NBA Draft Betting Guide

April 22, 2022

The Ulimate Guide to betting on the 2022 NBA Draft 

Apart from March Madness and the NBA season the NBA draft lottery is the next major event in pro basketball that most fans look forward to. You might remember the good old days when you’d make casual bets with your friends where you’d predict who’d be the first pick in the NBA draft.

On Unibet you can drop your bets with us instead and yes, you can do it with real money from Canada. Here’s a list of things we’ll cover on our NBA draft lottery betting guide:
1.    How to bet on the NBA draft
2.    How do odds work in the NBA draft
3.    The different bets you can drop on the draft
4.    How to make your picks for the NBA draft

How to bet on the NBA Draft Lottery

One major difference you’d notice when in the NBA draft lottery compared to betting on the NBA regular season is the fact that your betting options are restricted to future bets or prop bets. In a way this would make it easier for you to drop your bets.
If you’re new to betting and are wondering what we mean by “prop bets” and “future bets” we recommend you to check out NBA betting guide first. 
All you need to do is to get a feel for the odds on a sportsbook like Unibet, do your research and finalize your picks and boom! You’re ready to drop your bets on the draft online.
You need to sign up with a sportsbook first so that you can drop your bet with real money from Canada. When you sign up with Unibet you can opt in for our sportsbook bonus which is usually a free bet. 
We recommend you to check out our sportsbook promos to see if we have any special limited time betting offers for the NBA draft lottery.

How do NBA Draft odds work?

As we mentioned earlier, the bets you’ll have during the draft are props and futures. If you’re a season bettor who knows a thing or two about how futures odds or outright odds work you probably already know that it’s all about the timing.
This holds true for the NBA draft as well (to an extent).

The closer you get to the draft the more fluctuations you’ll see on those odds based on the media hype. But the good news is that the fluctuations in the NBA draft futures are not as wild as something like odds on the championship winner at the beginning of the regular season.

The different bets you can drop on the draft

The most popular bet is the bet on the first pick in the draft. Most sportsbooks usually offer this only this bet. You might also find bets on things like:

  • First pick position
  • First pick per position (first pick for point guard for example)

How to make your picks for the NBA draft

The short answer, research. The long answer is that it ain’t that easy! You can get lost in the data and get confused. As much as research is important, being strategic and narrowing down your picks is also equally important.
Think of it as a two part process:

  • Part 1: Expansion: Go out there and get the intel
  • Part 2: Distillation : Distill all that intel and be strategic and narrow down the field.

So how do you do it? 
We’ll answer this exact question in our article on NBA draft betting tips and our article on how NBA draft betting strategies. So feel free to check them out if you’re looking for some intel!