NFL Playoffs Odds, Predictions & Betting Guide

The NFL playoffs are the most exciting time of the year for Football fans in North America.Here at Unibet Canada, we have all the exciting NFL playoffs games you can bet on in 2022 and beyond. The 14 teams are finally locked in for the 2022 NFL playoffs.

So far in the season, the most impressive and surprising team have been the Arizona Cardinals. It’s on top of most power rankings online right now. The Cardinals have been struggling in defense though. The Cardinals face the Rams in the wild card playoffs and they'd need to tighten up their defence if they want a shot at making it to the 2022 superbowl.

The Packers and Buccaneers have had great runs too. With Aaron Rodgers healthy, the Packers might very well be the best team in the NFC. The Buccaneers are putting up a strong fight in defending their title. Tom Brady looks as strong as ever as he hunts for another MVP trophy.

The Buccaneers have a few losses but they are the best Southern team in the NFL with just a 13-4 record in the 2021-22 regular season . This makes them the team with fewest losses in the regular season and they share this distinction with the Packers.

NFL playoffs 2021-22 Schedule

They 2022 NFL playoffs are finally here. Seven teams from each conference will make the 2022 playoffs that will begin on Saturday 15, 2022 and end with the Superbowl match on February 13.

Here are the teams that qualified for the 2021-22 NFL playoffs

Playoff Seeds for the 2022 NFL playoffs

1 Tennessee Titans (South winner) Green Bay Packers (North winner)
2 Kansas City Chiefs (West winner) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (South winner)
3 Buffalo Bills (East winner) Dallas Cowboys (East winner)
4 Cincinnati Bengals (North winner) Los Angeles Rams (West winner)
5 Las Vegas Raiders (wild card) Arizona Cardinals (wild card)
6 New England Patriots (wild card) San Francisco 49ers (wild card)
7 Pittsburgh Steelers (wild card) Philadelphia Eagles (wild card)

2022 NFL Playoffs Odds 

The odds for the NFL playoffs aren’t out just yet. We recommend you to keep an eye out for the futures markets in our NFL odds section at Unibet Canada. But we do have football betting odds for the NFL championship at Unibet Canada!

NFL playoffs 2022 betting lines

Unibet Canada has top early NFL betting lines for Canadian bettors. If you want to get great prices early before the season ends, we have projections for the top division and conference winners and Superbowl hopefuls.Early betting lines are great for bettors as they give you better prices as the end of the season draws near.

If you still haven’t placed your bets, you can do it now or keep an eye on the betting lines. The odds will change depending on how the season proceeds, and as soon as you’ve got a good line to bet on, you should place a bet on it.If you want to keep up with the latest NFL odds in Canada we recommend you to check out our sports betting app!

2022 NFL playoffs Predictions

Predicting who makes the NFL playoffs 2022 is not an easy task. Things in the NFL can change in just a few rounds. A string of bad results can push teams down the playoff picture, and favorites don’t always win. 
A total of 14 teams will make the playoffs – 7 from each conference. All 32 teams are currently in the hunt for a playoff spot, but there’s still a long time to go before the regular season concludes. We are going to base our predictions based on the NFL futures odds at Unibet Canada.

2021-22 NFL Season MVP Predictions

Which player nabs the MVP award is one of the fiercest debates among Canadian NFL fans. Whether it’s Brady, Mahomes, or Kyler Murray, you can bet on it right here at Unibet Canada.The NFL MVP award is given to the player who has contributed the most to his team.

One thing is for sure when it comes to the NFL’s MVP –Tom Brady is on the hunt for another one after another amazing season. While Aaron Rodgers won it last year, Brady won the Superbowl MVP and led the Bucs to the title.This year, oddsmakers seem to think that Mahomes is on track to win his second MVP award after the one in 2018.

He’s topping most lists at around +450, with Rodgers on the second spot with odds of +1000. Josh Allen has been given similar odds, while Brady is trailing behind at +1200. While Mahomes is clearly in the lead, the others can overtake him with a few great games to end the season.

Now’s the time to bank in on Kyler Murray’s MVP chances. His current odds are +1800 which makes him a great Darkhorse for the award. He’s been having a great season so far, and if the tops his performances in the remaining matches and becomes the new MVP, you’ll be kicking yourself for missing the opportunity.

