How to bet on League of Legends

Learn How to Bet on League of Legends in 5 Easy Steps 

One of the most popular multiplayer battle arena video games in the world is League of Legends. It has been around since 2009 and has gained more and more traction among players every year.

League of Legends is also a very popular eSports title that people around the world can watch other people play in big competitions. In addition, there are a lot of betting opportunities on the eSports game. If you're wondering how to bet on LoL, check out our guide below to learn how to bet on League of Legends in 5 easy steps!

Step 1 Look for a licensed sportsbook that offers League of Legends Betting Options

The first thing you have to do is to look for a licensed sportsbook like Unibet that offers league of legends betting. You obviously want to search for a sportsbook that offers a nice variety of eSports bets so that you can have a lot to choose from.
The easiest way to figure this out is to check to see if the sportsbook is legit is to check whether it has a gambling license from a reputable regulatory agency. If they do, they will likely display it prominently on the homepage of their website and any downloadable apps.

This gambling license will give you confidence to know that the site is safe and secure, and that the sportsbook operator will give you a legitimate chance to win and cash out. The last thing you want to do when you're betting is risk getting your information and/or money stolen because you chose a scam website.

Step 2 Create an Account

Now, it's time to create an account at the sportsbook that you chose. The sign-up process should be very similar at all sportsbooks, and it will likely be relatively quick and painless.

The sportsbook will require you to enter all of your basic personal information into the site, including your legal name, address and email address. You'll also need to set up a username and password that you'll use to log into the account every time you want to bet.

You may be required to upload a copy of your photo ID just so the sportsbook can verify the information that you entered matches that on your official identification. This verification process shouldn't take long. Once it's complete, you'll be able to move onto the next step in the process.

Step 3 Qualify for a Welcome Bonus

This is the point in time when you'll qualify for a Welcome Bonus. Sportsbooks offer these types of bonuses and promotions to try to attract new players to their site, and they're always a great idea to take advantage of.
Most Welcome Bonuses will work as a match of your first deposit amount to the site. In many cases, the sportsbook will match your initial deposit 100% up to a certain amount, say $500.

So, for example, if your first deposit is $500, the sportsbook will match it and give you another $500. If your first deposit is $700, your bonus amount will still be $500, since that is the maximum.

A Welcome Bonus may also offer a risk-free bet, in which the amount of your first bet will be returned to you as a bet credit if it loses. Or, it could be an entirely free first bet, where you'll get a free bet token to place on whatever line you wish.

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Step 4 Deposit Money

To get the Welcome Bonus, you'll need to make a real money deposit into your account. This means you'll need to connect a payment method to your sportsbook account. Make sure that the sportsbook you choose offers your preferred payment method before you sign up. 

Most sportsbooks will offer common payment methods such as direct bank transfers, debit and credit cards, and thirdparty payment processors such as PayPal. The sportsbook will require you to enter your payment information into their site or log in to your account via a payment portal.

Once you do that and connect your payment method, you'll need to enter the amount of your deposit and click submit. The deposit should only take a few minutes to process. Once it does, the money and your Welcome Bonus funds should be available in your account to bet with.

Step 5 Place Your Bet

Now you’re all ready to drop your first bet on League of Legends. You can find all the available events and bets on the eSports betting page at the sportsbook. You can browse all the available bets there, and then select the ones you want. 
Add them to your bet slip and enter the amount that you want to bet. The potential payout will automatically change based on the odds for that bet. Then, click submit and your bet will be accepted. All that's left is to sit back, watch the League of Legends event you bet on and root for it to win.  

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