How To Bet on Politics with Unibet

February 13, 2020

Politics is always in the news and consumes every one of us. And here at Unibet we know our players love to bet on politics! So that’s why we’ve created a politics betting section of the Unibet sportsbook that all players can explore to find the markets right for them.

Betting on politics can be daunting if you don’t know what’s happening in the world. Indeed, acquiring a good sense of what’s going on in the news will certainly help your betting judgement. But a smart head and strong understanding of world events will also help you in the politics betting community.

This guide will take you through how to bet on politics, what are the best markets and when are the optimal times to making those bets. You will learn about the most popular markets in politics betting and improve your knowledge on how to make better judgements.


How tennis betting works - a guide for beginners

Politics betting works in very much the same way as sports and entertainment betting. You will see markets available for various countries across the world, with odds on a who array of outcomes.

Just like in sports betting, to place a bet on politics simply search for the market you want to bet on. If it’s available, click on the odds that you want to back and enter your stake.

Politics betting is not just about ‘who will win the next election’. There is a huge bank of markets available to bettors and here at Unibet we are expanding our range all the time.


Best markets for politics betting

Some markets in politics betting are more popular than others. Here are some of the best and most straightforward markets available to online betting beginners.


Winner of next election betting

Unibet covers the odds on the next general election of many countries across the world. This is possibly the most straight-forward betting market in politics. The idea is to vote for the party you think will win the next election in the country you have chosen.


For example: You click on the US Politics section and see the odds for the next general election in America. There are only ever two realistic options: Republican or Democrat. If you want to bet on this market, simply select the party you think will win and enter your stake!


Next president / prime minister

If the next general election is a long way away, sometimes the market will simply look at the candidates who potentially could be the next leader of the respective country. This is particularly pertinent in the USA, UK and Canada, where the length of government terms are predictable.

A list of candidates who could be the next president or prime minister will be live in the market and the odds can change over time. Therefore, if you are making a bet on these markets than be aware that the odds could rise and fall in the future.


Presidential candidates

This is market that is very pertinent to the USA. You can bet on which candidates the two main parties will put up to run for president at the next election. Many politics betting experts combine their bets to back a person each from the Republicans and from the Democrats. This greatly increases their odds, but also their risk.


State elections

Australia holds state elections every few years and this offers the chance of bettors to look more closely at Australian politics. You can bet on one party winning a majority in one state, while another party could dominate another state. Often state elections can reflect the mood of the country heading into a general election.



Anyone who voted on the Brexit referendum in the UK will tell you the outcome is not always easy to execute. Likewise, the Scottish referendum for Independence caused plenty of controversy, as did Ireland’s referendum on abortion.

But referendums have been used for decades as a means of addressing an issue and hopefully sorting it out. Referendums are a great market in the politics betting world because they offer a binary option: either Yes or No. This makes the betting odds very easy to read. You can either bet on the law in question being passed, or not!


In The Spotlight

Here at Unibet we offer special bets for many countries when it comes to politics betting. In The Spotlight is the place where you can find these special bets, which are topical and far less general than the usual markets available.

These bets are specific to individual countries and often involve politicians who are big on the national scene. For example, a lot of US betting markets focused on Donald Trump after his successful election to president in 2016. During his first term, more and more In The Spotlight markets were created.

In the UK, the debate over Brexit triggered a haul of new politics betting markets to which bettors from all over the world can vote on. Scotland’s push for independence from the UK has also been a popular market over the past few years.


Live odds

One of the most crucial tactics used when betting on politics is to be aware of the news cycle. Many countries have their own dedicated news services and other media companies, who offer domestic and international news. So for example, if you live in Canada and want to know more about worldwide politics then watching the news channels and following the news websites will help your knowledge of global affairs.

Yet you don’t have to be an expert in politics to bet on politics. Indeed, many bettors have no real interested in politics but know how to understand shifts in the live odds, in order to make an accurate prediction on the outcome.

For example, you can usually find polling data ahead of an election that can greatly aid your reasoning behind backing a party to win. Sometimes the polling gets it wrong — as in the case of the Trump election and the Brexit vote, both in 2016. But more often than not the polling reflects the view of the population.

Meanwhile, keeping an eye on the live politics odds is another great way to understand what’s gong on. For example, if a presidential candidate’s odds suddenly drop, then that is an indication that more people are likely to vote for them. Likewise, if a political scandal hits a presidential candidate, then expect the odds to widen.


Best time to bet on politics

There is no optimal time to bet on politics but some periods are better than others. Here are some examples…


Midway through presidential / prime ministerial terms

Many countries have fixed dates for when their next general election will be. And this offers the sitting president or prime minister the opportunity to enact their policies without the threat of being ousted. So, midway through a term is usually when the president or prime minister is at their strongest — after all, the opposition parties are yet to fully form their plan of attack at the next election.


But this means the parties or leaders sitting in power often have very short odds at this midway point, while opposing parties and leaders have high odds. This is therefore a good time to play the odds and bet on those opponents, as their odds may well fall dramatically as election day looms.


Right after a snap election

In some countries snap elections can be called or voted on. And this can cause turmoil in the politics betting markets. Usually governments try to call a snap election when they are leading in the polls. But quite often polling narrows towards election date, and therefore opposition odds will likely fall too. So, if you get in early after a snap election is called, you could play the odds to your advantage.


After major events

Global events - be they sporting extravaganzas, environmental disasters or even wars - can have a serious impact on politics betting. So make sure to keep an eye on global events — especially within a country that has a general election looming. After all, odds can swing in an instant.


Check out Unibet’s politics betting markets

Now you have a better idea of what it’s like to bet on politics, why not check out the markets available here at Unibet?

We offer extensive markets on politics from countries all over the world, with a special focus on upcoming elections. Remember, there are always politics betting specials available and all markets feature live odds, which can rise and fall every day.

So take a look at what’s available in the Unibet politics betting suite! You may be surprised with what you find…


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