NBA Playoffs Betting Tips

Top Six Free Betting Tips for the 2022 NBA Playoffs!

The NBA Playoffs are finally here in 2022. We’re all Quality odds and quality intel here on Unibet Canada. That’s why we’re going to hit you up with these six betting tips for the NBA playoffs in 2022.

NBA Playoffs Betting Tip 1 Set a budget for betting on the NBA playoffs

The NBA playoffs are intense and betting on the playoffs can be equally intense. But it can be easy to get carried away and overshoot your budget. Our number 1 tip is to set your budgets and a limit on your Unibet account and to stick to it!

NBA Playoffs Betting Tip 2 Be strategic with your betting picks for the NBA playoffs

There are a lot of games during the NBA playoffs and you don’t have to bet on all of them. Once you set your budget you can get a clearer picture of how many picks when you decide to bet on the NBA playoffs. Once you have that rough number of picks you can explore the possibilities and narrow down your picks for the NBA playoffs.

NBA Playoffs Betting Tip 3 Look for value In your picks

Sports betting is all about good odds. You can with easy picks but you won’t get great NBA odds on them. If your picks are risky they have better odds. Now if you followed tip 3 and you had that rough number of picks you must’ve realized that you get a limited number of picks and you got to make them count!
What we mean by looking for value in your picks is to look for bets where the oddsmakers have underestimated the odds of an outcome. This is where you’ll find the most value if you’re confident about your picks being winners.
This brings us to tip four.

NBA Playoffs Betting Tip 4 Don’t be afraid of betting against the public during the playoffs!

Public betting basically means betting with the popular option. The popular option is usually the favorite. The favorite picks have lower odds and as a result, a lower payout. That’s why a lot of bettors bet against the public pick.
The two most popular bets against the public in NBA public bet are:

  1. NBA Moneyline bets against the public : In this bet your pick will be a bet on the underdog in a moneyline bet.
  2. NBA bet against the spread: This is a bet against the point spread favourite. What you’re betting on here is that the favourite will not cover the spread.

Bets against the spread can often be “safer” bets against the public in the NBA playoffs, especially in the early stages of the postseason. We say that because oddsmakers often overestimate the points spread line for favourites and usually set really long lines!
The longer the line, the more margin for error for you!
The second reason? Because even if the favourite walks away with a win the longer line acts as an extra layer of protection and hope for your bet against the spread to pick to a winner!

NBA Playoffs Betting Tip 5 Prep Your Parlay Picks!

If you’re a seasoned bettor you know that parlays can get you a bang for your buck! While it’s true that parlays can be risky there are some nifty ways in which you could make your picks for your parlays in the NBA playoffs. The secret? It’s all about finding that value picks and mixing them in with safer picks to build a kickass parlay in the playoffs!

NBA Playoffs Betting Tip 6 Build your betting strategy for the 2022 NBA playoffs

A strategy can help you course correct during the NBA playoffs and chart out what you can do in the worst-case scenarios. An example of worst-case scenario could be where you’re running out of your picks and you’re worried that this season’s a goner for you and your picks!
We’ll be crafting a betting strategies for the NBA playoffs in our NBA Playoffs betting guide so keep an eye out for that!