Top 10 FREE eSports Betting Tips

Step up Your Game with With Our eSports Betting Tips

eSports is an up-and-coming competition, and it's becoming increasingly popular to bet on as well. As eSports betting become more mainstream, bettors are finally taking it seriously. 
If you’re a beginner to betting on these sports we recommend you to check out our guide on how to bet on eSports first and after that you can check out our 10 free eSports betting tips.   

Tip #1: Research the Game

There are many games that are played in the eSports arena. Two of the most popular types of games are battle games and first-person shooters.
Knowing the game that is being played is crucial in eSports. Unlike football or basketball where every team is playing the same game with the same rules, eSports involves teams and people playing video games. But, the different video games have different rules and different outcomes.
As you're getting started betting on these unique sports, try wagering on a game you're familiar with. This could either be a game you love to play or one you love to watch. 
By wagering on a game or two you know well, you'll understand what's going on as you watch. This will make it easier to identify what might make one team better than another so you can find betting edges.

Tip #2: Research the Format

What format does the game have that you're betting on? The format you might play on your home console could differ from the ones in official competitions.
Bigger tournaments or events will feature either a Best of 3 or Best of 5 format. In Best of 3, the team that wins 2 matches first is the winner. In Best of 5, the team that wins 3 matches first is the winner.
The fewer the number of matches, the higher the possibility for an upset. That's because anything can happen once, but the far-reaching possibilities are unlikely to repeat themselves over the long haul.
After you understand the format, you can break down the teams involved so you can make solid wagering choices.

Tip #3: Research the Maps

Some eSports games have different maps that will be used for events. This could have a big effect on the outcome, as one team could be really good on one map but not as good on another.
Once you find out which maps will be used in an event, you can research the teams involved and how they have performed on those maps.
This is a great way to try to gain an edge. The games aren't just about who is good at playing the game, but who is good at playing the maps that are involved in the event.

eSports Betting Tip #4: Research the Teams

eSports teams can be researched just like professional sports teams. They have a roster of players, and the stats of each of the players and the different combinations they have used in competitions can be analyzed and studied.
Do your research on eSports teams just like you do when you're betting on other sports. One thing to keep in mind is the lineup that the team will be using for the particular matchup in question. Some teams have extra players that they carry on their "roster" but who do not actually participate. 

Tip #5: Research Recent Performance

There are a lot of trends that you can pay attention to when you're betting on this sport. One is the performance of particular team in recent matchups.
Just like other team sports, if one eSports team is gelling well and playing at the top of their game, it's possible they could continue that success into future matchups.

Tip #6: Research Where the Money is Going

Where are bettors placing their money? Track where the opening lines for matchups start, and where the money is coming in based on those odds. 
Where the money is flowing sometimes can tell you a lot about the matchup. It could indicate that there's something the sportsbooks might have missed, or it could indicate that one really good player isn't going to participate in the matchup.

Tip #7: Research What Experts are Saying

Find an expert whose opinion you respect, and see what they're saying about the matchup you're interested in betting.
While you should always take what someone else suggests with a grain of salt, they might be able to give you some inside information or angle you haven't considered before.

Tip #8: Start Small

If you're new, it's a good idea to start with some small bets. Follow the tips above, and then put them into action with some small wagers. Once you gain some experience you can identify how you'd like to bet on it in the future.
Once you get the hang of it, then you can step up how much you're betting on individual bets. This will help you mitigate your losses early.

Tip #9: Track Your Bets

If you want to know how you're doing, you have to track your bets. You can use the information provided through your online sportsbook, but it's always advisable to track additional information on your own.
Know how much you bet, on what and what the results were. This will help you understand how you're tracking to see if you need to make adjustments in how you're betting.

Tip #10: Keep a Budget

When you're ready to bet seriously, it's important to set a budget. Come up with a bankroll that you're comfortable with, i.e., that wouldn’t destroy you financially if you lost it all. 

Then, set an individual bet number, say $50. Don't exceed this amount for a single wager, and it'll help you stay in line and not lose too much on any one bet. This will keep you on track and make sure you don't exceed your total budget. 
If you follow these tips above, you will be more successful when betting on these sports.