March Madness Betting Strategy

Top 4 Sensible March Madness Betting Strategies

This is the first tournament that will return to "normal" after being canceled in 2020 and scaled back significantly in 2021.
With all the teams returning to hardcourt and fans returning to the seats, the betting on the NCAA men's basketball tournament is sure to be hot as always.
New to sports betting?
Check out these March Madness betting strategies to help you along the way.

March Madness Betting Strategy #1 Check out recent performance

College basketball is all about momentum -- both in-game and over the course of recent games.
Teams that have performed well in recent games often carry that momentum over into the next game.
One good March Madness betting strategy is to check how all the teams played in the final few weeks of the season, including their respective conference tournaments.
Teams that limp into the tournament rarely go deep, and many experience first-round upsets.
Teams that have been performing well and are well-rested typically fare much better than those that have struggled in recent games.

March Madness Betting Stratergy #2 Defense

The old saying in sports is "defense wins championships," and this often rings true in NCAA basketball.
Another great March Madness betting strategy is to focus on teams that play really great defense.
Most people like to focus on high scorers, as that's what brings excitement to the court.

But, if you're looking for a betting edge, go with the teams that have great defense.
They are typically able to keep games close and cover the spread, especially if they're underdogs.
Also, look toward under point totals, especially first half unders.

March Madness Betting Strategy #3 Consider the Locations!

There are technically no home games in the NCAA tournament, as all games are held on neutral courts.
That being said, there are some teams that will be playing close to their home location.
A shorter travel distance to game locations means more of the home fans are able to come to support the program.
This is about as close as you'll get to home court advantage in the NCAA tournament.
Some early-round examples of teams playing close to home where an extra advantage could be had include:

  • #11 Michigan vs. #6 Colorado in Indianapolis, Indiana
  • #5 UCONN vs. #12 New Mexico State in Buffalo, New York
  • #13 Vermont vs. #4 Arkansas in Buffalo
  • #7 Ohio State vs. #10 Loyola Chicago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • #10 Davidson vs. #7 Michigan State in Greenville, South Carolina
  • #3 Wisconsin vs #14 Colgate in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

March Madness Betting Stratergy #4 Be Objective

College basketball fans are some of the most die-hard sports fans in the world.
They follow their team years after they graduated from the school, and do so even if they never went to the college.
This is great for fanfare, but it's not good in betting.

One of the most important March Madness betting strategies is to be objective when you're making your wagers.
In fact, this is a betting strategy that applies to all sporting events.
You never want to let which teams you root for "muddy the waters" when you're making bets.
Try your hardest to not let your biases sway you one way or the other when you're analyzing games to bet on.

This goes for teams that you love and teams that you hate as well.
If you're unable to be objective because of these biases, a good March Madness betting strategy would be to avoid wagering on games involving those teams altogether.
If you let your biases influence your decisions, you could find yourself without money quickly.

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