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  • Boston Bruins
    Do the Bruins have the brawns to win the Stanley Cup? Find out the latest odds for the Bruins on Unibet by clicking on the link above!


  • Calgary Flames
    Will Calgary's finest set the NHL rinks on fire or will the fizzle out? Find out our odds on the Flames or the Flames odds in the Battle of Alberta by clicking on  the link above!
  • Carolina Hurricanes
    Will the Hurricanes blow out the opposition in the NHL or will they bow out in the regular season? Find out the Latest odds for the Hurricanes when you click on the link above!
  • Colorado Avalnche
    A lot of of older hockey fans may know the Avalanche as the Qubec Nordiques. The Nordiques were folded in 1995 and relocated to Colorado. As of 2022 the Avalanche are the only team to win every Stanley Cup final they have appeared in.


  • Edmonton Oilers
    The Oilers were kickass in the 80's winning 5 Stanley Cups between 1984 and 1990. The legendary 80's Oilers team inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame and given the honoury Dnynasty title. Whether it's the latest odds for the Oilers or odds for the Battle of Alberta you can find it right here on Unibet by clicking on the link above!


  • Florida Panthers
    The Panthers may be from sunny Miami but that doesn't mean they can't maul their opponents on the ice which is exactly what they did by winning their first President's Trophhy in the 2021-22 season. Check out the latest odds for the Panthers by clicking the link above!


  • Los Angeles Kings
    All hail the Kings! Will the Kings be crowned the winners of the Pacific Division? Will they win the Freeway Faceoff against The Ducks? Check out the latest odds for the LA kings by clicking on the link above!


  • Minnesota Wild
    Will the Wild maul the opposition with Krill the Thrill or will they end up being hunted down? Find out with our latest odds for the Wild on the link above!
  • Montreal Canadiens
    The Habs were founded in 1909 and are the oldest continuously operating hockey team in the world and have loads of history behind them and you can check out the latest odds for the Canadiens on Unibet!


  • Nashville Predators
    Tenessee has more to offer than great music and smooth whisky, it has the the Preds rampaging through the ice! Check out the latest odds for the Preds by clicking the link above!

  • New York Rangers
    The Rangers have been steadily re-building since 2014 after getting their strongest finish in the Metropolitan Division finishing runners up to the Hurricanes in the 2021-22 season which was their best finish since winning the Division in the 2014-15 season.


  • Ottowa Senators
    If you're part of the Sens army you're luck because you can look up the odds for your favourite Senators when you click on the look above!


  • Pittsburgh Penguins
    The Penguins seem like harmless creatures in the wild, but these Penguins from Pittsburgh can be savage! The Pens were the first team to win the Stanley Cup back to back in the salary cup era. Check out the latest odds for the Pens by clicking on the link above!


  • St Louis Blues
    The Blues have the distinction of being the team outside the original 6 to make the most appearances in the playoffs and they finally won their first Stanley Cup in 2019. This was the first time they make their first final in over 49 years!


  • Tampa Bay Lightning
    Conventional wisdom would suggest that a team from the sunny swamps of Florida would have a hard time on the ice but boy did the Bolts shatter that "wisdom" in style,espeicially after their back to back Stanley Cup wins in 2020 and 2021!
  • Toronto Maple Leafs
    The Maple Leafs have the second highest number of Stanley Cups but they've struggled since 1967. As of 2022, The Maple Leafs have been going through the longest Stanley Cup finals drought since their last appearance in the finals way back in the glory days of the '67. 


  • Vancouver Canucks
    As of 2022, the Canucks along with the Sabers are the oldest teams in the NHL to never have won the Stanley Cup. Surprises are common in the NHL and as a Canadian sportsbook we hope they win real soon!


  • Washington Capitals
    If there is one word to describe the Capitals, it would be consistency and you check out the latest odds for the Capitals on Unibet by clicking on the link above!
  • Winnipeg Jets
    The Jets are one of the youngest teams in the franchise after relocating to Winnipeg in 1999 after the original Jets flew away to Arizona in '96. As a Canadian betting site we hope that the Jets get some glory real soon!