US Open (Tennis) Betting Tips

Five Tips For Betting on the US Open in Tennis

The US Open is one of the biggest tennis tournaments on the circuit every year. It is held annually in New York City in September and features some of the best men's and women's tennis players in the entire world.

The US Open is one of the four major tournaments in tennis' Grand Slam, making it one of the most hotly contested tournaments every year. While the action on the court is exciting, the action off it in sportsbooks is exciting, too.

If you want to gain some new insights and strategies, check out our US Open tennis betting tips below. They will help you get started on the right foot when you're betting on US Open for Tennis.

Tip 1 Know Who Does Well on the Hardcourt

When you're starting your analysis, you should understand that the US Open is played on a hard court surface. This is different from some of the other major tennis tournaments such as Wimbledon (which is played on grass) and the French Open (which is played on a clay surface).

The different surfaces affect how the game is played, as the ball will bounce differently off each. The ball bounces hard off the hard court surface, which means that it will travel much faster than on other surfaces. Essentially, players who hit the ball really hard typically will do well on hardcourt surfaces.

So, when you're trying to figure out who might perform well at the US Open tennis tournament, analyze who has performed well on hardcourt surfaces in the past. Someone who plays well on clay, for example, might not play well on the hardcourt. 

Tip 2 Pay Attention to Player Condition

Injuries and ailments are a huge part of any sport, but especially individual sports such as tennis. In team sports, if one player is playing through an injury or ailment, the other players on the team can step in and pick up for him. That’s not possible in tennis.

So, make sure that you are paying attention to a player's condition as they're entering each match of the US Open tennis tournament. Even minor injuries and ailments can have a huge effect on the outcome of matches. It can easily tilt the scales from one player to the other in terms of who might have the advantage. 
This is very important information to have, as it might change your mind about the outcome of a particular match.

Tip 3 Public Betting : Go with Previous Winners

Players who have won the US Open tennis tournament before typically do very well at future events. There aren't too many surprise winners who come out of nowhere to win the entire tournament. 
This isn't to say, of course, that there aren't any upsets in the US Open tennis tournament. However, if you're looking for successful bets on the outright winner of the tournament, you should typically shy away from the huge underdogs or longshots.
Instead, if you're looking for a bet that you can cash in on that has plus-odds, opt instead for these type of bets on individual matches. Here is where the upsets can happen, especially in the earlier rounds.

In fact, one of the more successful strategies for betting on the US Open tennis tournament is to fade short favourite and go for the short underdogs on the moneyline. You won't cash in on this situation every time that it presents itself throughout the tournament, but it's a good way to make some extra money and take advantage of the odds when the sportsbook essentially thinks two players are equal to each other.

Tip 4 See Who's Coming in Fresh

Tennis tournaments are long and arduous. There are many rounds to these bigger tournaments, and they are all played out over only two weeks. What's more, many tennis players are playing in multiple events over the tennis season, so there's a likely chance that they get tired and exhausted.

In fact, playing so many different matches in a short amount of time can really take a lot out of tennis players. It's possible that players who don't come in fresh to the US Open tennis tournament might be a step behind their competition.

As such, another great US Open tennis betting tip is to see who's entering the tournament fresh. If a player is just getting off playing another long tournament before starting the US Open, they might not be at their peak performance. On the flip side, a player who has taken some time off and rested to prepare for the US Open tennis tournament might be more ready to hit the ground running, so to speak.

Tennis players' bodies need a lot of rest, and if they don't get that rest, they aren't likely to be fresh. It's not the only determining factor in whether a player will perform well on the court, but it's one that you should certainly consider.

Tip 5 Bet on Multiple Players

When betting on futures such as the outright tournament winner, you don't have to limit yourself to just betting on one player. In fact, a solid US Open tennis betting tip to follow is to bet on multiple players to win the tournament. What this does is allow you to increase your overall chances of winning, while still being able to make a profit -- due to the odds.

For example, you can place a $100 bet on Player A with odds of +500 and a $100 bet on Player B with odds of +650 each to win the US Open tennis tournament. If Player A wins, you'll win $500, and if Player B wins, you'll win $650. Your overall profit would be $400 if Player A wins and $550 if Player B wins -- not a bad outcome at all.

You would obviously be losing $100 in each of these scenarios with the player that doesn’t win the tournament, but you'll also be doubling the chances that you pick the correct player to win the tournament. 
This won't work on every player all of the time, but it could be a great strategy depending on the odds.