NBA Playoffs Betting Guide

April 18, 2022

The Ultimate guide to betting on the 2022 NBA Playoffs

The 2022 NBA playoffs are finally here and you are wondering how you can bet on the NBA playoffs in 2022.
In this guide you’ll find out:
1.    The basics like how to bet on the 2022 NBA playoffs
2.    How do odds work during the NBA playoffs
3.    The different betting options for the NBA playoffs and postseason
4.    How to make sensible picks for the NBA playoffs
5.    How to tilt those odds in your favour during the NBA playoff

How does betting work during the NBA playoffs?

The basics of betting on the NBA during the regular season and betting on the NBA playoffs are the same. If you’re a seasoned bettor you know what we mean by the basics of betting like:

  • How do odds work
  • What are the different bets
  • How do you place your bets online etc.

In our NBA playoffs guide we’ll be building on those basics and talk about about the that 10% of things that are different when you’re betting on the playoffs.
If you’re a complete greenhorn to online betting, we recommend you to check out our NBA betting guide for beginners.

What are the differences between betting on the regular NBA season and the NBA postseason?

The major differences between the regular season and the NBA playoffs lie around just two variables:

  1. The Odds and Lines- The odds and lines tend to fluctuate wildly during the NBA playoffs at least when the postseason kicks off. The reason the odds fluctuate is because some teams can completely change gears and try new tactics during the playoffs. This can often bamboozle the opposition but also the oddsmakers and analysts. Oddsmakers often end up overestimating the favourites and this creates a lot of chances for what we at Unibet like to call Value bets and picks. Check out our NBA playoffs betting tips to find our more about these value picks in the NBA playoffs! We’ll be talking more about how the lines and odds for popular bets can change during the playoffs and how you can capitalize on it!
  2. New betting options- We’re all about crazy odds and options here on Unibet. That holds true for the playoffs as well! During the NBA playoffs you’ll see a lot more options like NBA series bets. More on that later. We’ll talk about how the lines and odds for your familiar bets change during the playoffs and then give you the low down on your new betting options during the Playoffs.

How do lines and odds change during the NBA playoffs and how you can capitalize on it!

We’ll break this down by all the popular bets:

  1. Moneylines: The odds favourites are usually overvalued when the postseason kicks off while underdogs can be heavily undervalued. If you find a moneyline where you think the underdog is undervalued you found yourself a value bet for your betting picks for the playoffs.

    This is where public betting comes in. If you find a value picks you can choose to bet against the public and drop a bet on that moneyline! We also recommend keeping track of those value picks because moneyline picks make for some winnable parlays during the playoffs in the NBA.
  2. Point Spreads: Next up we got our point spreads. For the first round of games in the playoffs don’t be surprised when you see lines that favour the favourites by massive margins. This makes betting against the spread a very enticing option! The lines tend to get tighter when the teams play each other more. You can also use our teasers to set your own spreads and get some crazy odds. 
  3. Totals: Just like point spread the line for total points bets can be overestimated. The reasons oddsmakers overestimate the lines for total points bets in the playoffs is because they assume teams will try go in heavy and score a lot of points. This means you can use teasers to set tighter lines and get better odds on those over/unders in the playoffs!
  4. Parlays: Parlays become riskier during the NBA playoffs especially in the early stages of the postseason. That means you can get better odds for your parlays in the playoffs. If your parlay picks are value bets then you get a bang from your buck from your parlays! There’s another cool thing about parlays during the playoffs, at least here on Unibet –profit boosts! Our profit boosts are promos that help you boost those odds and walk away in the sunshine if your picks are winners!
  5. Future bets: The odds start to shrink for outright odds and future bets. But if you expect the favourites to drop out during the postseason you ought to make sure you drop in your bets or risk messing out on better odds for your future bets!

New Betting Options during the NBA Playoffs

The new bets during the playoffs center around the rounds in the NBA playoffs. These are the NBA series bets we were talking about. You can check out the NBA series odds on Unibet and check out our unique betting options but we’ll give you a rundown on those.

NBA series moneyline
This is a moneyline bet on who you think which team will win the series and move on to the next round. 
NBA series spreads
The spread for NBA series bets are about the margin of games the team will the series by.
NBA exact series bet
You pick the exact series score by which the favourite will move on to the next round.
NBA Series Totals
This is where you predict the total games that will be played between the two teams in that round during the playoffs.

How to bet on the 2022 NBA Playoffs on Unibet Canada

First up make sure you set yourself a budget. On Unibet you can set a limit on your account. Then all you need to do is to check out the odds on Unibet and build yourself a winning strategies for betting on the NBA playoffs.  After you do that all you need to is to sign up for your NBA betting promos for the playoffs! If you’re a new customer you get a free bet if you sign up with us and sign up for your sportsbook bonus!