Winter Olympics Betting Tips, Predictions and Best bets

Team Canada finished third in the medals table in the 2018 Winter Olympics with 29 medals.
That was the best finish from Canada since the 2010 Winter Olympics where Canada led the medal table while hosting the Olympics at home in Vancouver.
What’s the low down for this edition of the Olympics?
How will Canada do this time around?
What are the best bets for the 2022 Winter Olympics?
We’re going to give you the skinny on all that so stay tuned…

AI predicts Canada to finish 5th in medals table In the 2022 Winter Olympics

If you wanted to bet on Canada to finish with the most medals this time around, you’re about to be disappointed.
Gracenote, a company that analyzes sports data predicts that Canada will rack up 22 medals in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

This means that Canada will finish on the fifth spot in the medals table for this edition of the Olympics.
That would be Canada's worst finish since the 2006 Winter Olympics when Canada ended up in the fifth position.
With these gloomy predictions in mind and a little bit of hope in our hearts, let's check out the odds and the best bets for major events in the winter Olympics:

Hockey Odds and best bets for the 2022 Winter Olympics

Best Bet : USA(W) odds +200
Favourites: Canada (W) odds -118

Canada’s men’s hockey team may be the best ranked team in the world.
But with the NHL preventing its players from competiting in the Olympics, team Canada is going to struggle.
Because of this move the futures hockey odds for team Canada have dropped drastically.

With odds of +700, our boys are no longer favourites to win with the Russians and Finns edging them out by odds of +425 and +150.
Thanks NHL.
Let’s hope the inclusion of major former NHL veterans like Eric Staal, Daniel Winnik and Jason Demers on the roster can help us grab a medal.

While things may not be looking out for the boys, the women are here to save the day.
Our lovely ladies have always won a medal in the Olympics.
They won a gold four times in a row between 2002 and 2014 and finished with a silver in 2018 after a defeat to our neighbours south of the border.
The women’s team are the defending champions of the Women’s hockey world championship after getting their revenge against the Americans with 3-2 OT win in the final.

We want our ladies to win but we recommend you bet against the public because the Americans have +200 odds.

Women's Curling odds and Best Bets

Favourites and best bet: Canada Women’s Curling team. Odds +300

With odds of +165, Great Britain are favourites to win the gold for the Men’s Curling competition.
Canada’s men’s team is not far behind with the second best odds of +200.
Our veteran skipper from sleepy St John’s, Brad Gushue will be making his first appearance in the Olympics since 2006.

Sorry guys, but when it comes to betting on the 2022 Olympics, the women have an upper hand in curling.
The Women’s curling team are the favourites to win the gold and have better odds at +300 with the legendary Jennifer Jones on their side.
At 47, Jones is the oldest athlete in the 2022 Winter Olympics, and she won the gold at the 2014 Olympics.

Freestyle Skiing Odds and Bets

Favourite: Mikael Kingsbury. Odds -250
Best Bet: Benjamin Cavet. Odds +1200

Kingsbury is a 29 year Qubecoise skier who has won a gold in every freestyle skiing world cup since 2012.
The world cups for freestyle skiing happen every year so that means, Kingsbury has won a gold in the competition 10 times in a row.
He also won the gold in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

You might be tempted to place a bet on our homeboy Kingsbury but if you’re looking for a bang for a buck your best bet would be Benjamin Cavet.
The 28 year old Frenchman has won a silver in the last two World championships and could pull off an upset and help you win $130 for every dollar you bet on him.


Favourite: Marcus Kleveland Odds +300
Best Bet:Mark McMorris
Big Money Bet: Toutant, Sebastien +1200

At +300 Marcus Kleveland is the favourite to grab the gold in slopestyle snowboarding for the 2022 Winter Olympics.
The 22 year old won the World Championships in 2021 and beat out our homeboy from Regina, Mark McMorris. 
28 year old,McMorris has won a bronze in the 2018 and 2014 Olympics inspite of playing through his injuries.

The tough Saskatchewan has had a solid record in the X Games and he’ll be hot on the heels of Kleveland.
Sebastien Toutant is what we at Unibet Canada like to call a big money bet because he’s got some CRAZY odds.
The 29 year old Qubecoise snowboarder won a gold for the Big Air and finished with a silver in the 2021 Slopestyle World Championships.

A $10 bet on Toutant will fetch you a massive payout of $130.

Bobsleigh Odds & Best Bets

Favourite: Francesco Friedrich. Odds -670
Best Bet: Justin Kripps, Two-Man Bobsleigh odds +1000

The Germans have been dominating the boblsleigh event at the IBSF world Championships the 2000s.
Friedrich has won both the two-man and four-man bobsleigh competition four imes in a row since 2017 after he finished second in the four man bob sleigh competition in 2016.
Friedrich also won a gold in the two man and four man bobsleigh events in the in 2018 Winter Olympics.

As a Canadian sportsbook we can’t help but root for our athletes in Canada.
But we are not running with Kripps based on patriotism alone.
The 35 year old may not have done well in the world championships in 2021 but he did win a silver two times in a row in 2017 and 2019 for the two man event.
Kripps also shared the gold with Friedrich for the two man event in 2018 Winter Olympics.

At odds of +1000, a $10 bet on Friedrich will fetch you a $130 payout.

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