Top 10 Tennis Betting Tips

Our Top 10 Tennis Betting Tips to get that perfect Ace!

Betting on tennis can be a lot of fun and very profitable, too, if you know what you're doing. There are many different bets available and many different angles to break down on the potential tennis bets that you could make.

If you're new to betting on tennis  we recommend you to check out our guide on how to bet on tennis first.
if you already know how to do it,follow our top 10 tennis betting tips below. These will help you gain some additional insight and angles to make more successful tennis bets.

#1 Analyze Recent Performance

Recent performance, factors heavily into future performance on the tennis court. Players who are coming into a matchup riding high are often able to carry that momentum on to future success. Players that are struggling can sometimes underperform against lower competition.

When you're looking at potential tennis bets to make, check the recent performance of the players. Is one player carrying good momentum into a match? Is the person they're playing against coming from some disappointing performances recently? This should all factor into your overall analysis so you can get a good picture about who might perform well and who might not.

#2 Consider the Surface

There are different playing surfaces for tennis courts. The main surfaces are hardcourt, grass and clay -- and all play a little differently. Some surfaces favor players who hit the ball harder, while others are tailored more to those who would be considered finesse players.

The particular surface that's being played on is something you need to take into consideration when you're deciding what to bet on. Sometimes, the surface can override the typical factors that go into a matchup. If one player is really good (or really bad) on a particular surface, it could ultimately push them over the top (or prevent them from performing to their normal level). 
The playing surface is a major factor in tennis, unlike that of most other sports, where the playing surface is the same from one venue to the next.


#3. Analyze Player Fitness

How healthy are the players entering a particular matchup? Injuries are always a major factor in any sport, but this is particularly true in an individual sport such as tennis.
When a key player is injured in a team sport such as football, the other players on the team can pick up for them and still help the team win. When a tennis player is injured, there is no one else they can rely on to pick up the pieces.

Fitness doesn't just have to do with injuries, though. Rest is a major factor in tennis performance. Some players have to play multiple matches in a very short period of time, while others are afforded more rest. This can be a huge determining factor in performance, especially as longer tournaments get to the latter stages.


#4. Consider the Matchups

It's very important that you analyze the particular matchup of a tennis match when making your betting decisions. Some players seem to play really well against other specific players. For whatever reason, their style of play just seems to be the perfect fit against another player.

So, before you place your final betting decisions, take a look at past performance of the players involved in the match you're considering. Just like past performance and specific matchups are important in team sports, they are important in individual sports such as tennis, too.


#5 Don't Forget Motivation

Felix Auger-Aliassime Rotterdam 2020.jpg

Motivation is a huge part in any sport, but it's particularly important in individual sports such as tennis. In tennis tournaments, every player is equally motivated to win a matchup. If they win, they move onto the next round, and if they lose, they go home. 

So, you're not going to necessarily find extra motivation for a player to win a win-or-go-home match in tennis as you might in a typical regular season game in hockey, for example.

But, where motivation could be a huge key is if there is an emotional angle between two players. For example, if one player upset another the last time they played, that player might be extra motivated to win this time around. Take into consideration the motivation of the players when you're analyzing potential tennis bets.


#6 Find Experts You Trust

If you're looking for some guidance and insight into tennis betting, it's a good idea to find a betting expert you trust and follow what they say. There are many betting experts available who write blogs or even host betting podcasts.

Check a bunch of them out and see whose opinion you like and trust. Then, consistently read (or listen to) what they are saying about upcoming tennis matches, and glean the insights they provide to find favorable bets for you.


#7 Get the Best Odds

Taking advantage of odds and only betting the odds that work for you is essential in optimizing your wins and mitigating your losses. You should always shop around for the best odds, and only place bets when the odds are in your favor or to your liking.
To this end, it's a good idea to go into your tennis betting analysis with target odds in mind. If you like a particular player with moneyline odds around -150, you should only place a bet on them if the odds are in that range. If the odds are -225, for instance, you should consider avoiding that bet unless the odds change.


#8 Try Live Betting

Remember that nowadays, you don't have to just place pre-match bets. Nearly every sportsbook on the market will offer some form of live betting on just about every tennis match there is.
Instead of placing a bet before the match starts, you can watch the match unfold before your eyes and then place a bet based on what you see and what your feeling is. The sportsbook will update the odds after every point is recorded in the tennis match, allowing you to take advantage of the odds and how you see the match unfolding.


#9 Look at All Betting Options

There are many different types of bets you can make on tennis. It's not just about placing a moneyline bet on the outright winner of a match or a future bet on the player you think will win a tournament. You can bet on over/under on the total number of sets in a particular matchup. You can place other prop-like bets on alternative outcomes.
The point here is to consider all your betting options, because you might find some other bets that you think would be easier winners.


#10 Set a Budget

In all of sports betting, it's important that you don't bet above your head. By setting a budget for tennis betting, you can ensure that you never are betting outside of your means. This will help you avoid losing money you really can't afford to lose, chasing losses by betting more and maybe even developing a gambling problem.
Before you place any bets, set an overall betting limit for tennis betting. Then, set an individual bet limit so that you can stick within your overall budget as you record wins and losses when you're betting on tennis.