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Online betting is the fastest and most fun way to bet on sport from wherever you are, with whichever device you own.

It means you’re in control of your bets and you can make the decisions at a time and place that suits you!

It does not matter if you are completely new to online sports betting or an experience gamer. These guides will give you the information you need to bet on the sports you like the best.

Sports betting is when you place a bet on the outcome of a sporting event, such as football, baseball and hockey. Usually you predict the result of a match or race, the score or even the overall winner of a tournament.

But there is so much more to sports betting than this! The emergence of online betting has opened up a world of possibilities in sports betting, including In Play betting and options to Live Stream and Cash Out.

How to Bet - How to Get Started in Online Betting

  • Register with your favourite online betting site and make a deposit.
  • Visit the sports betting page and find your desired sports event. Ideally you have background knowledge about the team or players participating in the event and of course about the sport itself.
  • Review the available bets and betting odds before placing a bet. You can select decimal odds, fractional odds or American odds.
  • Choose your bet and decide how much stake you wish to put on that particular event.
  • Once you’re satisfied, submit your bet and keep up to date with what is happening in the game, to see if you win or not!
  • Unibet covers a range of sports and betting events, from the biggest football championships and national leagues in the world to horse racing events, Formula 1, basketball leagues like the NBA and tennis events. You can also bet In Play and live stream sport from some of the biggest events in the world.

Sports betting can feel a bit complex for those who have never placed a bet before. But you will soon get the hang of it. Our sportsbook is designed to be easy to navigate and understand. If you don’t know where to find the event you want to bet on, you can always search for a player, team or tournament in our search bar.

Below, we’ve created a huge bank of sports betting guides on the biggest and best sports in the world, so you can become a master at online betting. You’ll learn the top betting terms, best betting tips, how to bet on football, how to bet on horses and many more tips of the trade.

From the NFL to the NHL , cricket to soccer, we cover it all and more here at Unibet!

Beginner Guides


How to bet on College Football

Despite not being a professional sports league, the competition is still extremely intense. These are players that are competing to one day be in the NFL, after all. In reality, NCAAF today is being treated as the "minor leagues" to professional football leagues such as the NFL and the Canadian Football League. As such, there is a lot of great betting action on NCAAF. If you're wondering how to bet on NCAAF, you don't have to worry. With our college football betting guide you might become a pro college football bettor!

Winter Olympics Betting Tips, Predictions and Best bets

Team Canada finished third in the medals table in the 2018 Winter Olympics with 29 medals. That was the best finish from Canada since the 2010 Winter Olympics where Canada led the medal table while hosting the Olympics at home in Vancouver. What’s the low down for this edition of the Olympics? How will Canada do this time around? What are the best bets for the 2022 Winter Olympics We’re going to give you the skinny on all that so stay tuned…
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