2021 AFC Championship Winner Odds & Predictions

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens look set to win the North division after a great start to the season. The Baltimore team is making a strong push and many experts believe it’ll win its division. This division is always a blast, and the Ravens have shown so far that they can beat any team. As the team’s management says, they’re taking it one week at a time.

If the team can stay away from slips, it should be able to make the playoffs from a nice position. The Ravens odds of winning the 2021 AFC championship are currently +750.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans have been one of the most impressive teams in the NFL so far. Even with Derrick Henry out for the regular season, the team has done great to win without him. It’s well on its way to another NFL playoffs appearance, and possibly from the top South position.

We even think that they can top the AFC conference and some predictions make them a Superbowl champ.The Titans odds of winning the 2021 AFC championship are currently +1200.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are having a solid season so far. They’re a very dangerous team, even if their AFC championship chances aren’t that great. Questions about the difference remain, but the Chiefs have won the Superbowl a couple of years ago and they could do it again with a strong run.

Mahomes is the key player for a strong NFL playoffs push and a possible run at the Superbowl.At the moment, The Chiefs have the highest odds of winning the 2021 AFC at +300.

New England Patriots

The Pats are not the team they were without Tom Brady, but they’re still dangerous. No one should sleep on the New England Patriots, especially when they go on a great run.
Keep an eye on the Pats because their odds have been rising on our Canadian sports betting site. The Patriots share the highest odds of winning the AFC at +300.

2021 NFC Championship Winner Odds & Predictions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Our experts believe that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a lock for the NFC South title. They’re currently atop the South NFC division and also on top of our NFL Championship race at +550. Of course, things will change once the NFL playoffs start, but right now, the Buccaneers look like a very dangerous team. And let’s not forget that they’re reigning champs - that should account for their high playoffs chances.

Bucs odds of winning the 2021 NFC championship, +260

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are among the top picks for the NFL playoffs and the championship here at Unibet Canada. They sit at +900 right now with 4 teams in front of them. The Cardianls are a lack for the playoffs. They’re the team that with second best odds of winning the NFC championship.
Cardinals odds of winning the 2021 NFC championship, +350

Green Bay Packers

The Packers may not be on course for the Superbowl, but you can bet they’ll make the NFL playoffs. We’ve made them a favorite at -835 for NFC North, and they’re headed in the right direction. Until something unprecedented happens, the Green Bay Packers will pack their bags for the NFL playoffs 2022.

Packers odds of winning the 2021 NFC, +350

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys are having a great regular season and we’ve made then a -625 favorite for the NFC East division. While their championship odds are a longshot, everyone expects them to make the playoffs. A good winning streak to end the regular season can put them in the category of most dangerous teams in the Superbowl hunt. It remains to be seen if they can compete for it.

Cowboys odds of winning the 2021 NFC, +600

Which teams will make it to the 2022 Superbowl?

The NFL playoffs 2022 picture is not yet complete as the regular season hasn’t concluded. 
Our NFL playoffs predictions say that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs will win their brackets in the NFL playoffs.

They are the two top favourites here at Unibet Canada, and we simply don’t think that the other teams can handle the pressure better than these two.The Buccaneers and Chiefs both have the quality to repeat last year’s Superbowl barring any setbacks. They have fantastic squads with legendary players on both sides.

Tom Brady’s still got it as he showed last year, and the Chiefs’ fantastic offense of Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, and Travis Kelce is unstoppable when it finds its rhythm.It surely would be interesting to see if the Buccaneers can win once again or the Chiefs will return to the throne.

NFL playoffs betting tips 

When betting on the NFL playoffs 2022, you should never overreact to one result. It’s the NFL, and any team can beat any opponent, especially when the stakes are high in the playoffs. Surprises can happen, but surprising teams can be beaten as well.

NFL betting is fun, but don’t feel like you need to bet on each game. Just take your time and go slow. Do your research and bet on odds that promise great value. That will maximize your returns instead of blindly betting on any match you can think of.

Regarding each game, it’s important to do your research beforehand. Check the form of all teams and their players, and check out head-to-heads too. Every little bit of information will help you make better predictions.

Check out NFL betting tips for more NFL playoffs betting tips! Make sure you check out our sports betting welcome bonus, refer a friend bonus and our latest NFL betting promotions!

Here at Unibet Canada, we urge our players to bet responsibly. Always keep an eye on your bankroll and never chase your losses. If you need help with your gambling habit, you’re welcome to get in touch with our customer service and to check out our responsible gambling page for more information.