is 75 Ball Bingo. This is when there are 75 numbers across the card, with numbers also allocated to a letter in ‘BINGO’.

B: 1-15

I: 16-30

N: 31-45

G: 46-60

O: 61-75

Each card is a grid of 25 squares made up of five rows and five columns. The first player to complete a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins Line 1. After that, all lines must be completed horizontally.


75 Ball Variant Bingo

In this game, your one ticket buys you three cards in a strip. All 75 numbers will be scattered across the three cards. The winning lines remain the same as 75 Ball Bingo.


90 Ball Bingo

This type of bingo is different to the previous two mentioned. In 90 Ball Bingo your card is made up of three rows and nine columns. Each row contains five numbers and four blanks, with a total of 15 numbers on each card. You can buy a ticket for just one card, or a strip of six. The numbers run from 1-90 and there is no repetition.

Only three prizes are won in 90 Ball Bingo. They are:

  • 1 line
  • 2 lines
  • 3 lines/full house

90 Ball Bingo is usually more fast-paced than 75 Ball. There is a quick turnover of numbers — but you don’t have to concentrate too hard, as the game will allocate the winning numbers for you!


XToGo Bingo

This is a new variant of bingo which rewards players who were very close to winning a bingo game. When you play bingo, you will be informed if you are within one or two balls from winning the game. This is called 1ToGo or 2ToGo.

Games such as Grand Prix will stipulate that they are a 2ToGo game. This means you will receive a payout of some sorts if you don’t win the game, but were within two numbers of victory!

You will see what type of game the bingo card is on the main menu screen of the Unibet bingo suite.


Qualifying bingo halls

Some bingo halls are only available to those who qualify. For example, Grand Slam bingo has a large prize pot and also a sizeable ticket price. Only players who have spent over a certain amount on bingo tickets are accepted into this hall.


Bingo jackpots explained 

Bingo jackpots can be confusing when you are new to bingo. But once you know how to find them they are easy to understand. Each bingo game will have its own jackpot prices which are unique to that game. But the general principle is you will have to compete at least one line first to win, and all bingo games pay out on the first Full House.


Fixed bingo jackpots

This is when the jackpot for a game is predetermined before the game starts. The jackpot value does not increase when tickets are purchased. To win, all you have to do is get a full house in a specified number of balls or less. You will get your full jackpot amount even if two winners emerge at the same time.


Escalator jackpots 

This is a jackpot that builds over time. If no escalator jackpot winner is found, it rolls on to the next game that as the escalator jackpot feature. Once the jackpot is won, the escalator resets.


Progressive jackpots 

This jackpot is dependent of how many people are playing the game. There is always a fixed amount, which could be around $5,000. Then, the more people who buy tickets for the game, the larger the jackpot becomes. To win, get a full house in a specified number of balls. If the progressive jackpot is won by more than one person, it is split.


Community jackpots

This is when a percentage of the jackpot is paid to the player(s) who trigger the jackpot and the remaining percentage is paid to other players who have bought tickets in the winning game round.


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