NBA Playoffs Betting Strategies

April 19, 2022

Top 6 Betting Strategies for the 2022 NBA Playoffs

In our NBA playoffs betting guide we gave you the run down on the basics of betting on the Playoffs. Now we’re going to give you some basic NBA playoffs betting strategies you could use to raise your game and tilt those NBA vegas odds in your favour when you’re betting on the playoffs!

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy 1 : Focus on the teams and players you know

In our article on betting tips for the NBA playoffs we mentioned why it’s important to be strategic with your betting picks. Now we’re going to tell you how you can do that. The best way to do that is to stick with what you know. This way you can narrow down on your bets through postseason, pick out some good player props and build yourself a winning parlay!

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy 2 Post Analysis of your picks

Data analytics is everywhere. Hell, even our oddsmakers use it! Every strategy requires tweaking and course correction. One of the best way to do it for the NBA playoffs would be through a spread sheet. 
Track your picks in the NBA playoffs , see if they’re successful. If they aren’t analyze why they weren’t. Eventually you’ll see some patterns emerge and use that insight for your future bets in the postseason going forward and get ideas for new picks in the playoffs!

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy 3: Track those Line Movements

In the NBA postseason betting lines for the next game in the series gets updated within 24 hours of the game being decided. But often time, there can be major line movements even when the sportsbook sets the line because key players can be injured or rested or how the public opinion changes. 
Our personal strategy here is to come up our picks based on those opening lines, and then to look for those value bets.
This can potentially give you a slight edge to your existing picks.

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy 4: Post Season Unders

Did you know that the biggest difference between the NBA regular season and the playoffs is the difference in pace of the game? One key metric here is the possessions. In the last five seasons the average possessions for all teams in the playoffs has been 2.46 or fewer.
Although the unders were only 43-46-2 (48.3 percent) in the 2021 playoffs unders have been profitable in five of the past seven seasons. If you exclude 2016-17, the year Unders went 30-48-1 (38.4 percent) for an ROI of -24.7 percent, Unders went 269-228-9. That’s 54.1% of the time.

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy 5 Avoid being impulsive

Sports betting is unpredictable. That holds true for the NBA postseason when upsets are more likely. Many of your picks won’t be winners, even the most season bettors and tipsters get their picks wrong in the playoffs. That pressure can get to you and make you consider upping the bet amount of your other bets to chase your losses. As we mentioned in our earlier articles that’s not a great idea and it takes the fun out of betting. 

NBA Playoffs Betting Strategy 6 The Long Game

Discipline and patience are key to having a winning strategy for the NBA postseason. If you’re picks end up in disappointment you can still gain a lot of insight when you do a post-analysis and use what you learn to refine your strategy for the next NBA postseason. This is why we recommend you to maintain a spreadsheet to track your bets and your total budget and profit and loss and to do your own analysis on why your picks didn’t win.
So there you have it, our level headed betting strategies for the NBA playoffs. If you decide to sign up with us make sure you check out our NBA betting promos!