Eurovision Betting Tips and Picks

April 21, 2022

2022 Eurovision Song Contest betting tips, picks and stats

We’re all about options when it comes to sports betting and that’s why you can find the latest Eurovision odds on Unibet!
We’re going to hit you up with 4 betting tips for Eurovision 2022 and also with some stats and facts on Eurovision that’ll help you build your Eurovision betting strategy!

Cool Eurovision Stats

Here some key stats that could help you make your picks for the 2022 Eurovision in Italy:

  • Ireland is the country that has won Eurovision the most number of times. Ireland has won Eurovision a total of seven times but their last victory came in 1996.
  • Germany has participated in the most editions of Eurovision. 2022 will be the 64th time Germany will feature in Eurovision.
  • In the past 10 Editions of Eurovision there have 9 different winners. Sweden was the most successful with 2 wins (2012 and 2015)
  • English is the most popular pick when it comes to the language of the winning song. In the past 10 years eight of the winners sang in English.

Eurovision Betting Tip #1 Public Betting : Bet against the public

If you’ve followed out betting tips and guides you must’ve noticed that one of our most popular recommendation is to run with the underdogs and to bet against the public. Betting on the favourite might seem like a great option but you won’t get a decent payout.
There are plenty of promising underdogs out there like Sweden who have a good record in past editions of Eurovision. The Swedes have finished in the top 5 seven times in the last 10 editions of Eurovision.

Eurovision Betting Tip #2 Consider betting on the winning song to be English

As we mentioned earlier in our Eurovision stats, English tends to be the most popular song for the winners in Eurovision so it seems like a no-brainer to drop on English to be the language of the winning son.
But before you go ahead and place that bet here’s an interesting stat to bet against English, in recent years a non-English language was the winning song. In 2021 it was Italian and 2015 it was Portuguese. A trend is starting to emerge where non-English songs are starting to have a fighting chance. 

Eurovision Betting Tip #3 Ignore the Media Hype

We always running with your head when you’re trying to bet strategically, and that tip holds true for a competition like Eurovision where emotions run high. Media outlets could have a tiny bit of a bias to back the contestants from their own countries or hype up a team who did well on the first round. 

That being said, we still recommend relying on the latest news to do your analysis when you’re trying to make your picks for the Eurovision song contest. You could find a treasure trove of intel and analysis why one of your picks might’ve underperformed in one of the early rounds. There is also a good chance that they are saving their best performance for later stages in the competition.

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