Edmonton Oilers Odds & Predictions

A Brief History on the Oilers 

With hockey being the most popular sport in Canada, it’s no wonder that the NHL has so many Canadian teams. While the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens are the most popular Canadian teams in the NHL, the Senators, Jets, and Edmonton Oilers have a solid following as well.

The Golden Age for the Oilers

The Oilers were founded in 1971 and are part of the Pacific Conference in the NHL. The Oilers are one of the two franchises from Alberta, with the other being the Calgary Flames.
The Oilers are the more popular team in Alberta , mostly thanks to the franchise’s glory days in the 1980s during the Gretzky era when they won 5 Stanley Cups.

A team on the Decline

Those days are long gone for the Edmonton Oilers. They haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1989. They struggled to be in the playoffs for 4 years in a row between 1993 and 97 and suffered a 10 year playoff drought between 2006 to 2015.
Oilers Resurgence since 2016
The Oilers ended their 11 year playoff drought in 2016-17 season. McDavid was the top scorer in the league that season as well as the MVP.

The Oilers had a fantastic finish in the 2020 NHL season finishing 2nd to the Maple Leafs in the North Division. McDavid won his second Hart Trophy and ended up becoming the MVP for a second time last season.
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How Are the Oilers doing in the 2021/22 season?

After a pretty solid start this season, the Oilers are now on a 6 game losing streak after a loss to the Kraken on the 4th of December. They currently sit 4th in the Pacific division after 27 games. The Oilers currently  have a 16-11-0 record which is pretty much similar to last year. 

There’s not been a lot of talk about championships due to the team’s current standings. As things stand right now, it doesn’t look like the Oilers can make a strong run at the Stanley Cup or win the Western conference. We have them at +800 for conference winners including the playoff NHL odds, and +1700 as a highly improbable NHL championship winner.

But things can change and we are not even halfway through the season. So make sure you come back to Unibet Canada for the latest odds for the Oilers!

Oilers Form in the 2021/22 Season So far...

With the NHL season well underway, the Edmonton Oilers have been pretty average. The team hasn’t taken a major step since next year, so far winning 16 games and losing 11.  That’s not exactly a championship material performance and is reflected in the Edmonton Oilers odds.

What’s even more surprising is that the Edmonton Oilers schedule hasn’t even been hard so far. The team started the season winning against the Canucks and Flames and later the Vegas Golden Knights. 

After a solid start to the season where they were on a 5 game winning streak, the Oilers found themselves being humiliated by the Fryers, Sabres, and later the Jets. A disappointing loss against the Stars (4-1) made things even worse.

The Edmonton team is currently on a 5-match losing streak, with matches against the Ducks, and repeat matches against the Kraken, Kings, and Flames coming up. The pressure isn’t going to lessen in the coming months, so the Oilers must play to the best of their abilities if they are to reach the playoffs.

Oilers Latest Standings 

After 28 matches, the Oilers are fourth in the Pacific Division. They’ve won 16 matches and lost 11, with a few tough matches coming up. 

Oilers schedule for the 2021/22 season

The Edmonton team is currently on a 5-match losing streak, with matches against the Ducks, and repeat matches against the Kraken, Kings, and Flames coming up. The pressure isn’t going to lessen in the coming months, so the Oilers must play to the best of their abilities if they are to reach the playoffs.

Oilers Odds for the 2021/22 season

Our Edmonton Oilers lines and odds have clearly not made the Alberta team a favorite for the Stanley Cup. As mentioned earlier, the Oilers are +800 to win the Western conference and currently sit at +1700 for the NHL Championship. They aren’t favorites and that’s shown in the ring and the odds.

Make sure to check our NHL odds regularly as things will definitely change as the season progresses.

Oilers Odds for winning the Pacific Division

Currently fourth in the Pacific Division behind the Flames and Ducks, the Oilers aren’t expected to top the standings. At +800, they are a great option if you believe the team will turn the tide. A lot of change is needed for that to happen, so we believe that the team won’t top the Pacific standings.

Oilers Odds of being conference champions

ven if the Oilers somehow manage to top the Pacific Division, they are still a ;long way off from contending for the Western conference. Their odds here at Unibet Canada are currently +1700, and unless the team improves, they aren’t likely to get better.
Right now, the Avalanche and Vegas Knights are in the lead with odds of +550 and +750 respectively.

Oilers odds for making it to the 2022 NHL playoffs

Will the Oilers make the NHL playoffs? We believe so. A few wins in derbies against the Flames, Avalanche, and Wilds will raise their chances of making the playoffs. At the moment, we have no odds on the playoffs, but we’ll have early Edmonton Oilers lines for making the playoffs soon.

Oilers odds for making it to the Stanley Cup Final

The Edmonton Oilers are long shots for reaching the Stanley Cup, with their championship odds being +1700.

Oilers Predictions for 2021/22 season

Pacific Division

As things stand right now we don’t think that the Oilers have a great chance of winning the Pacific Division. They’re currently on a losing streak with tough matches coming up, so we think that they should finish 3rd unless they really turn things around.

Western Conference

The Avalanche are highly regarded as winners of the Western conference, and the Oilers are a far cry from it. The team should finish somewhere in the middle of the table, currently having the 5th-best odds for winning the Conference title.

Will the Oilers make it to the 2022 NHL playoffs?

Yes, the Edmonton Oilers are widely expected to make it to the playoffs. It will be a tough road ahead, but the team has the quality to reach the playoffs.

Will the Oilers win the Stanley Cup?

Unfortunately for Oilers fans, the team lacks the quality to go all the way up. At least this year – some smart moves ahead can make the team powerful once again.

Best players for the Oilers so far in the 2021/22 NHL season

Fans may be questioning the value of Oilers’ players right now, but there have been a few gems. Darnell Nurse and Cody Ceci are among those who have been great so far. The team was back to its bad habits when they were out – Ceci with COVID-19 and Nurse with a broken finger.

At the time of writing McDavid is tied with Draisaitl on the points NHL points table with the Capital’s Ovechkin trailing them by 1 point. McDavid has the highest number of assists in the NHL so far at 29.

Leon Draisaitl is having a great season too, bagging 23 goals in 27 appearances. More will surely come from the Oilers’ top attacker as it should if the team is to make the playoffs from a better position.

The two d-men are the Oilers’ brightest stars on a team that can severely underperform. Ceci has been a fine replacement for Adam Larsson and the most surprising players on the squad this year.


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