NBA Teams Odds Index

Follow the links to find the odds of your favourite NBA teams on Unibet Canada


Atlanta Hawks Odds

Atlanta Maybe far away from Canada but we still have odds on the Atlanta Hawks


Boston Celtics Odds

The Celtics are tied with Lakers with the number of NBA championships follow the link to see the latest odds for the Boston Celtics.

Brooklyn Nets Odds

Most NBA fans would probably think of the Knicks when they think of the NBA but the Nets can pull their weight too. Check out their odds on the link above.


Chicago Bulls Odds

If you are a 90's kids you probably saw the Bulls dominate the NBA thanks to Michael Jordan. Check out the odds for the Chicago Bulls in the link above!

Cleveland Cavaliers Odds

With the return of LeBron the Cavs reached the finals 4 times in a row between 2015 and 2018 and ended up facing the Warriors every time. They won one of those four finals and struggle to make the playoffs since LeBron's departure and promptly started a re-build.


Dallas Mavericks Odds

The Mavs took a long time to win their first NBA championship in 2011. Check out the Dallas Mavericks odds on Unibet on the link above!

Denver Nuggets Odds

If there's a team in the NBA that knows how to re-invent itself that has to be the Denver Nuggets. Check out the latest odds on the Nuggets by following the link above.


Golden State Warriors
The Warriors have been a juggarnaut in the 2010's and won over a generation of NBA fans around the world. Check out the latest odds for the Warriors on Unibet by following the link above.


Memphis Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies started off as the Vancouver Grizzilies before relocating to Memphis, Tenessee in 2001. Whether you're a nostaligc fan from Vancouver or your allegiance extends beyond the borders of the city that you live in, you can still look up the latest odds on the Grizzlies by following the link above.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Teams close to our borders in Canada often gain a loyal following and the Timberwolves are no exception to that trend. Get a feel for the latest odds on the timberwolves by following the link above!

New Orleans Pelicans

A lot of us in Canada are fascinated by Louisiana thanks to our common Acadian acenstors. Check out the lates odds on the Pelicans by clicking on the link above.

Miami Heat

The Legendary LeBron helped the Heat win over a lot of fans in the 2010s. Check out the latest odds for the Miami Heat on the link on Unibet Canada!


Philadelphia 76ers 

When it comes to sports Philidelphia may be better known for the Phillies and the Eagles but the 76ers are building their own legacy since 2020 after clinching the division title in 2020, their first one since 2001.

Phoenix Suns

The Suns, are starting to dominate in the 2020s with Devin Booker getting a lot of fans intresting in the Arizona team. Check out the latest odds for the Suns on Unibet by clicking on the link above.


Toronto Raptors Odds

As a sports betting site in Canada how can we miss out on Toronto's finest? The Raptors pulled off a miracle and won their first NBA championship in 2019 and made all of us NBA fans in Canada smile with pride. Check out the odds the odds for the Raptoros in the link above!


Utah Jazz

Bring out those Jazz hands when you check out the latest odds for Utah Jazz on Unibet Canada!