Toronto Raptors Odds & Predictions

Toronto Raptors Odds & Predictions

Toronto went wild when the Raptors won their first ever NBA title in 2019. But since then the Toronto Raptors have struggled quite a bit. In these 2 years a new coach has come in who is trying to develop a new generation of players for the team.

However, it seems like things haven’t been going exactly to plan, but for what it’s worth, the Raptors are far from a team of pushovers.

A peek at the Raptors odds will show you that they don’t have a good shot at winning the division this year let alone the NBA title. Will the Raptors beat the odds in the 2021/22 NBA season? Let’s find out…

Toronto Raptors schedule for the 2021/22 season

At the time of writing the Raptors have stayed under .500 so far, but that could change soon if they win some important games.  The Raptors beat Grizzlies by 13 points in the beginning of November. They also beat the Wizards who currently the second best team in the Eastern Conference. 

Although the Raptors have been in a poor form they can still things around as the 2021/22 progresses.
Looking ahead to December, the Raptors’ schedule is a mixed bag.

There will be games they can win (against the Grizzlies and Magic), and tough matches against championship favorites such as the Nets, Bulls, Bucks, and Warriors. The schedule seems to lessen a bit toward the end of the month, but the team has a lot of work ahead.

Toronto Raptors latest standings in the 2021/22 season

At the moment, the Toronto Raptors are sitting under the playoff line. They are locked in at the 12th spot with a negative record of 9-12.

It’s reflected in the odds of making the playoffs – as things stand now, the Raptors are more likely to miss out on the playoffs at (-335) than making them (+240). Of course, a string of wins can change that, but the team will need everyone performing at full strength for that to happen.

Raptors Odds for the 2021/22 NBA season

As things stand right here are the odds for the Raptors in the 2021/22 NBA season at Unibet:

Raptors Odds of winning the Atlantic Division

The Raptors odds to win the Atlantic Division put the team dead last in the race. The Nets are the leaders at -500, while Toronto’s odds are +6000.

Raptors Odds of being conference champions

As things stand right now the Raptors are long shot when it comes to winning the conference champions. In fact, the Raptors currently have the lowest odds of winning the Eastern conference with odds of +8000.

Raptors odds for making it to the 2022 NBA playoffs

Will the Raptors reach the NBA playoffs this season? With the team performing like it is at the moment, it is seems highly unlikely that Raptors make it to the NBA playoffs in 2022. The odds for the Raptors for not making the playoffs are -335 with the opposite option at +240.

Raptors odds for making it to the NBA 2022 Championships

The current Raptors odds to win the NBA 21/22 title are +15000. The number makes it clear they’re not favorites at all, being caged in with similar teams such as the Timberwolves and Hornets.
A $1 bet on the Raptors today will get you a $151 if the Raptors pull off a miracle and get their second ever NBA title in 2022 at our Canadian Sportsbook.

Raptors Predictions for the NBA 2021/22 season

Atlantic Division

We believe that the Raptors are still a solid team that will outperform the current odds for winning the Atlantic Division. The schedule hasn’t exactly been great for the team so far. Once it gets better, the Raptors can tie a few wins together and hopefully improve the current standings.


When it comes to the Eastern Conference standings, the Raptors won’t shine. The Raptors surely won’t win the Eastern Conference until it makes significant changes to the roster around the All-Star break.

Will the Raptors make it to the 2022 NBA playoffs?

The Toronto Raptors might book one of the last two spots for the 2022 NBA Playoffs. IF the team manages to do that, we see them losing to the top Eastern teams in the first round.

Will the Raptors win the NBA 2022 Championships?

The Raptors have won the title a few years ago thanks to Kawhi Leonard’s heroics and MVP season, but the team is far from that level. Toronto might reach the playoffs, but winning the NBA championship is a no-go, especially now when the power has shifted to the East.

Best players for the Raptors so far in the 2021/22 NBA Season

While no MVP rewards will be won by a Raptors member, there have been a few players posting great stats so far. Toronto has got a few gems in young players such as Precious Achiuwa acquired in the Dragic trade with the Miami Heat for Kyle Lowry.

The core is still solid with Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby leading the way. Those players, along with this year’s Nr. 4 pick Scottie Barnes, should form the new Raptors core moving forward.

With Lowry gone, it was only natural for VanVleet to take the leader role. He has slightly upped his numbers this year, leading the team in points as expected. After 20 games, VanVleet and OG Anunoby have the share points per game average at 20.1.

As the season moves forward, we expect VanVleet to get those numbers up by a point or two. He’s a great player entering his prime and one of the best ones to go undrafted in the NBA. He now has more freedom with Lowry sent to the Heat, allowing VanVleet to shine.

OG Anunoby is in a similar spot. The forward is entering his 4th year in the league and showing all the talent he possesses. He’s averaging a career-best 20.1 points per game, shooting 43% from the field and just under 37% from range.

Along with VanVleet, they are the only two players that can be in MVP contention, but both are long shots.
The great news is that Scottie Barnes is showing a glimpse of what’s to come for the Raptors, topping the rookie ladder.

His season stats are currently around 15 points per game, and he’s set to take that number higher. While no Raptors might win MVP awards, Barnes can earn the ROY title.

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