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February 13, 2020

Following the live score in many sporting events is paramount when it comes to sports betting — and here at Unibet we know many punters also want more statistical details about events they’re betting on. That’s why we’ve created our Statistics bank for Unibet customers who want to delve into serious research before making those crucial sports bets.

The Unibet Statistics site is a dedicated bank of stats and live scores available to all players at Unibet. The site covers almost 30 sports from across the world, providing detailed statistics and analysis of the biggest leagues, tournaments and competitors.

This guide will take you through the Unibet Statistics site, so you can better understand how the pages can work for you. Using live stats can greatly improve your betting knowledge and help you make more reasoned bets!


What can I find in the Unibet Statistics site?

The Unibet Statistics site is a dedicated site for stats and live scores, all with a betting angle in mind. Here at Unibet we know our players want to know as much information as possible before making any bet. And that’s why the Statistics site was created, to offer you greater knowledge of sports from across the world.

Our Statistics site hosts stats on major sports, such as football, tennis, ice hockey and basketball. These sports are all hugely popular in the online betting community and are closely followed in Europe and North America. But we also cover other minor sports, such as Aussie Rules, badminton, snooker and table tennis.

Whether it be a major or a lesser-known sport, the Unibet Statistics site is here to provide as much information as possible for you.


How to use the Unibet Statistics site?

Our Statistics site is specially designed for ease and speed, so you can access the stats and odds you need as quickly as possible. And so we’ve streamlined the site to make it quick and easy to navigate.

When you enter the Home page of the Unibet Statistics site, simply click on the sport you are looking for. All sports will be featured on this Home page. Once you’ve clicked on the sport, you will see a list of leagues or regions in which the sport takes place. Find your desired league or region and click through. Here, you will likely see a table or details of a tournament, with teams and players in formation. You can click on these teams and players to bring up their dedicated stats pages!

Further down the pages, you’ll discover trends and form guides that will help you decide what the best sports bets online are. Almost every team and player name is available to click on, while you can also select specific games and pour over those stats!


Main sports for betting stats

There are a number of major sports that punters use betting stats in order to improve their knowledge before placing bets. Here are some of the most popular, with he widest range of stats in the Unibet bank…



Major League Baseball betting dominates the activity on this sport and baseball fans love their stats. In fact, baseball is seen as the most statistic-driven sport in the world. From hits to ERAs, strike-outs to game wins, there are stats for every player in baseball, covering almost every incident imaginable.

The fact the MLB season is played over 162 games per team means there are plenty of trends to be set throughout the year. Here at Unibet we offer a serious focus on MLB, with a detailed analysis of each team, their top players, current form and latest sports betting odds.

For example, you can see which teams are most suited to an over/under bet simply by changing the table in our MLB Statistics bank. Work out which teams are currently in form, as well as the average runs per match for home and away sides.

Outside of the MLB, we also offer stats on a whole range of American minor leagues, as well as competitions in Mexico, Japan and Dominican Republic!



Possibly the world’s most popular sport, soccer is played in almost every country on earth. Unibet’s Statistics bank breaks down the sport into these regions, with the Big Five European leagues - England, France, Germany, Spain and Italy - situated at the top of the list.

This means you can get easy access to Premier League stats. This is the most popular league in the world and features 20 teams who can arguably all beat each other on their day.

For the biggest leagues, Unibet offers stats on top offence and defence, goals scored and conceded, cards, average time of goals and individual player stats. You can see which players are leading the scoring charts, who boasts the most assists and even who has picked up most cards.

Work out the average goals Bundesliga teams have scored in the first half of away matches this season, or see how often a draw is earned in La Liga. Delve into individual teams to see their own player stats, which will greatly aid your betting decisions!

Here at Unibet we offer stats on international soccer betting, so you’ll know which teams are in form heading into major tournaments such as the Copa America or World Cup! And we also offer detailed stats on Major League Soccer and the Canadian Soccer League, so you can follow your favourite team with ease.



Another stats-heavy sport is tennis, where the game requires skill and concentration to secure victories and advance in tournaments. Tennis is a great sport to bet on In Play because the action is always changing. A game lasts around two minutes and in many tournaments you can bet live, so the odds are moving constantly.

Tennis betting fans love statistics as they work out which players will advance in tournaments. And Unibet’s tennis stats bank is the perfect place to brush up on your knowledge of the game.

You can access stats before major Grand Slams to aid your pre-tournament bets, while we also offer live stats during competition. It means you can track a player’s progress throughout a tournament and work out who they are projected to face further down the line.

Unibet’s tennis stats cover the ATP and WTA Tours, as well as the Davis Cup and Fed Cup. But we also offer stats on on the ITF, Juniors and Wheelchair tennis! Click on individual matches to see where players won and lost; find trends in their game by clicking on their profiles.

Tennis is a worldwide sport that takes place all year round, so there’s always a match to bet on here with Unibet!


Statistics on other major sports 

American and Canadian sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL and NHL all have dedicated and detailed hubs in our Statistics site. Indeed, every year more and more stats are added to the hubs in order to provide an even better service to our customers.

Volleyball, handball and field hockey are sports enjoyed all over the world and we offer the best insight into these sports via our stats pages.

If you’re a motorsport betting fan then we’ve got you covered. Not only do we provide stats on F1 and Nascar, but Indycar, MotoGP and a range of other Rally and Speedway stats are available in the Statistics bank.

And during Olympic years you will be able to find stats on some of the biggest sports from the competition. These include beach volleyball, badminton, cycling and rugby sevens.


Stats in the Unibet sportsbook

The Unibet Statistics site is not the only place you can get detailed analysis of sports teams and players. Here at Unibet we make sure bettors have the best access to information before and during sporting events. So we host a select range of stats within the market of each sporting event or match, so you can be better informed of what’s going on.

Beside every match or event you may find specific stats that will help you with your betting. These stats will largely be form guides and head-to-head records, so you know which team is more likely to win. There will also be the option to advance into the Unibet Statistics hub and seek out more stats here!


Use stats to help your betting

Of course, all stats provided by Unibet are designed to help you make more reasoned betting decisions. That’s why we also provide odds on competitions relating to the stats in the Unibet Statistics pages!

So for example, when you click on your favourite soccer or baseball team, you will see the odds for their upcoming games. It means you can easily click back onto the Unibet sportsbook and place that bet!


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