Boxing Betting Tips

5 Unbeatable Boxing Betting Tips

Strap on the boots, put on the gloves and head into the squared circle for some of the best combat sports action on the planet. Boxing is still alive and well, even if some people believe the sport's heyday has long since passed.

There are still so many talented boxers that enter the ring in many different weight classes, and the fights are as intense as they ever were. Betting on the sport is also extremely popular now, especially as more and more sportsbooks are popping up all around the world online.

If you are new to betting on the sport we recommend you to follow our guide on how to bet on boxing first.
If you already know the basics, then follow our boxing betting tips below:


Analyze the Type of Fighters

Fighters are categorised by weight class so that there isn’t too much of a mismatch in terms of general size and power in a particular fight. There are still big differences at times, though, in terms of the style that each fighter brings into the ring. 
Some fighters are pure power punchers and rely on throwing haymakers that are meant to completely stun their opponents. Other fighters are more technical, relying on a flurry of well-timed and well-placed punches to wear their opponent down over the long haul.

Fighters have been able to succeed inside the ring using both of these styles and many more that are out there. When you're analysing a fight for betting purposes, it's important to understand not just the two fighters' records and history, but also the type of fighters they are.
Some styles match up really well against others, and could end up giving an underdog an edge over a favorite, for example. This is a great place to start when you're breaking down possible bets on boxing.


Consider Outcomes for Bets

There are many different types of bets that you can make on boxing. You don't have to just settle for the outright winner of a match. There are other bets that are offered by most sportsbooks that could provide you a great chance to get a win without even predicting who wins a fight.
Some of these alternative bets, known as prop bets, could be predicting the total number of rounds that the fight will last, or predicting how the fight will end.
The first example would work similarly to an over/under bet in other sports. The sportsbook will set a line for the total number of rounds, and then you would either bet that there would be more or fewer total rounds completed in the match.
The second example would have you choose one of three ways that the fight would end. This could be either by a TKO (or technical knockout), KO (or knockout) or judge's decision. 
Either of these prop bets, or the many others that are offered by sportsbooks, are worth looking into if you don't have a real good feeling on which fighter will win. You could still end up betting on the match without having to predict the winner. 


Bet Based on Information Not Emotion

Boxing is an extremely emotional sport, and it can be very easy for fans to get emotional, too, when they're supporting their favorite boxer in a particular fight. If you follow boxing closely, you are likely to develop a favorite or two in the ring who you like to watch and want to win. 
This is natural, of course. What you want to make sure you're doing when you're betting on boxing is making your decisions based on real information and data and not on your emotion. In other words, don't simply bet on a boxer (or against a boxer) because you like (or don't like) him or her. Only make your betting decisions based on good information that you have researched and analyzed.
It might be hard to separate your emotions and make objective decisions, though. So, a good idea might be to avoid betting on any boxing match that involves one of your favorite fighters or a fighter who you can't stand. This will ensure that your emotions stay out of your betting decisions.


Follow Training News

For most matches, there are months of preparation leading up to fight night. During this time, both fighters will be going through intense training. If you follow the right people and news sources, you can get some information coming out of these training camps.
Information could include whether the boxer is looking good or sluggish, or if they are struggling through any injuries or ailments. All of this information is very pertinent for how the boxer might end up performing when they step into the ring for the actual fight.
So, when you're betting on boxing, a really great idea is to try to find out as much information as you possibly can about both fighters' training camps. This information isn't as readily available as practices and offseason news on the NHL or NFL, so you might need to do some digging to find reliable data.


Factor in Motivation

You should always factor in the motivation of fighters in a match, as it can have a huge effect on the outcome. If one fighter really needs to win a match in order to continue his or her climb to the top of the rankings, then they might be extra motivated to do well and outperform their expectations. 
Likewise, if one particular fighter has agreed to a match just for a big financial payday, then they might not be as motivated to actually win. They might just be entering the ring trying to not get beat up too badly.
If you can, analyze the motivation for each fighter entering a boxing match when you're breaking down your betting options. If you can get a handle on the motivation, you might be able to uncover some great value bets. This is information that you'll have to dig for and use multiple sources, but it's invaluable info.