Toronto Maple Leafs Odds & Predictions

One of Toronto’s biggest sports teams of all time, the Maple Leafs are also one of the best NHL teams out there. The Maple leafs were founded in 1917. The Maple Leafs have won 13 Stanley Cups which makes them the second most successful NHL team as of 2021. 

The Montreal Canadiens are the most successful NHL team with 24 titles.

While Toronto’s top NHL squad has been successful in the past,they have been witnessing a title drought. The last time the Maple Leafs won the Stanley cup was in 1967.

That is an incredibly long wait considering the Maple Leafs are the most valuable NHL franchise (est. worth $1.3 billion). The team is currently having a solid season, pushing the odds up for the playoffs and Stanley Cup.

While it’s too early to tell what’ll happen, Unibet Canada’s NHL odds currently put the Maple Leafs in a very solid position, at least when it comes to winning the Atlantic Division.

How Are the Maple Leafs doing in the 2021/22 season?

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a very surprising season so far. They are currently atop the Atlantic Division standings after 23 matches and look set to win it. Here at Unibet Canada, we give Toronto’s pride great chances of winning the Atlantic Division. The Toronto Maple Leafs odds are second only to the Panthers, but many would argue that the Maple Leafs have been the better team so far this season.

Thanks to the successful season so far, many Maple leafs fans are starting to believe that the Maple Leafs will end their long title drought and finally lift their first Stanley Cup in over 50 years.

Toronto Maple Leafs schedule for the 2021/22 season

The regular NHL season is 82 games per team, and at the time of writing we aren’t even half way through the season. The Toronto Maple Leafs schedule has been tougher in the beginning than the past few seasons. Maple Leafs’ top division spot has largely been fuelled by wins against rivals, including a 2-1 win over their fierce rivals, the Montreal Canadiens and a 2-1 win in overtime against the defending champions, Tampa Bay Lightning.

There have been a few surprising results such as the 5-1 defeat to the Kings and a loss against the Penguins. The upcoming rounds should be easy enough for the Maple Leafs. The Maple leafs face off against the Lightning in early January. 

The Maple Leafs and Canadiens will face off again in early march.
If the Maple Leafs maintain their current form, they should finish the season atop the Atlantic Division and in a prime position for the NHL playoffs. As the season moves forward keep an eye out for the latest odds for the Maple leafs at Unibet Canada.

Toronto Maple Leafs latest standings in the 2021/22 season

At the time of writing The Toronto Maple Leafs have played 23 matches so far,with a record of 16 wins,6 losses and 1 draw.

No one could have expected the Maple Leafs to sit atop the Atlantic Division. Not only did they exceed expectations so far, they’ve managed to leave the Panthers and Lightning behind on the 2nd and 3rd spots respectively.
Of course, things may change soon or by the end of the regular season. That will also reflect in the Toronto Maple Leafs odds here at Unibet Canada.

Maple Leafs Odds for 2021/22 season

Unibet Canada has the best Toronto Maple Leafs odds across a variety of NHL markets. We know how important ice hockey is to Canadians and always promptly update our NHL odds. For this season, we have early Toronto Maple Leafs lines for the championship as well as odds on their chances of reaching the playoffs or topping the Atlantic Division.

Maple Leafs Odds for winning the Atlantic Division

At the moment, we’ve made the Florida Panthers the leading favourite to win the Atlantic Divison. The Maple Leafs are hot on their tail with odds of +278 to the Panthers’ -106. These could change soon considering the fact that the Maple Leafs are comfortably leading the Atlantic Division so far. 
With a few good results in the upcoming rounds, the odds will surely put the Maple Leafs in prime position.

Maple Leafs Odds of being conference champions

The Florida Panthers are the top favorites for the Eastern Conference this season at +400. They’re followed by the Lightning at +500 and the Bruins, Hurricanes, and Maple Leafs all with odds of +650.

Maple Leafs odds of making it to the 2022 NHL playoffs

We currently don’t have odds for who makes it to the NHL playoffs on our online sportsbook in Canada, but the Maple Leafs look like they have a good shot at making it to the 2022 NHL playoffs.

Maple Leafs odds for making it to the 2022 Stanley Cup Final

The Maple Leafs are a long shot for the Stanley Cup with odds of +1400.

Maple Leafs Predictions for the 2021/22 NHL Season

Atlantic Division

So far, so good. The Maple Leafs are in prime position to win the Atlantic Divison as long as they keep their form up.


Will the Toronto Maple Leafs top the conference? It’s a long shot with the Lightning and Panthers looking for the same, but things can change in favor of Toronto’s squad.

Will the Maple Leafs make it to the 2022 NHL playoffs?

The Maple Leafs are a lock for the 2022 NHL playoffs, barring unprecedented setbacks.

Will the Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup?

It’s still too early to tell if the Maple Leafs can go all the way. We believe it’s probable, but let’s not forget that the team hasn’t won a playoff series since 2004.

Best players for the Maple Leafs so far

Mitch Marner has been by far Toronto’s star. That’s not surprising – he’s amongst the  top-10 hockey players in the world right now, with many putting him among their best 5. His defense stats are insane, with nearly no team able to score when he’s on the ice.
Another part of the Maple Leafs’ success so far has been Jack Campbell. He’s been nearly as great as Marner and if both could keep their form up, the Maple Leafs odds will surely improve as the season goes on.

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