Vancouver Canucks Odds & Predictions

Of  the 7 Canadian teams in the NHL, the Vancouver Canucks are the only team coming from British Columbia. They joined the league under the same name during the 1970 expansion. So far, the Canucks have played in 3 Stanley Cup finals, losing each time. On the other hand, they’ve won the Presidents’ Trophy twice, although those successes came a decade ago.

The Golden Age for the Canucks in the NHL 
Over the years, the Canucks were led by marquee names such as Pavel Bure, Markus Naslund, and Henrik and Daniel Sedin. The team’s apex was in the 1980s and the mid-1990s when they have a few Stanley Cup runs. The last one came in 2011, and the franchise has been in decline ever since.

The Canucks in the 2020 NHL season

Last year, the Canucks were on a great run beating Minnessotta Wild and defending champs St. Louis Blues before succumbing to the Vegas Golden Knights in 7 games in the 2nd round. Fans are hoping for a repeat of last year’s results at the very least. 

You can bet on the Canucks’ playoffs and Stanley Cup chances right here on our sports betting site at very competitive odds. In this guide, we’ll give you the top odds and predictions about the Canucks in 2022.

How Are the Canucks Doing in the 2021/22 season?

Short answer,Not very good. The Canucks have had a bad start to the season and are currently under .500 after 26 games. While the team’s play has improved in the past few games, the varied start of the season and some bad losses have highlighted the Canucks as one of the worst teams in the Pacific division.

Of course, there’s plenty of time to turn things around, although it’ll take something for the Canucks to be as relevant as they were a decade back. The team is far from its best days, with only a few bright moments in the season so far.

Not many fans are optimistic about their chances of winning the Western conference or the Stanley Cup. That’s reflected in the odds right here at Unibet Canada so far. We don’t have the Vancouver Canucks at a high spot, and unless the team improves a lot, its NHL odds will remain long.

Vancouver Canucks schedule for the 2021/22 season

We can’t say that the Vancouver-based team has had a bad schedule so far. The team has lost games against direct opponents in the Pacific Division including the Canada-rival Edmonton Oilers. Their rivals Golden Knights once again outlasted the Canucks in mid-November, and the team also lost games against the Blackhawks, Penguins, and Blue Jackets.

On a positive note, it beat the Kraken and the Kings comfortably, and is currently on a multiple-win run. Upcoming games against the Blue Jackets and Sharks will test the team’s current form. Things will get feistier down the line with games against the Maple Leafs, Ducks, and Lightning. If the team performs best to its abilities, it should be able to squeeze out a few wins.

And so it must do if it wants to make its fans happy and reach the playoffs. It was a great run last year, although results so far haven’t been great.

Vancouver Canucks latest standings in the 2021/22 season

The Canucks are currently second to last in the Pacific Division. Their record of 12-15 doesn’t instill great belief, but the current winning run makes it easier to bear.

Depending on the following rounds, the Canucks can improve their standings in the Western conference. It’ll take their best effort, though. As the season moves ahead, you can track the Vancouver Canucks odds right here at Unibet Canada.

Canucks Odds for the 2021/22 season

The odds we have on the Canucks’ chances this year are not exactly great. They reflect how the team has played so far, of course. We have competitive NHL odds for all teams, and our odds for the Canucks are among the best in the industry.

Right now, the Canucks are +6000 in the Conference winner market including the playoffs. The Vancouver team is a long shot for the Stanley Cup at +12500, in line with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Canucks Odds for winning the Pacific Division

At the moment, we have the Canucks as the least likely team to win the Pacific Division at +20000. They share that spot with the Seattle Kraken, which is a far cry from the next team on the list, the Kings, with odds of +6000.

Canucks Odds of being conference champions

As mentioned earlier, the Vancouver Canucks odds of being conference champions are a long shot at +6000. The odds are better than the Blackhawks, Kraken, or Coyotes, but still in the realm of nearly impossible.

Canucks odds for making it to the 2022 NHL playoffs

If you ask us, we believe that the Canucks need a strong run of great results to reach the playoffs. Their competitors need to lose more than a few games to make this happen. Unless a miracle happens, the Canucks are not very likely to turn the season around and reach the NHL 2022 playoffs.

Oilers odds for making it to the Stanley Cup Final in 2022

With the playoffs being way off for the Canucks, the Stanley Cup is even further. The Canucks odds of making it to the 2022 Stanley Cup final are +12500 at the moment. The odds may grow longer as the season moves ahead depending on the team’s results.

Canucks Predictions for 2021/22 season

Pacific Division

We don’t believe the Canucks can win the Pacific Division this season. They have underperformed so far, and unless they can go on another long winning run, they will most likely stay down.


Winning the Western Conference is out of reach. The Vancouver Canucks have been waiting on that for a decade, but as things stand now, they may wait for some time more.

Will the Canucks make it to the 2022 NHL playoffs?

A good string of results and wins against direct opponents can put the Canucks in a position for playoff contention.

Will the Canucks win the Stanley Cup?

Sorry Canucks fans – this isn’t the year your team wins the Stanley Cup.

Best players for the Canucks so far

The Vancouver Canucks have been struggling to score consistently. Their best player this season so far is goalie Thatcher Demko. Don’t look at the stats – they don’t tell the whole story. Demko has been the brightest spot in a very bad season to date, and if the locks down the goal going ahead, he can lead the team to the playoffs.

A lot of areas need to be fixed, with the attack on the top spot. The Canucks will need Quinn Hughes doing what he does best – assisting. He’s been great so far and we wouldn’t be surprised if he nabs a Norris trophy soon.

Of course, we must mention the most reliable player on the squad – TJ Miller. He leads the team in goals and is almost on-par with Hughes in assists. He’ll also need to be on top of his game for the Canucks to flourish this season.

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