NBA Parlay Betting Tips

3 NBA Parlay Betting Tips to Get Your Skin in The Game!

The NBA is one of the most exciting sports to bet on. With so many games happening on a weekly basis during the season, there is literally something for everyone who loves the sport and loves to bet on it.
With so many games on the nightly scoreboard, many bettors opt to go for parlay bets.

By stringing together many different bets in one wager, you can maximize your winnings with higher odds -- if you can win all the legs in the bet. If you're interested in betting on NBA parlays here are some NBA parlay betting tips that could help. If you’re new to sports betting we recommend you to read our guide on how to bet on NBA. We also have an article on what is parlay betting and how do parlays work, that could give you good foundation for this article.

NBA Parlay Betting Tip 1: Start off with Moneyline Parlays on Favourites

The moneyline is the simplest way to wager on the NBA. All you have to do is select the outright winner of the game, without worrying what the final score will be.
A popular way to bet on moneylines is to parlay a few big favorites. Here's how it works. You take three big favorites, and instead of betting them individually straight up, you parlay them together. This allows you to get plus-odds on these heavy favorites, rather than paying heavy juice.
Here's an example:

  • Golden State Warriors -240 vs. Orlando Magic
  • Philadelphia 76ers -180 vs. Portland Trailblazers
  • Utah Jazz -175 vs. Sacramento Kings

If you wanted to wager on each of these favorites individually, you'd have to bet $240 on the Warriors, $180 on the 76ers and $175 on the Jazz to win $100 on each. That's a risk of $595 to win $300.
If you really believed that they'll all win their respective games, you could risk less money and get the same relative payout by opting for a parlay. By parlaying the three big favorites, you could get plus odds of around +110. This means you'd only have to risk $271 to win $300.30 in this case. 

NBA Parlay Betting Tip 2: Parlay Two Point Spreads

Another popular NBA parlay is choosing two games against the spread. In almost all cases, the vig that sportsbooks charge for spread bets is -110. If you parlay two spread bets together, you will typically get odds around +265.
Let's take an example of this again…

  • Golden State Warriors -10.5 vs. Orlando Magic (-110)
  • Philadelphia 76ers -8.5 vs. Portland Trailblazers (-110)

In you wanted to win $100 on each of these games, you'd have to wager $220 total -- regardless of which team you picked to cover the spread.
If you parlayed those same two teams against the spread, your odds would increase to around +265. In this case, if you wanted to win the same $200 total, you'd only need to wager about $76 (that would win you $201.40 with those odds).
This is a great angle if you really love two spread bets.

NBA Parlay Betting Tip 3: Run With Same Game Parlays

A final great option is to wager on a same game parlay. This is combining multiple wagers that are on the same game. For instance, you could choose one team on against the spread and then the over/under for that same game. 
This is a really popular way to increase your payout odds, especially on games that are predicted to be closer and, as a result, have lower odds for the the spread.
If you combine three separate bets in a same game parlay, you could get odds of around +570. Here's an example …

  • Milwaukee Bucks -1 vs Los Angeles Lakers (-110)
  • Milwaukee/Los Angeles over 233.5 (-110)
  • LeBron James over 26.5 points (-120)

With this example, if you wanted to win $100 on each of these bets, you'd have to wager $340 total. 
On the flip side, if you took that same $340 wager and put it into a three-leg same game parlay, your payout would be a lot higher. Based on the +570 odds, your payout would be $1,938. 
The other option, of course, would be to aim to win the same $300. In that case, you'd only have to wager about $53 on that same game parlay with three legs -- which would net you $302.10 if you won all three legs.