Horse Racing Betting Tips

July 7, 2022

Five Tips to Bet on Horse Races Online!

Horse racing is one of the oldest sports in the world to bet on. People have been enjoying going to the track on a weekly basis for years now, and putting their money on horses, trainers and jockeys they support.

Today, you can bet on horse racing from the comfort of your own home -- and on races that happen all around the world. Horse racing can be very easy to bet on, but there are a lot of very specific types of bets that the sport has. 

If you're new to betting on horse racing check out our guide on how to bet on Horse Racing online.
If you already know how to bet on this classic sport and are looking to find some new angles to get solid winners, follow our horse racing tips below. These will help you get started on finding some solid winners with bets while you watch a very exciting sport.

Tip 1 Beaten Favorite

One interesting a unique strategy to take is to look at horses that have been on a really good streak lately, but didn’t win their last race. So, for example, you might look at their last five races and see that they won the first four but came in third place in the last race they ran. Or, you might see that they've come close to winning but have fallen just short.

Then, you would see if one of these horses is now one of the favorites in the race you're betting on. In this case, you'd place a bet on them to win, thinking that they are going to bounce back from a temporary setback. 

Horse racing is a sport that's fueled by momentum. When a horse, jockey and trainer combination finds their groove, so to speak, they are often able to continue on their good ways in future races. When they suffer a small setback and don't win their most recent race, they might get longer odds in their next race.
This could provide you a great opportunity to cash in on better odds than if they had won that last race. And in horse racing, it's all about finding the best odds so that you can maximize your payouts.

Tip 2 Pay Attention to Race Distance

While there are obviously a lot of similarities in horse races, not all races are exactly the same. One of the biggest differences from one race to the next is the distance. Some races are longer and built for horses that have great endurance, while others are shorter and catered more toward sprinters.

When you're analyzing races to bet on, make sure that you're comparing apples to apples. You can't simply look at a horse's performance in recent races without understanding whether those races were of the same or similar distance to the race they're about to run.

The horse may have done really well in his last five shorter races, for example, but be entering a race that's much longer. This could result in the horse running fast out of the gate, as he's been used to in recent races, only to lose steam at the end.

Tip 3 Don't Just Bet on Winners

There are so many different bets that you can make on horse racing. You shouldn't just focus in on choosing which horse you think will win the race outright. If you have a good feeling about a horse but don't know whether he will win, you can place a Place bet or a Show bet, which would be like selecting him to finish in first or second, or first, second or third, respectively.

You can also combine horses in bets such as an Exacta. In this bet, you would choose two horses who you think will finish in exactly first or second place. Trifecta bets are the same but with three horses, and Superfectas are the same but with four horses.

Keep in mind that you can also "box" any of these bets, meaning it doesn't matter which order they finish in, only that they finish in first and second place (for an Exacta box). 
These bets are where you can really make a lot of money betting on horse racing, since they have much higher payouts than simple Win bets.

Tip 4 Bet on Multiple Horses

There's nothing that says you have to only bet on one horse per race. In fact, betting on multiple horses in the same race could actually bring you back some pretty good returns.
One strategy that could prove successful is to pick multiple horses to win in the same race. That may seem counterintuitive, since more than one horse can't win the same race. However, depending on what the odds are, you could be increasing your chances to win by betting on multiple horses, and still coming out on top with a profit.

For example, let's assume that Horse 1 has odds of 10-1 and Horse 2 has odds of 15-1. If you bet $10 on both of those horses, you would win $100 if Horse 1 won and $150 if Horse 2 won. In this case, your profit would be $90 if Horse 1 won and $140 if Horse 2 won.

So, either way, you would be making a sizable profit. Not only that, but you would be increasing your overall chances of winning, since you'd have two horses in the race. Of course, whether this strategy works or not is really dependent on what the odds of the horses are. You might not be able to consistently make a profit if the two horses you bet on are the strong favorites.

Tip 5 Don't Bet on Every Race

Lastly, know that you don’t have to bet on every race that goes off in a day. There are so many races that it might be enticing to just place a bet on every one of them. However, this is an easy way to lose money.
Instead, only bet on the races that you have a good read on. If there's a particular race or two that you just don't have a great feeling about, simply sit it out from a betting perspective. You can still watch the race and root for a particular horse, without having to risk any money.