Golf Masters Betting Tips

Golf Masters Betting Tips

The Masters is one of the most prestigious annual golf tournament in the world. Held every year in Georgia in the United States, Augusta National is one of the most beautiful and challenging courses for even the best golfers in the world.

There is so much mystique, history and awe that surrounds the Masters golf tournament every year, as golfers from all over the world compete for the coveted gold jacket.

In addition to all the great action on the course, there's plenty of opportunities to make money by betting on the Golf Masters Tournament. If you're new to betting on the Masters, or just want to find some new angles and that extra edge, follow our Masters betting tips below. These will help you get started on finding some great wins.


See Who's Done Well at the Course

One aspect of the Masters that's unique to other major golf tournaments is that it's played on the same course every year. While most major PGA golf tournaments rotate among multiple courses, the Masters is played at Augusta National in Georgia in the United States every year.

This provides a unique betting aspect that other major tournaments don't have. You are able to look at players' past history at the Masters tournament, and see if you can draw any conclusions from it. Some players do really well at the course, while others struggle.

Having this information in hand about how each golfer plays on the specific course can really come in handy when you're making betting decisions. It's not just about who the best golfers in the world are, but which golfers seem to perform well year after year at Augusta National.

You could get some good betting angles and find edges by having this information at your disposal.


Understand the Scoring

The scoring at the Masters tournament works the same as it does for all other golf tournaments all throughout the entire four days. The golfer with the lowest total score at the end of the four days wins the tournament. It all comes down to the final scores.

Augusta National is considered a difficult course, and as such, scores aren't typically as low as they might be in other tournaments. So, when you're looking at past performance, you need to keep that in mind.

Compare stats from one Masters tournament to another, and not from the other tournaments on the course. This will help you better predict things such as who might make the cut, and how different golfers will match up against each other.
It is very common for the winner of the Masters Tournament to have taken fewer strokes than par at the last round on Sunday.


Bet on Making the Cut

There are many different bets available on the Masters tournament. You don't only have to opt for the overall tournament winner bet. One very popular bet to make is predicting which golfers will or won't make the cut.

Every golfer that participates in the Masters tournament will play on the first two days of the tournament on Thursday or Friday. After those two rounds are played, a certain number of players will be "cut," with the golfers who are left moving on to the final two rounds on Saturday and Sunday with a chance to win the title.
You can simply bet on which golfers you think will make or miss the cut. When you are doing your analysis here, again keep in mind the typical scores at past Masters tournaments. Realize that players who score +3 after the first two rounds could end up making the cut.

Also realize that unless you're going against the grain with a pick, you will have much shorter odds for making or missing the cut than on the overall winner of the tournament. This is OK, though, as it's certainly easier to predict whether a player will make the cut than it is to predict who will win the Masters tournament. 


Play the Matchups

Another option is to bet on matchups. The Masters tournament doesn’t pit individual golfers against each other. However, sportsbooks will set hypothetical matchups for betting purposes.
These bets will work just like moneyline bets in other sports. You will simply pick which golfer in the matchup you think will finish higher at the end of the tournament.

It doesn't matter how many strokes your golfer finishes ahead of the other golfer, or whether he even wins the tournament. You only need to be concerned with which golfer finishes ahead of the other in the final leaderboard. 

This is a great way to bet on the Masters tournament, as it allows you to drill down further and more specifically. You don't necessarily have to analyze the entire field, but rather you can hone in on two golfers in particular who you might have a good feeling about.


Pair Winners with Top Finishers

Another solid strategy is to pair a bet on a golfer to both win the tournament and finish in the top groupings. This is a great way to double up on your money, and to also hedge against the fact that you're taking a longshot chance by choosing one individual golfer to win the tournament.

For example, you might bet on Tiger Woods to win the Masters and also to finish in the Top 10. The bets will work the same, but the odds will be dramatically different for each.

For example, the tournament winner bet on Woods might have odds of +2500, while the Top 10 finish might have odds of +150. In this case, you'll obviously have a better chance to win the Top 10 odds than the outright winner. If Woods plays well and finishes in third, you would cash in on your one bet but not the other.
If Woods ends up winning, you would capitalize by cashing in on both of your bets.