TOP 5 CSGO Betting Tips

5 Tips to Help You Tilt The Odds in Your Favour When You Bet on CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular first-person shooter video games. Today, it's played a lot both in people's homes and also as a centerpiece of prestigious eSports events and tournaments.
Some of the best players from the world come together to play on teams for CSGO, competing for some big money and trophies in the eSports arena. In addition to being able to view all of this great action, you can also bet on it at various sportsbooks.

Playing CSGO and betting on it in eSports can be two completely different things, though. So, if you're new to betting on eSports, follow these 5  CSGO betting tips we have provided below. These will help you get started and give you a better chance at actually cashing in your bets.

If you don't know how to bet on this eSport make sure you check out our guide on how to bet on CSGO first.

CSGO Betting Tip #1 Individual Players Involved

Just like you would do when you're breaking down the players involved in a traditional sport, you want to analyze the different skillsets and makeups of the players who are involved in a CSGO game. Today, you'll be able to research the background and some of the main statistics for each of the players who will be involved in upcoming eSports events and/or tournaments.

You should browse these statistics and information about all of the players involved so that you have a better understanding of what team is likely to win and why. This will help you gauge why, for instance, the sportsbook has set the odds for a particular matchup in a certain way.

Then, once you've gained a good understanding of the players involved and the feel for how the matchup might turn out, you can find the bets that you think you would be able to win. 

CSGO Betting Tip #2 Roster of the Team

CSGO isn't an individual game, though. So, the next step after analyzing the individual players is to understand how the roster of the teams play together. Have these players been on the same rosters for CSGO before? Or, are they relatively inexperienced as a team?

Even a roster full of the best CSGO players on the planet might struggle in a particular eSports event if they've never played together before. It takes time for the different individual styles and approaches of each player to gel together in a cohesive way -- just like is the case for a hockey team, for instance.

The experience of the individual members of the roster playing together can go a long way in determining the outcome of CSGO matchups. So, make sure you're taking all of that information into account before just placing bets on teams that have great individual players.

CSGO Betting Tip #3 Overall Team Ratings

Team ratings are a great way to get an overview of the teams involved in a CSGO matchup. This is like standings in hockey or other professional sports. They serve as a great baseline from which your analysis can start.
Of course, remember that team ratings shouldn't be the be-all, end-all for your betting analysis. Just because a team has a great rating doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to win every CSGO competition. A team having a lower rating also doesn't mean that they're going to lose all of their competitions, either.

What the team ratings do is give you a baseline from which to build your analysis. You can start with the team ratings to give you a general idea of how the majority of people are going to think the matchup is going to end up. Then, you can dive deeper into your analysis that will either confirm the initial thinking or change your mind a little bit. 

CSGO Betting Tip #4 Team Motivation

How motivated are the teams involved in a CSGO matchup? Motivation is a key factor in the outcome of events. If one team is highly motivated to perform well, then they might end up exceeding expectations. If one team isn't as motivated to win, then they might play down to their competitions and not meet the original expectations.

Both of these scenarios can have a monumental effect on the outcome of a CSGO event and, as a result, on your bets. There are various ways to see what the motivation of the teams involved might be. You can look at standings and see whether one team has already clinched a spot in the season playoffs, or if the other needs to win in order to qualify.
In these situations, motivation can really fuel a team to perform better than they normally would. Or, if there's not as much motivation for one particular team, they may not do as well as you might expect. 

Motivation is hard to incorporate into betting outcomes, so if you can figure out the motivation of each team, you might be able to gain an edge when you're betting and figuring out the odds that are being offered.

CSGO Betting Tip #5 Matchup History

How one team matches up against the other is a very important part of your analysis for CSGO betting. It's possible that teams that aren't as strong on paper might just match up really well against another team. It's also possible that teams that are very strong on paper just don't match up as well against another specific team.

If things went exactly as the standings said, then there would never be any upsets, and no underdogs would ever surprise people and end up winning. Of course, we know that's not the truth.

So, as part of your betting analysis, make sure you understand how each team -- and the players on them -- match up against each other. You can check this out through their basic styles of play and also at match history. Have these two teams played each other in the past, and what was the result?

Having this information in hand can really help you make an informed decision as to how the CSGO game might progress. And that could help you gain an edge when you're betting on CSGO at a legitimate online sportsbook.