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Online bingo is one of the fastest growing games in the online betting community as players flock to the boards every day. And you can join in by playing bingo online right here with Unibet on our online casino in Canada!

We offer a huge range of bingo games to suit every player and make sure you have the best fun on the internet.

The great thing about online bingo is you don’t have to mess around getting ready to go out! You can play bingo online on your smartphone, tablet or computer. It means you can play wherever and whenever you like — be it at home, on the train or even on holiday!

How to play bingo

If you’re new to bingo then don’t worry — it is one of the easiest games to play and very easy to understand. The main rule is that you wait for your numbers to come up and, if they are announced in an order that matches your card, you win!

Here at Unibet we’ve compiled a list of bingo tutorials to take you through the basics of this game. You’ll get to learn the skills of the trade and understand the difference between a ticket and a full house.

To play bingo online, all you have to do is head over to our bingo suite. There, you’ll choose your chat name and your lucky ball. This means you can live chat with other bingo players as well as keep an eye out for that special ball number! Then, you will see which bingo games you can join. Each game has a minimum bet amount, so this is a good way of knowing which game you should start at if you’re a beginner.

When you find a game you want to play on, you choose how many cards you want to use. The more cards you use, the higher your stake for the game. Once you have chosen your number of cards, you can alternate exactly which numbers you want to bet on. This means you can stick with your lucky numbers throughout the game.

Numbers will then be announced in order. If you complete a row, you will win a small prize. There is another prize for a second row, and and if your card is completed first, you win the big prize!

The great thing about live bingo is you can chat to other players via our live chat feature at the side of each game. You can also see how many players are competing on your game, so you know what the prize pot will be!

Bingo guides

Since we love online bingo, we want you to have access to comprehensive bingo guides, each tackling a different but crucial aspect of playing bingo. The guides below will take you through the basics of bingo in much more detail. You will also see just how big and varied the Unibet Bingo suite really is, so you can have confidence knowing there will be a game out there for you somewhere!

Enjoy your fun and unique online bingo experience and don't forget to grab our bingo sign up bonus!

Beginner Guides

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