Tour De France Betting Tips

Top 4 Betting Tips for the Tour De France 

The Tour de France is the most prestigious cycling event in the entire world. It brings together the world's best cyclers for an intense multi-day and multi-stage race through the mountains of France and other areas.

Along with the hotly-contested bike tracks, the Tour de France provides many opportunities for betting online. Whether you're new to betting on the sport or are an old hat, here are some great Tour de France betting tips to help you tilt those Tour De France odds in your favour!

Tour De France Betting Tip #1 Don't Overlook the Underdogs

You might be inclined to bet on Tadej Pogacar of Slovenia as the outright winner of the upcoming 2022 Tour de France, and you'd have good reason to do that. He has won each of the last two events, becoming the youngest rider in history to win the Tour de France two times. 

That has him sitting atop the odds board for the 2022 Tour de France, with odds of -150 to win for the third consecutive year. All other riders have much longer odds, which indicate that sportsbooks don't think they have nearly as good a shot to finish as the outright winner as Pogacar does.

That being said, you could find some value in some of the other races. Jonas Vingegaard, in particular, provides some intrigue. His +750 odds are pretty good, especially considering he finished second in the 2021 Tour de France. If he is able to overcome the strength and skill of Pogacar, he could cash in quite nicely for sports bettors who back him.

Tour De France Betting Tip #2 Don’t Ignore Stage Winners

The Tour de France consists of 21 total stages, and you can bet on the winner of each individual stage. This would give you some opportunity to wager on someone other than the favorites to take down a particular stage.
Even if Pogacar does end up taking home the crown for the third straight year, it doesn't mean he's going to win every single stage of the Tour de France. In fact, that would be very unlikely.

So, another great Tour de France betting tip would be to focus some of your energy on the individual stage winners. Each stage of the tournament provides different terrains and challenges, which match up to the strengths (and weaknesses) of the riders.

Research which riders are most adept at each individual stage, and then take advantage of some odds by wagering this way on the Tour de France. You could cash in just as handsomely betting this way on the bike race that you could if you

Tour De France Betting Tip #3 Check the Weather

The weather can play a huge factor in the performance of riders. Heavy winds are especially challenging and can completely throw off what was expected of the riders. This is true most commonly in any of the coastal or mountainous stages of the overall Tour de France.

So, before you place any wagers on individual stages, check the local forecasted weather to see how you might have adjust your approach to betting on that stage. It may make a longshot a good bet, or it may make the favorite and even bigger value, even if the odds are quite short.

Tour De France Betting Tip #4 Check into Head-to-Head Matchups

Another category where you could take advantage of odds are through head-to-head matchups. These hypothetical matchups are set by sportsbooks, and can be for the final finisher of the entire Tour de France, or could be for individual stages, too.

In these matchups, the sportsbook will set moneyline odds as if two riders were matched up head-to-head, similar to how they would be in tennis or another sport where one individual is matched up against another.
The rider that finishes ahead of the other rider will be the one who is determined to be the winner of the bet. Keep in mind that neither rider has to finish in first place, or in any specific place actually.

Instead, the rider that you choose for the head-to-head matchup just needs to finish in a better position than the other rider listed by the sportsbook in the matchup.

Many bettors prefer this type of wagering, as they can narrow it down to a much smaller field and, as a result, take some of the chance away from the bet. The saying goes that on any given day, any rider could surprise and win a stage.

When you do head-to-head matchups, this is much less likely to happen. You'll be separating out two individual riders, in this case, so even if a surprise rider does end up winning a stage, it won't affect your predicted outcome.
This is a great way to possibly cash in on some odds that the sportsbooks will list for various hypothetical matchups in the Tour de France.