How to bet on eSports

Find out How to Bet on eSports Online!

eSports is becoming more mainstream and more popular by the day. At the same time, it's becoming an event that people are loving to bet on. 

Sportsbooks all around the world are offering betting lines on various eSports events and matchups, allowing people to watch their favorite game, their favorite team and bet on it all at the same time.

If you're new to eSports betting and you don't know how betting on it works, check out our full eSports betting guide below. This will help you understand how the betting works, what to look for and what your options will be.

Know the Game

There are a lot of different games that will be played in the eSports arena. Two of the most popular esports are League of Legends (a battle arena game) and CS:GO (a first-person shooter game).
Knowing the game that is being played is very important in eSports. It's not like football or baseball where every team is playing the same game with the same rules.

eSports involves teams and people playing video games, but the different video games have different rules and, as a result, different potential outcomes.

One of the most advisable things you can do as you're getting started betting on eSports is to wager on a game that you're familiar with. This could either be a game you love to play yourself or one that you just love to watch. 

By only betting on a game or two that you know well, you'll be able to understand what's going on as you watch it. Then, you'll also be able to identify what might make one team better than another so that you can find betting advantages.

What are the most popular esports to bet on?

Here is a list of the most popular esports that Unibet customers like to bet on:

  1. CSGO
  2. DOTA 2
  3. League of Legends
  4. Rainbow 6
  5. Call of Duty

Know the Format

The next important thing to focus on is the format of the event that you'll be betting on. The format of the games that you might play on your home console may differ from the ones in official competitions, like the ones you'll be betting on.

In most cases, the bigger tournaments/events will feature either a Best of 3 or Best of 5 format. In Best of 3, the team that wins 2 matches first is the winner. In Best of 5, the team that wins 3 matches first is the winner.

The fewer the number of matches in a competition, the higher the possibility for an upset by an underdog. That's based on the theory that anything can happen once, but the far-reaching possibilities are unlikely to repeat themselves over the long haul.
Once you've understood the format, you can begin to break down the teams involved in the matchup so that you can make your wagering decisions.

Know the Maps

In some eSports games, there will be different maps that will be used in the competition. This could have a huge effect on the outcome of a matchup, as one team or player might be really good at certain maps but not as good as other ones.

Once you're able to find out which maps will be used in a particular matchup, then you can start doing your research on the teams involved and how they have performed in the past on those particular maps.
This is a great way to try to gain an edge when you're betting on eSports. The games aren't just about who is good at playing the particular game, but who is good at playing the particular map of the particular game that is being used in that particular matchup.

Know the Teams

eSports teams can be researched just like professional sports teams in other sports. They have a roster of players, and the stats of each of the players and the different combinations they have used in competitions can be analyzed and studied.

When you're betting on eSports, this is a very important thing to keep in mind. You should do your research on eSports teams just like you do when you're betting on other sports.

One thing to keep in mind is the lineup that the team will be using for the particular matchup in question. Some teams have extra players that they carry on their "roster" but who do not actually participate. Some mix up who they use in different situations. Knowing the lineup of players that is being employed in a matchup, and how that lineup performs together, goes a long way in determining the outcome.

Know the Trends

There are a lot of trends that you can pay attention to when you're betting on eSports. One is the performance of particular team in recent matchups. Just like other team sports, if one eSports team is gelling well and playing at the top of their game recently, it's very possible that they could continue that success into future matchups. This, then, could provide a nice betting edge.

Another trend is where the money is being placed by bettors. You can track where the opening lines for matchups start, and where the money is coming in based on those initial odds. Just like tracking the betting action for professional sports, you can do the same with eSports.

Where the money is flowing sometimes can tell you a lot about the matchup. It could indicate that there's something the sportsbooks might have missed when setting the original line, or it could indicate that one really good player isn't going to participate in the matchup, for example.

Another trend that you could follow is what the eSports betting experts are saying in their predictions. Manypeople will preview big upcoming eSports matchups, just like they do for football, baseball and ice hockey.

Find an expert or two whose opinion you respect, and see what they're saying about the matchup you're interested in betting.

While you should always take what someone else suggests with a grain of salt, they might be able to give you some inside information or angle that you haven't considered before.
Taking all of the information above into account will help you be more successful when you're betting on eSports.

Follow our online betting guide for more walkthroughs. If you decide to place a bet with us make sure you check out our offers for free bets! Now that you know how to bet on eSports feel free to check out our eSports betting tips!